DWS Steam Fair a Huge Hit

March 30, 2024
By: Bill Conger

The annual DeKalb West School STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Fair was a huge success this year. The Family Engagement Night that was held Feb. 27 brought together faculty, staff, students, parents and other caregivers. It also featured vendors from the DeKalb County Health Department, Drug Coalition Prevention, Oakley STEM Center at Tennessee Tech, Wilson Bank and Trust, Skill Up Tennessee, and the school’s Coordinated School Health program.

“The STEAM Engagement Night this year was one of the best,” Principal Sabrina Farler said. “I saw a lot of smiling faces, and it seemed like everyone had a great time. We had over 450 in attendance. The students worked so hard on their projects. The faculty and staff had stations set up throughout the building for the students to participate in.”

Students in K-8th grades entered exemplary tri-fold board projects that combined the subjects of Science, Literature, and Social Studies. Judges named the following winners in their respective categories:

8th grade literature: Autumn Crook, 1st place, Lucy Moore and Zoey Skeen tied for 2nd, Akacia Walker, 3rd place; Honorable Mentions: Millie Barton, Adin Hernandez, Katie Beth Swearinger;

6th-7th grade Social Studies: Zane Griffith, 1st place, Landon Holmes, 2nd place, and Kaden Harbaugh, 3rd place.

6th-7th grade Literature: Kaden Mullinax, 1st, Tori Harbaugh, 2nd, and Alyssa Cecil, 3rd; Honorable Mentions: Grady Thomason and Levi Reynolds.

4th-5th grade Social Studies: Bradi Turney, 1st, Abram Bratten, 2nd place and Noah Hall, 3rd place; Honorable Mentions: Lorenzo Johnson, Luke Johnson/Ivy Melton, Carson Maynard, and Annalyn Garrett.

4th-5th grade Science: Aler Organ, 1st place, Holden Leiser and Mabry Organ tied for 2nd place; Honorable Mentions: Kayla Sebolt, Sylar Hickman, and Jaxson Murphy.

4th-5th grade Literature: Cameron Pursell, 1st place, Karson Mullinax, Cash Hancock, and Teigen Saso-Varble tied for 2nd place and Paisely Avera, 3rd place. Honorable Mentions: Addison Harbaugh, Eden Donnell, and Emma Thomason.

2nd-3rd Social Studies: Pipe Avera and Rayleigh Randolph tied for first place.

2nd-3rd Science: Landon Fuson, 1st Zalie Hale and Marley Pyburn, tied for 2nd, and Clair Cripps and Harper Hickman tied for 3rd; Honorable Mentions: Elias White and Fisher Dyer.

2nd-3rd Literature: Weston Hancock, 1st place, Evie Taylor, 2nd place, Ty Vickers, 3rd place; Honorable Mentions: Ripley Barnes, Maddie Kitts, Katie Jo Prichard, Miguel Ramirez, and Maddie Moore.

K-1 Science: Connor Clark, 1st place and 2nd grade Encore, 2nd

K-1 Literature: Ariel Justice, 1st, Davis Barnes, 2nd, and Emma Sharp, 3rd; Honorable Mentions: Jase Nokes and Mattie Taylor.

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