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Fellow Firefighters Called to Help One of Their Own

June 11, 2021
By: Dwayne Page

A DeKalb County Volunteer Firefighter who so often helps others during a fire call or some other emergency needed some help himself Tuesday after a fire broke out on his property at Old Dry Creek Road.

Herb Checci was at home when he heard a muffled explosion outside sounding like thunder but what he discovered when he looked outside was not a storm but a fire coming from the two sheds near the residence which house Checci’s small engine repair service.

Although Checci’s fellow firefighters were summoned and responded quickly, they could not save the sheds nor the contents. Wind blew flames toward Checci’s home only a few feet away and the heat from it caused siding damage to the exterior of the residence.

No one was injured. The cause of the fire has not been determined.

Members of the Liberty, Main Station, and Cookeville Highway Stations of the DeKalb County Fire Department responded along with DeKalb EMS and the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department.

Jamboree To Raffle Prizes for 50th Anniversary

June 11, 2021
By: Shan Stout

The Smithville Fiddlers’ Jamboree & Crafts Festival Board of Directors voted to adapt the usual disbursement of prizes and giveaways for 2021. A raffle ticket will be offered for $1 to give attendees the chance to win great prizes offered by various sponsors and local businesses. There is no limit to the number of tickets an individual may purchase. Two grand prizes include a banjo by Deering Banjos and a Martin Guitar provided by Jamboree President Sam Stout with United Country Real Estate.

“In years past, we have sold the Jamboree tabloid program for $1 with a tear out raffle ticket inside, but this year we have decided to give out the programs for free while allowing anyone that wants to participate in the raffle to do so by purchasing a separate ticket next to the Jamboree stage,” said Shan Stout Director of Marketing for the Jamboree, “We want everyone to enjoy the historical features and photos that we have included in this year’s 50th anniversary program tabloid, so it was decided to provide them free to the public while offering the raffle as a separate ticket purchase. The raffle helps to support the Jamboree in a small, fun way while giving attendees a chance to win a chance at amazing prizes. It’s a fun tradition that we plan to continue year after year, and a great way for our emcees to showcase what our businesses have to offer.”

If any business would like to provide additional prizes for the drawing, you can contact the Jamboree by email at or via their Facebook page: smithville-fiddlers-jamboree-and-crafts-festival.

Professional Personnel Hired for 2021-22 School Year (View video of School Board Meeting)

June 10, 2021
By: Dwayne Page

Director of Schools Patrick Cripps has hired a total of 230 teachers and other professional personnel for the 2021-22 school year.

Cripps presented a list of the employees to the Board of Education Thursday night.

Certified personnel at each school are as follows:

DeKalb County High School-
Kelly Agee, Angie Anderson, Charlotte Blaylock, Amanda Brown, Kevin Burchfield, Elizabeth Burrows,Thomas Cagle, Amee Cantrell, Jeanine Cantrell, Todd Cantrell, Gary Caplinger, Lisa Craig, Deborah DePriest, Luke Dycus, Donna Emmons, Lauren Ferrell, Danny Fish, Amanda Fuller, Stephanie Fuson, , Emily Geist, Joseph Green, Ann Griffey, Jessica Griffith, Britney Gulley, Josh Gulley, Lesa Hayes, Bradley Hendrix, Sonja House, Dylan Kleparek, Brad Leach, Tracy Luna, Rebecca Miller, Lori Myrick, Jenny Norris, Shelly Painter, David Parkers,, Linda Parris, Wanda Phillips, John Pryor, Corey Rathbone, Gabby Robinson, Melissa Ruch, John Sanders, Daniel Seber, Michael Shaw, Brent Simpson, Steve Trapp, Stephanie Turner, Chris Vance, Logan Vance,Tad Webb, Barbara Weller, Michael Whitefield, Seth Willoughby, and Sara Young.

