Election Day Has Arrived!

August 4, 2022
By: Dwayne Page

Election Day has arrived!

From the city halls to the state house, voters in DeKalb County will be making their choices at the ballot box today for candidates they want to represent them in public office over the next two or four years.

August Sample Ballot

WJLE will have exclusive LIVE election return coverage and candidate interviews when the polls close starting at 7 p.m. on WJLE AM 1480/ FM 101.7 and AUDIO LIVE STREAM. Look for precinct returns in all contested local races at the following links as they come in tonight:

Live Results

(Click link below to view results of District 40-State House Race between Terri Lynn Weaver and Michael Hale)

District 40-State House Race

The ballot is lengthy and will consist of the DeKalb County General Election which includes the offices of County Mayor, Sheriff, Road Supervisor, Register of Deeds, Trustee, County Clerk, General Sessions Court Judge, Circuit Court Clerk, County Commission (seven districts), Board of Education (five districts), and judicial offices in the seven-county 13th judicial district which includes DeKalb County. The ballot also includes municipal or city elections in Smithville, Alexandria, Dowelltown, and Liberty and the Tennessee Republican and Democratic Primaries to select nominees for state and federal offices for the November General Election.

The polls at all 12 precincts in DeKalb County will be open from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. Those precincts are at Alexandria, Temperance Hall, Liberty, Snow Hill, Smithville Church of God, Courthouse, Rock Castle, Johnson Chapel, County Complex, Keltonburg, Blue Springs, and the Smithville Church of Christ Annex.

Dennis Stanley, Administrator of Elections urges voters to study the sample ballot and be better prepared to help avoid longer lines at the polls.

“The ballot is rather lengthy and hopefully voters will do some homework before showing up at the polls. The ballot is available on our website at www.dekalbelections.com and on www.wjle.com. We hope voters will not wait until the very last minute. Of course, the polls are open until 7 p.m. and if you are in line at 7 p.m. you will be able to vote. Study the ballot and things will go a lot smoother if you are prepared. If you have a question where your precinct is give us a call at the election office at 615-597-4146,” said Stanley.

The DeKalb County General Election will feature four contested races for county offices including County Mayor, General Sessions Court Judge, Register of Deeds and Road Supervisor.

August Sample Ballot

Former County Mayor Mike Foster, a Democrat, is hoping for a return to the office but he is facing a challenge from Republican Matt Adcock, who currently serves on the county commission. The term is 4 years beginning September 1

Local attorneys Brandon Cox, a Republican and Tecia Puckett Pryor, a Democrat are running against each other to determine who succeeds retiring General Sessions Court Judge Bratten Cook, II. The winner will take over from Judge Cook on September 1, who will be completing 24 years on the bench as DeKalb County’s General Sessions and Juvenile Court Judge. The term of office is 8 years.

Republican Daniel Seber and Democrat Shelby Reeder are in the race to see who will succeed longtime Register of Deeds Jeff McMillen, who is retiring August 31 after 36 years in office. The term is 4 years.

Meanwhile, Republican Incumbent Road Supervisor Danny Hale, seeking his second- 4-year term, is being challenged for re-election by Democrat Wayne Shehane.

The other county officials up for re-election to new 4-year terms, all Incumbent Republicans, are running unopposed as follows:

County Clerk James L. (Jimmy) Poss enroute to a third term

Trustee Sean Driver seeking his fifth term

Circuit Court Clerk Susan Martin looking toward her second term.

Sheriff Patrick Ray on his way to fifth term.

The field of county commission candidates in each district are as follows:

First District: Julie Young (Democrat), Bennett Armstrong (Republican), Tom Chandler (Republican), and Daniel Cripps (Independent). Two are to be elected.

Second District: Myron Rhody (Democrat), Sabrina Farler (Republican), and Jim Pearson (Republican). Two are to be elected.

Third District: Susannah Cripps Daughtry (Democrat), Jack Barton (Democrat), Tim Perricone (Republican), and Tony Luna (Independent). Two are to be elected.

Fourth District: Janice Fish Stewart (Democrat), Greg Matthews (Republican), Tony (Cully) Culwell (Republican), and Wayne Cantrell (Independent). Two are to be elected.

Fifth District: Larry Green (Republican) and Glynn Merriman (Republican). Both are to be elected unopposed.

Sixth District: Jeff Barnes (Democrat), Danny McGinnis (Democrat), Doug Stephens (Republican), and Justin Douglas Adcock (Republican). Two are to be elected.

Seventh District: Beth Pafford (Democrat), Bruce Malone (Republican), and Timothy Reynolds (Republican). Two are to be elected.

There are two contested Board of Education races in the August 4 DeKalb County General Election.
Voters in districts 1, 2, 3, 4, & 7 will elect a school board member. The terms are for 4 years beginning September 1.

