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Job Opening for a ‘Soil Conservation Technician’

Job Opening for a ‘Soil Conservation Technician’

This is a Full-Time position. You will be hired by the DeKalb County Soil Conservation District Board of Directors and be responsible for assisting the Conservation District with programs that provide services to aid local farmers and landowners. You should be comfortable performing fieldwork as well as working in the office. You will be under the direction of USDA / NRCS Conservationists with implementation of resource management system plans and aid in conservation planning.

Duties include assisting with conservation technical information and providing cost-share application assistance. Under NRCS guidance you will help with inventorying and evaluation of data. You will document resource concerns and address these as directed by NRCS staff. Also, follow and apply the Nine Steps of Conservation Planning. Stop by the SOIL AND WATER CONSERVATION OFFICE for a copy of the full job description.
Salary $32,134 (Plus County Benefits)

Resume due in office by March 8th, 2024 at:
647 Bright Hill RD
Smithville, TN 37166-2023

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