Voter Turnout in DeKalb County for August 2 Elections Almost Double from May

August 3, 2018
By: Dwayne Page

The voter turnout for the August 2 elections in DeKalb County was almost double compared to the local Democratic Primary in May.

A total of 4,916 cast ballots in this election including 2,555 on election day and 2,361 either during the early voting period or by absentee.

In May, 2,514 people voted in the Primary including 1,293 on election day and 1,221 during the early voting time or by absentee.

In the November Tennessee General Election, voters will return to the polls to help elect a new Governor, U.S. Senator, and 6th District Congressman. Two state representatives and a state senator representing DeKalb County will also be elected