There are no Democratic or Republican candidates for the Board of Education in District 1 but Incumbent Danny Parkerson is running unopposed as an Independent for re-election.

Incumbent school board member Alan Hayes (Republican) is unopposed in District 2.’

Incumbent school board member Jim Beshearse (Republican) in District 3 is unopposed.

Three people are in the race to succeed Incumbent school board member Kate Miller in District 4 who is not seeking re-election. Those candidates are Democrat Dr. Scott Little, Republican Eric Ervin , and Independent Tony Poss.

Incumbent school board member Shaun Tubbs in District 7 is running for re-election as an Independent and will face opposition from Republican Ryan Mollinet.

Seven judicial positions in the 13th district will be filled in the elections but only one of them is contested. All terms are for 8 years beginning September 1.

Incumbent Circuit Court Judge Part I Amy Hollars of Livingston (Independent) will be challenged for re-election by Republican William T. “Will” Ridley of Crossville.

The six other judicial candidates, all Republicans, are running unopposed as follows:

Circuit Court Judge Part II- 13th Judicial District
Caroline Knight

Chancellor- 13th Judicial District

Ronald Thurman (Incumbent)

Criminal Court Judge Part I- 13th Judicial District:

Gary S. McKenzie (Incumbent)

Criminal Court Judge Part II- 13th Judicial District:
Wesley Bray (Incumbent)

Public Defender- 13th Judicial District:
Craig P. Fickling, Jr. (Incumbent)

District Attorney General- 13th Judicial District:
Bryant C. Dunaway (Incumbent)

All four cities in DeKalb County will have municipal elections

Smithville voters will elect a mayor and two aldermen. All terms are for 4 years beginning September 1.

Smithville Mayor Josh Miller will be unopposed for re-election. Three people are running for Alderman. The candidates are Incumbent Alderman Beth Chandler, Don Crook, and Rhonda Tiefenauer. Two from that group will be elected.

In the Liberty Municipal Election, a mayor and five aldermen will be elected.

Incumbent Mayor Jason Hayes Ray will be challenged by Audrey M. Martin while six candidates will be in the running for one of the five alderman seats including Kendra Stanford, James Ryan Dodd and Incumbents William H. Reynolds, Jr., Derek Johnson, Joe D. Bratten, and Kevin R. Mullinax. All terms are for four years.

The Alexandria Municipal Election will feature a contested race for Mayor between Lloyd D. Dyer and Jana Beth Tripp, who both currently serve as Aldermen.

In Alexandria, voters are to elect a Mayor to a full four-year term and were to have elected three Aldermen each to a full four-year term; and two Aldermen to fill unexpired terms. Only one person, Curtis J. Rutter qualified to run for an unexpired Alderman seat.

In Dowelltown, the Municipal Election was to elect two Aldermen each to a full four-year term but only one will be elected. Incumbent Alderman Greg Fish is the lone candidate on the ballot.

The Tennessee Democratic and Republican parties will have primaries on Thursday, August 4th to select nominees for Governor, U.S. House of Representatives, Tennessee House of Representatives and State Executive Committeemen and Committeewomen.

Unlike the DeKalb County General Election and Municipal Elections, voters must declare in which state primary (Democratic or Republican) they intend to vote

The most hotly contested state primary race in DeKalb County is the 40th District State Representative Republican Primary battle between 14-year incumbent Terri Lynn Weaver of Lancaster and Smithville businessman Michael Hale. The winner will face Democrat Tom Cook of Silver Point in the November 8th Tennessee General Election. Cook is unopposed in the state Democratic Primary. The 40th District includes all of DeKalb, Smith, Jackson, and Cannon Counties and a small portion of Wilson County.

The candidates on the State Primary Ballots are as follows:

GOP Primary: Incumbent Bill Lee

Democrat Primary: Carnita Faye Atwater of Memphis , Jason Brantley Martin of Nashville, and JB Smiley Jr. of Memphis

U.S. House of Representatives (6th District)
GOP Primary: Incumbent John Rose of Cookeville

Democrat Primary: Randal Cooper of Nashville and Clay Faircloth of Nashville

Tennessee House of Representatives (40th District)
GOP Primary: Incumbent Terri Lynn Weaver of Lancaster and Michael Hale of Smithville.

Democrat Primary: Tom Cook of Silver Point

GOP State Executive Committeeman (16th District): Jerry S. Anderson of Winchester

GOP State Executive Committeewoman (16th District): Amy L. Dennis of Winchester

Democratic State Executive Committeeman (16th District): Bobby Eddress Bush Jr. of Morrison

Democratic State Executive Committeewoman (16th District): Sheila Younglove of McMinnville

Meanwhile the ballot will also feature 26 State Judicial Retention questions in which voters may vote to either “retain” or “replace” judges.

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