All-District honors go to eight DCHS basketball athletes

February 14, 2021
By: Dwayne Page

Eight DCHS basketball players have received All-District honors.

The selections were announced Friday.

(Click link below to view Boys and Girls District Tournament Basketball brackets)

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Evans Jones of the Tiger basketball team was named to the 2nd Team All-District while Brayden Antoniak made the All-District Defensive Team. Jordan Young and Elishah Ramos earned Honorable Mention.

Kadee Ferrell of the Lady Tigers made the 1st Team All-District and the All-District Defensive Team. Ella VanVranken was named the District’s Freshman of the Year and she made the 3rd Team All-District. Cadee Griffith was named to the District’s All-Freshman Team while Megan Cantrell and Watertown’s Brittni Allison shared the honor of being the District’s Most Improved Players of the Year.

Alex Rush and Reagan Hurst of Upperman were named the District’s Most Valuable Players. Dana McWilliams of Upperman was named the Girl’s District Coach of the Year while Bobby McWilliams of Upperman and Roy Whited of York Institute shared the honor of being the Boy’s District Coaches of the Year.

The DCHS Basketball teams, seeded 6th, will make their debut in the District 8 AA Tournament Monday night, February 15 in Smithville hosting Smith County, seeded 7th.

The Lady Tigers will face the Owlettes at 6 p.m. followed by the Tigers game with the Owls. WJLE will have LIVE coverage.


Player of the Year: Alex Rush-Upperman

Coach of the Year: Bobby McWilliams-Upperman and Roy Whited-York Institute

Defensive Player of the Year: Alex Rush-Upperman

All Defensive Team: Collin Gore-Upperman, Nick Smith-York Institute, Eli Melton-Livingston Academy, Q. Hughes Malone-Watertown, and Brayden Antoniak-DeKalb County.

Freshman of the Year: Bryson Bilbrey-York Institute and Miles Leffew-York Institute

All Freshman Team: A.J. Armstrong-Cannon County, Peyton Hix-Smith County, Theo Winters-Cannon County, and Zach Byrd-York Institute.

Most Improved Player: Jonathan Heddings-York Institute

1st Team All-District: Collin Gore-Upperman,  Matthew Sells-Livingston Academy, Riley Cooper-York Institute, Nick Smith-York Institute, and Gus Davenport-Cannon County

2nd Team: Q. Hughes Malone-Watertown, Evan Jones-DeKalb County, Jonathan Heddings-York Institute, Eli Scarlett-Watertown, and Jace McWilliams-Upperman

3rd Team: Jaxon Fox-Upperman, Lavell Rogers-Cannon County, Braydee Brooks-Macon County, Eli Melton-Livingston Academy, and Nick Choate-Livingston Academy

Honorable Mention: A.J. Armstrong-Cannon County, Jordan Young-DeKalb County, Elishah Ramos-DeKalb County, Conner Johnson-Macon County, Dennis West-Smith County, Matthew Sinclair-Smith County, Brayden Holliman-Smith County, A.J. Nash-Upperman, Brayden Cousino-Watertown, Miles Leffew-York Institute, and Bryson Bilbrey-York Institute


Player of the Year: Reagan Hurst-Upperman

Coach of the Year: Dana McWilliams-Upperman

Defensive Player of the Year: Brooklyn Crouch-Upperman

All Defensive Team: Abby Shoulders-Macon County,  Haylee Johnson-York Institute,  Kadee Ferrell- DeKalb County,  Reagan Hurst-Upperman, and Jaylnn Gregory-Macon County

Freshman of the Year: Ella VanVranken-DeKalb County

All Freshman Team: Merissa Spivey-Smith County, Mallie Gene Coleman-Livingston Academy, Kierah Maklary-Watertown, Cadee Griffith-DeKalb County, and Madison King-Watertown.

Most Improved Player: Megan Cantrell-DeKalb County and Brittni Allison-Watertown.

1st Team All-District: Jaylnn Gregory-Macon County, Haylee Johnson-York Institute, Kadee Ferrell-DeKalb County, Brooklyn Crouch-Upperman, and Emma Christensen-Watertown.

2nd Team: Abby Shoulders-Macon County, Aleah Melton-Livingston Academy, Torie Brooks-Upperman, Aiyana Levy- Upperman, and Gabby Beaty-York Institute.

3rd Team: Brittni Allison-Watertown,  Keaton Webb-Livingston Academy,  Ella VanVranken-DeKalb County,  Ellie Leffew-York Institute, and Abigail Johnson-Upperman.

Honorable Mention: Shelby Smithson-Cannon County, Hailey Cronk- Livingston Academy, Allie Qualls-Livingston Academy, Saranda Woodson-Macon County, Emma Enoch-Smith County, Addie Hawkins-Smith County, Anna Vinning-Smith County, Merissa Spivey-Smith County, Anna Grace McClain-Upperman, Jayla Cobb-Upperman, Daejah Maklary-Watertown, Sage Smith-York Institute, and MiKaela Reagan-York Institute.

FILE_9620 (pdf)