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Alexandria Police Make Recent Arrests Ranging from Fugitive to Drug Offenses

January 16, 2024
By: Dwayne Page

Several arrests have been made recently by the Alexandria Police Department on charges ranging from fugitive to drug offenses.

51-year-old Tara Perkins of Weatherly Drive, Lebanon is charged with manufacture, delivery, sale, and possession of a schedule II drug (Methamphetamine) and possession of a schedule V drug (Gabapentin), and simple possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Alexandria Police Chief Travis Bryant said that on December 14, officers stopped Perkins for a traffic violation and while speaking with her, they suspected she was in possession of narcotics. K-9 Manci was deployed, and a search of the vehicle yielded approximately 3 grams of a crystal-like substance believed to be methamphetamine, 33 white pills believed to be Gabapentin, a small amount of marijuana, several hypodermic needles, small baggies and a pipe. Her bond was set at $45,000.

35-year-old James Ketcherside and 53-year-old Yvonne Ketcherside of Edgewood Street, Alexandria were arrested on December 31 for being fugitives from justice. Officers learned that both were living at this Alexandria residence and were wanted in Missouri for parole violations. As officers arrived, they spoke with the homeowner who gave them consent to search. James Ketcherside was found in an upstairs bathroom trying to hide from officers while Yvonne Ketcherside was locked in a bedroom closet. After about an hour, both were taken into custody. Dispatch then sent a confirmation to authorities in Missouri and officers were advised to hold the Ketcherside’s for extradition. Yvonne Ketcherside stated to officers that she had been on the run for 4 years. Their bonds were set at $75,000 each.

36-year-old Trevan Lawson of James Court, Gordonsville is charged with possession of a schedule V drug (Gabapentin), manufacture, delivery and sale of a schedule II drug (methamphetamine), and possession of drug paraphernalia. On January 9, Officers were summoned to check on a suspicious vehicle at the car wash on West Main Street. As officers approached the vehicle, they detected a strong odor of marijuana and discovered that Lawson was the driver. A metal container was found under the seat during a search which contained approximately 2.41 grams of a crystal substance thought to be methamphetamine, a scale, several clear baggies, and a baggie containing 9 white pills believed to be Gabapentin. Officers also found a used pipe and a set of scales in the glove compartment. Lawson’s bond is set at $20,000 and he will appear in court on January 25.

35-year-old Amanda Wuest of Hillcrest Circle, Gordonsville is cited for possession of drug paraphernalia. Wuest was a passenger in the suspicious vehicle on West Main Street. Officers learned while speaking with her that she was in possession of a piece of aluminum foil and a cut straw both with residue. She admitted that the items were used for narcotics. Her court date is set for January 25.

33-year-old Kelsy Thiem of Evelyn Circle, Portland is charged with DUI and reckless endangerment. On January 3, an officer got behind a vehicle and noticed it swerving and failing to maintain its own lane of travel. He then stopped the automobile and spoke with Thiem who had an odor of alcohol on his person. Thiem’s 7-year-old son was in the vehicle with him. The officer asked Thiem to step out of the automobile to perform field sobriety tasks and discovered that his speech was slurred and that he was unsteady on his feet. Thiem admitted to having consumed a couple of drinks. He performed unsatisfactorily on the field sobriety tests. Thiem was also cited for failing to maintain his lane of travel and failure to provide proof of insurance. His bond was set at $10,000.

“The Tree of Precious Memories” Continues Tradition of Remembrance

January 16, 2024
By: Dwayne Page

A Liberty mother who lost her daughter 21 years ago continues to honor her memory each Christmas by helping others through “The Tree of Precious Memories”.

Through community donations, Audrey Martin said “The Tree of Precious Memories” has touched many in need both young and old. With each donation in honor or remembrance, a name is placed on an ornament for the tree and lifted up to the Lord in prayer on Christmas eve. The Tree is set up every Thanksgiving at Martin’s front door for all to see and its taken down on New Year’s Eve.

“I started this project with the Lord after the death of my daughter Gidget DeShealea Ashford Patterson, who passed away in 2002. Gidget was a kind and loving person who never met a stranger. Through her death God told me to help the children and of course I asked How? And within 3 months after her passing the Tree of Precious Memories was born,” said Martin.

“Through the years the donations by all have helped many children and some elderly that I am told need help. It could not have been possible without the support of the devoted and caring people of DeKalb County and surrounding areas,” Martin explained.

“This past year the Tree was so beautiful with all the names of loved ones, those who have passed or in Honor of those in need of prayer. It was once again a great success and I was very much humbled to see so many people step up to help those in need,” explained Audrey.

“Every name on the Tree goes with every gift that is given to those in need. The Tree of Precious Memories has helped to ease my pain with the loss of Gidget and it has helped others in ensuring the precious memories of their loved ones live on,” Martin said.

“The Tree of Precious Memories is made possible through the loving and caring people like you and I would like to take this time and thank all who donated to the Tree of Precious Memories this past year and who they thought of in prayer, honored, or remembered,” said Martin.

