DeKalb West School Honors Perfect Attendance

May 17, 2024
By: Bill Conger

It’s an amazing accomplishment for a student to make it through the school year without missing a single day, but several DeKalb West School students can claim bragging rights for doing just that. In fact, DWS Principal Sabrina Farler announced 13 students on May 14 that were at school every single day on time and never left early.

8th grader Autumn Crook picked up her 7th Perfect Attendance Award. She only has missed two days due to sickness during her entire school career.

“My mom wouldn’t let me skip,” Autumn said. “That was a very adamant goal for her,” she added, laughing.

“I made sure she’s at school on time,” Jana Crook said. “It’s very important because you learn that work ethic early and that will take you far in life.”

7th grader Maddux Pyburn has earned the Perfect Attendance Award for 3 years. His mother Kelly Pyburn, a 20-year teaching veteran and DWS P.E. Teacher and Coach says she sets high expectations for her children. And Maddux listens, especially when the prize is $50 along with the certificate of accomplishment.

“Well, I’ve tried to play hooky,” Maddux admits, “but my momma won’t let me. She tells me to suck it up and go to school. It is what it is. Fifty bucks for fishing lures!”

His sister, Marley Pyburn, a 3rd grader, has never missed a day the last 3 years. 5th grader Karson Mullinax has earned Perfect Attendance for 5 years and his brother, Kaden, a 7th grader, has picked up the award for the last 4 years.

“I tried not to miss,” Kaden Mullinax said. “With all the make-up work that I would have to do from missing, I’d have to do two days’ work in one day.”

7th grader Adam Brown has earned the Perfect Attendance Award for 2 years while 4th grader Mary Moore and her brother, 1st grader Oliver were presented with the Perfect Attendance award for the first time. Sisters Karlee and Kylie Pierce earned the Perfect Attendance award this year as did Jude Sebolt, Bobby Smith, and Chael Willingham.

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