Northside Elementary School-
Marla Beshearse, Mollie Bratten, Linda Bush, Shanea Cantrell, Ashley Cantrell, Megan Carroll, Allison Collier, Trent Colwell, Chelsea Cooksey, Michael Crockett, Alisha Day, Jason Farley, Tabitha Farmer, Amanda Goodwin, Carrie Gottlied, Amanda Griffith, Jennifer Griffith, Cynthia Hale, Patty Hale, Loree Hall, Jennifer Herndon, Amber Howell, Meagan Humbert, Shelly Jennings, Karen Knowles, Kristy Lasser, Lisa Mabe, Jama Martin, Amanda Mathis, Elizabeth Miller, Diana Moon, Melissa Odom, Josh Odom, Beth Pafford, Deb Poteete, Jessica Prichard, Paris Rabidoux, Kathy Ramsey, Amy Raymond, Kristen Rowland, Melissa Roysdon, Brooklyn Shirah , Tammy Sims, Sarah Storey, Carol Tripp, Cheryl Vandagriff, Kristen Van Vranken, and Sandy Willingham.

DeKalb West School-
Joey Agee, Jessica Antoniak, Sean Antoniak, Crystal Barnes, Vickey Barrett, Katie Barrett, Whitney Brelje, Jenny Cantrell, Jeanna Caplinger, William Conger, Kim Crook, Martha Damron, Rachel Desimone, Tonya Ellis, Sabrina Farler, Karen France, Julie Hale, Rachel Hernandez, Cathleen Humphrey, Jennifer Martin, Shelia McMillen, Amanda Mullinax, Tammy Payne, Lori Pryor, Kelly Pyburn, Cynthia Snow, Teresa Sullivan, Ashlee Thomason, Shelia Vanatta, Natasha Vaughn, Susan West, and Amy Young.

Smithville Elementary School-
Misty Agee, Brooke Anderson, Allison Atnip, Ashley Barnes, Emily Bartlett, Lindsey Bouldin, Beth Cantrell, Summer Cantrell, Rayanna Chapman, Claire Cloyd, Tiffany Cowart, Amanda Dakas, Edward Dillard, Tina Gash, Holly Hendrix, Tanya Howard, Kelly Huling, Ana Jarvis, Sydney Johnson, Cameron Lester, Leah Magness, Adrienne McCormick, Christina Merriman, LeVaughnda Midgett, Kady Moffett, Leslie Moore, Macy Nokes, Jacquelyn Overbey, Amanda Parker, Joy Parker, Bethany Poss, Jane Ramsey, Amanda Rhoady, Bethany Rigsby, Melissa Sliger, Cristy Spears, Cynthia Stoglin, Emily Summers, Kaylene Thomason, Janet Trapp, Allyson Trapp, Kristy Williams, Lisa Woods, Janet Woodward, Mykaela Young, Crystal Young, and Sherian Zamora.

DeKalb Middle School-
January Agee, Josh Agee, Samantha Antoniak, Suzette Barnes, Kelly Birmingham, Galen Brown, Nancy Cowan, Laura Daniel, Melba Farmer, Lacey Foutch, Amy Fricks, Suzanne Gash, Amy Hayes, Lori Hendrix, Callie Herman, Sarah Jacobs, Angela Johnson, Teresa Jones, Bryan Jones, Michelle Jones, Alyssa Leslie, Kristen Lynch, Martha Melching, Justin Nokes, Courtney O’Conner, Scott Odom, Hunter Poteete, Justin Poteete, Anita Puckett, Cody Randolph, Janie Roberts, Candice Scrabo, Carson Speck, Danni Stahlke, Carol Tallent, Kitty Thomas, Cheryl Vance, Natasha Vaughn, Jennifer West, Don Whitt, and Christie Young

Central Office Staff-
Dr. Kathy Bryant, Michelle Burklow, Dr. Danielle Collins, Elise Driver, Emily Estes, Joey Reeder, and Lori Rogers.

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