Every family deserves a pet like “Liam” (View video here)

September 10, 2019
By: Dwayne Page

Every family deserves a pet like “Liam”

This week’s WJLE/DeKalb Animal Coalition featured “Pet of the Week” is waiting at the shelter for you to take him home.

Meagan Moore with Liam from dwayne page on Vimeo.

“Liam is a little hound mix puppy. He has been waiting for his forever home. He has been at the shelter for about a month now. His sister has already been adopted. He will be in the mid to large range from 40-50 pounds. Liam is about 12 weeks old and has had all of his vaccines. He has been a perfect puppy. We recently took him to the West School and to Kids Connection for a visit. He is great with kids and other dogs. He is going to be somebody’s perfect puppy,” said Shelter Director Megan Moore.

The shelter is currently open on Friday from 12 to 4 and Saturday from 10 to 12 noon. Phone 615-597-3647 (DOGS) or visit facebook. The shelter is located at 186 Transfer Station Road behind Tenneco Automotive.