Madeline Martin and Aaron Gottlied Win the 5th Annual 3.21Run4DS

October 10, 2019
By: Bill Conger

Over 100 racers converged on DeKalb West School Saturday (October 5) for the 5th Annual 3.21Run4DS.  Madeline Martin was the overall female winner with a final time of 23:37 while Aaron Gottlied, the overall male winner, had the best time of the race at 18:27. The Face of the Race this year for Down syndrome awareness was Beckett West.

“Beckett had an awesome day and always soaks up the attention,” says his father, Andy West. “It was a blessing to experience the huge amount of support and love shown by the community for the race and our friends with special needs.”

“The sponsors can never be adequately thanked for the donations and time given,” says D.C.H.S. Teacher Amanda Brown, one of the race organizers and the parent of Grant Brown, who has D.S. “So much good comes from the funds raised. We see firsthand the challenges and needs faced by kids and families and it gives us a little insight of what we can do to help. We could not do what we do without the generosity of our sponsors.”

Gold sponsors for the race were Wilson Bank and Trust, Kelsey Evert & Associates, Beckett’s Buddies/Sawyer’s Sidekicks, Ranger Brake, Representative Terri Lynn Weaver, Carthage Rotary, Hickory Grove Methodist Church, HyrdroCare, LLC, Powell & Meadows Insurance Agency—Chip Piper, Smith County Drugs, Indian Creek Baptist Church, D.C.H.S. Literature Club, and Holliman Law Firm.

Here are the final top three results in the following categories:

Fun Run

  1. Garrett Muskopf
  2. Max Hendrixson
  3. Emily Roberts

Females 9-12 years old

  1. Madeline Martin
  2. Hailey Overstreet
  3. Carly West

Females 13-18 years old

  1. Megan Cantrell
  2. Liz Anderson
  3. MacKenzie Sprague

Females 19-29 years old

  1. Amy Carly
  2. Michelle Iorio
  3. Avarie Sliger

Females 30-39 years old

  1. Catlin Potter
  2. Jamie Sommerville
  3. Courtney West

Females 40-49 years old

  1. Andrea Armshore
  2. Lanna Woodcock
  3. Brandi Powell

Females 50-59 years old

  1. Deb Poteete
  2. Lindy Jenkins
  3. Pam McClanahan

Females 60-69 years old

  1. Tommy Ann Sliger
  2. Resa Byrd
  3. Patricia Anderson

Females 70+

  1. Barbara Hutson

Males 9-12 years old

  1. Nathan Massey
  2. Levi Reynolds
  3. Everett West

Males 13-18 years old

  1. Aaron Gottlied
  2. Matthew Sinclair
  3. Luke Jenkins

Males 19-29 years old

  1. Noah McClanahan
  2. Steven Jennings

Males 30-39 years old

  1. Andy West
  2. Eric West
  3. Zac Cole

Males 40-49 years old

  1. Todd Cantrell
  2. Steven Lish
  3. Kevin Malone

Males 50-59 years old

  1. Mark Sullivan
  2. Chris Vance
  3. Roger Miller

Males 60-69 years old

  1. Lonnie Swope
  2. James Woods
  3. Mike Davis

Males 70+

First Place: James Hutson

Second Place: Ron Poteete

Third Place: Jim Lewis