DeKalb Sheriff’s Office Joins TN SAVIN for Crime Victim Notification (VIEW VIDEO HERE)

February 21, 2019
By: Dwayne Page

The Tennessee Sheriff’s Association along with the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office is joining forces in promoting Tennessee SAVIN (Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification) system.

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DeKalb County Sheriff Patrick Ray and State Coordinator for the Tennessee Sheriff’s Association Gary Cordell appeared on WJLE today (Thursday) to discuss a number of effective tools that aid crime victims in their rights to receive real time information regarding the status of offenders along with methods to promote awareness and assist crime victims in their communities.

One of the primary rights for crime victims is the right to be notified when the offender who harmed them is released from jail or prison. SAVIN provides free, confidential access to offender custody information by phone and online. Registers users can be notified by phone, email or text when an offender is released from a Tennessee County Jail. Individuals may register for SAVIN by calling toll-free 1-800-501-0367 or visiting

“SAVIN is a vital tool for crime victims,” said Sheriff Ray. “Being able to check on the custody status of an offender anytime, day or night, and being able to easily register for free and anonymously and to be notified if that status changes gives them tremendous peace of mind and helps keep them safe.”

This 24-hour/365 day Statewide Automated Victim Information Notification System has been operated by the Tennessee Sheriff’s Association since July 1, 2010.

TN SAVIN provides an optional process and timelier access to offender information from all of the 95 Tennessee County Jails. What makes it special is the automatic notification feature. As long as you have a telephone or a computer, you can receive an automated alert anytime of the day or night anywhere-at home or your workplace and up to five contact numbers can be entered. That kind of information could provide protection that is critically important to anyone who is concerned about the whereabouts of any offender. However, victims should not rely solely on this system for all notification purposes.

Citizens calling 1-888-868-4631 are asked to provide an offender’s name and/or booking number which they can obtain from their local county jail or correctional facility. After the system has provided the relevant offender custody information, it asks the caller of they would like to register to be automatically notified when that offender is released or transferred and what manner of notification they prefer. Those choosing to register provide a phone number, and a four-digit personal identification (PIN) number, which they will later use to confirm the notification calls or to cancel any future calls if needed. Live operator assistance is available round-the-clock for callers who have questions or require additional help. General information is in both Spanish and English and interpreters are available in many languages.

“We’re very pleased to be able to promote this free service and are looking forward to spreading the word about this very useful program that can help so many,” said Cordell.

“SAVIN registrations across the state have continued to increase and are on a path to set new records for victim notification usage of the system,” added Cordell.

SAVIN is available at or by calling 1-888-868-4631.

“The Sheriffs in Tennessee are concerned about the safety of our victims and their continued support of the program has made it successful,” said Cordell. Victim registration is also accessible through the MobilePatrol App for both Android and iPhone devices. The MobilePatrol App has links and access to victim’s services, resources, and emergency numbers along with public safety announcements.

Cordell also said that many sheriffs’ offices in the state are on the MobilePatrol App, which allows sheriffs to more efficiently and effectively share public safety information with their communities. Users of the free app are able to see who is in jail, access lists of the most wanted persons and child custody offenders, receive emergency notifications, provide crime tips, access SAVIN from the app, and more. Cordell said there have already been more than 60,000 SAVIN registrations via MobilePatrol in 2018

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