Summer Months Hot Time for Retail Sales in DeKalb County

August 27, 2019

Late Spring and early Summer continue to be the time when the most money in spent in DeKalb County.

The retail sales figures for 2018 have been released by the Tennessee Department of Finance and Administration and the biggest sales month in DeKalb County was June at just over $14 million 586 thousand dollars with May not far behind at $14 million 443 thousand dollars and July at $13 million 989 thousand dollars.

For the year, retail sales in DeKalb County totaled 154 million 284 thousand dollars.

A breakdown of the data showed it was a good year for the housing market as retail sales in the “Building Materials” category totaled 15 million 71 thousand dollars. The biggest month for that category was April at almost 2 million dollars.

As somewhat expected, “General Merchandise” sales were at the highest level in December at just over 4 million 709 thousand dollars, barely topping June’s 4 million 558 thousand.

The best month for “Food Stores” was August at 3 million 534 thousand dollars. But when it came to eating out, the best month in the “Eat and Drink” category was July at over 1 million 363 thousand dollars in sales.

July again was the top month of the year in “Autos, Boats and Aircraft” at 1 million 329 thousand dollars in sales.

The total and month by month breakdowns can be found at

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