DeKalb West School Recognizes 8th Grade Class

May 17, 2024
By: Bill Conger

DeKalb West School recognized the 8th grade class in a special ceremony Thursday morning in the gym. Named to the All A Honor Roll for the school year were Camille Barton, Andrew Cook, Autumn Crook, Carson Davis, Sophie Desimone, Katie Beth Swearinger, and Jaiden Tramel. Students who made the A & B Honor Roll for the year are Domminic Williamson, Zoe Webster, Mary Elizabeth Vaughn, Kawasi Troyer, Zoey Skeen, Khalia Shabazz, Ellie Ray, Bella Ramirez, Brayden Neal, Lucy Moore, Jackson Lattimore, William Johnson, Porter Hancock, and Mia Bell.

Academic awards were presented to the following students: English Language Arts (ELA)—Andrew Cook with a 97.25 average in Mrs. Bratten’s homeroom and Jaiden Tramel with a 96.75 in Mr. Blair’s homeroom; Katie Beth Swearinger had the highest grade in Algebra I with a 97.25; in Math from Bratten’s homeroom, Camille Barton earned a 94 and Sophie Desimone scored a 94 in Blair’s homeroom; Barton also had the highest grade in History from Bratten’s homeroom with a 97.25 and Swearinger with a 98.75 in Blair’s room; Autumn Crook won the Science award in Bratten’s class with a 97.25, and with a 95, Swearinger earned the Science award in Blair’s class.

Students who had the highest Grade Point Average (GPA) from 6th through 8th grade were honored. The Top 5 ranked in order are Autumn Crook with a 3.795, Katie Beth Swearinger with a 3.759, Jaiden Tramel with a 3.637, Drew Cook with a 3.598, and Millie Barton with a 3.550.

Earning the “Making Tracks (Most Improved)” were Jazmine Caraveo in Bratten’s homeroom and Atlas Hornsby from Mr. Blair’s homeroom. The Citizenship awards were presented to Aiden Alconcel-Harris and Autumn Crook in Bratten’s homeroom and from Blair’s homeroom, Cash Dotson and Sophie Desimone. The 4 Paws Award was presented to Carson Davis in Bratten’s homeroom and Katie Beth Swearinger in Blair’s homeroom.

The West School “Wags” awards from the activity teachers went to Pixi Willingham and Millie Barton for Computer, Porter Hancock and Mia Bell for PE, Atlas Hornsby and Mia Bell for Library, Ava Melton and Adin Hernandez for Music and Zoey Skeen and Bella Ramirez for Guidance.

The Mrs. Sabrina Farler Principal’s Award was presented to Jaiden Tramel for the most yearly Accelerated Reader points. She earned 519.1. Tramel along with Ava Melton and Kawasi Troyer were the Top 8th grade readers. Tramel received a $10 gift certificate for 800 AR points, the 1,000 point plaque too for AR points during her entire time at DWS, and a personalized duffle bag for 1,250 points. Sophie Desimone earned 600 points, Millie Barton and Jackson Lattimore were presented with an AR plague for earning 500 AR points.

Junior Beta students also were recognized for the service hours earned. Katie Beth Swearinger had the most hours in 8th grade with 55.75, and Lucy Moore had the most hours earned for an 8th grader since joining with 136.75. Junior Betas also recognized for earning at least the 10 required hours for this school year are Millie Barton, Drew Cook, Autumn Crook, Carson Davis, Sophie Desimone, Porter Hancock, Lucy Moore, Zoey Skeen, and Jaiden Tramel.

Students recognized from Mr. Blair’s homeroom are Treneisha Boykin, Sophie Desimone, Cashmon Dotson, Aleigha Doyle, Porter Hancock, Adin Hernandez, Katie Holland, Serenity Hooper, Atlas Hornsby, Jaylenn Marsh, Lucy Moore, Brayden Neal, Khalia Shabazz, Zoey Skeen, Joseph Smebak, Kaitlyn Swearinger, Jaiden Tramel, Wyatt Tyree, Akacia Walker, Domminic Williamson, and Pixi Willingham.

Students recognized from Mrs. Bratten’s homeroom are Aiden Alconcel-Harris, Camille Barton, Mia Bell, Alleigh Cantrelle, Jazmine Caraveo, Drew Cook, Autumn Crook, Carson Davis, Max Hendrixson, William Johnson, Jackson Lattimore, Lucas Light, Lance Martin, Ava Melton, Nautica Pegram, Izabella Ramirez, Ellie Ray, Kawasi Troyer, Mary Vaughn, and Zoe Webster.

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