Emma Flesher, Memory of Gidget and Rachael Richardson

Gerald and Peggy Tate, Honor of Lainey Rose Tate

Clear Fork Methodist Church, Prayer for Israel

Ms. Sherell, Memory of Dorothy Long

Charotte Bratten, Memory of Louise, Charlie, and Chuck Sparks

J.D. Bratten, Memory of Larry Bratten

Jacob Hale, Honor of Gloria Hale

Alexandria Methodist Church, Prayer for the White family

Paul and Judy White, Prayer for Cody White and family

Brush Creek Methodist Church, Prayer for all

Gary Crook, Honor of Noelle

Mr. & Mrs Scott Haugh, Prayers for everybody

Ms. Kyra, Memory of Robert Watkins

Tammy Pack, Memory of Billy Pack

Amanda Vaughn, Memory of Effie Lee Ellis

Melody Carpenter Jaquinta, Honor of Mary Jane Carpenter and Craig Carpenter

JC Driver, Prayers for all in need

Debra Malone, Prayer for the world

Sean Driver, Memories of Onie Driver, Ethel Gothard, Jean Clayton, and Peggy and Joe Hale

Brittany, Memory of Helen Wilson

Shannon Cantrell, Memory of Prentice Cantrell

David Taylor, Prayer for all the Taylor family

Dewain (Ace Hardware), Prayers for Walt Stock

Danny Hale, Prayers for the world

Steve (dispatch S-Dept.), Honor of Jeffery Sean

Pokey, Prayers for DeKalb County Sheriff Dept.

Buck & Buck Attorney, Prayers for Frank Buck

Vester Parsley, Memory of Josie and Clayton Parsley

Bratten (Butch) Cook, Prayer for family

Daniel Seber, Memory of James and David Seber

Alexandria Auto Parts, Memory of Jack Underhill, Prayers for Faye Underhill

Suzanne Slagger, Memory of Judy Robertson

Woodbury Ins. Agency, Memory of James Hancock, Brenda Hord

Cantrell’s Furniture, Prayers for Stacey

B&G Supply, Prayers for family

Woodbury Funeral Home, Prayers for the world

Charles & Judy Anderson, Prayer for our Military Soldiers

The Tree went up with In Memory of Gidget Ashford, Bobby Charles Martin, Donna Kay Florida, Sandra Lee Brown, Jim and Novella Brown, Susie Gerrell Merriman, and Julana Martin.

Valerie for Valentine’s Day (View video here)

January 15, 2024
By: Dwayne Page

Valerie for Valentine’s Day!

February 14th is still less than a month away but if you just can’t wait for a little love and affection from an adorable pet then come meet Valerie and adopt her today from the DeKalb Animal Shelter. She is sure to steal your heart.


Valerie is the WJLE/DeKalb Animal Shelter featured “Pet of the Week”.

“Valerie is a five-year-old Pit Terrier Mix,” said Nicole Charles. “She is already spayed, current on her shots, and up to date with her flea and tick medication. She loves to wear sweaters and cuddle on the couch. She can be shy at first but with some time she warms up and loves whoever she is with. She could go to a home with a dog or two with proper introductions. If you have a dog, bring your pet by so they can meet. Valerie is ready to go home today. Her adoption fee is $90,” said Charles.

“If you are interested in adopting Valerie, please check out the adoptable pet’s link on our website to fill out an application at and we will call you to come in and meet her,” said Charles.

The shelter is open Monday-Friday from 8 to 4 and Saturday from 8 to 12 at 186 Transfer Station Road. Phone 615-597-3647.

Meanwhile, the DeKalb Animal Shelter is offering tips to help keep outdoor pets safe during freezing weather conditions.


Extremely low temperatures are forecasted for the coming week, down in the negatives. This is a very dangerous time for outdoor pets so please make your preparations TODAY to keep outdoor pets safe and alive. Check on your neighbors & their outdoor pets, please don’t be afraid to lend a hand if you know they need help.


The best option, of course, is to bring pets inside. Even if it means placing them and their doghouse inside your garage, a barn or shed. If you absolutely cannot bring your outdoor pets inside, right now is the TIME TO PREPARE.

Ensure they have leak proof shelter with dry STRAW (not hay, not wood chips, not blankets). Dog houses and Igloos are not enough to keep pets from freezing to death. Blankets & towels absorb moisture and will become frozen, freezing to the pet or at minimum, making your pet even colder. They need lots of STRAW for insulation.

Elevate their straw-stuffed enclosure off the ground and face the opening away from wind, rain or snow.
Check water and replace frequently as it will freeze at temps below 32 degrees.

Please know the shelter is currently full with every kennel occupied. If you are concerned about an animal left out in the elements, please contact Central Dispatch at 615.215.3000. They should investigate and contact Animal Control as necessary. *Animal Control can only be sent out by request from Law Enforcement.

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