DeKalb County finishes fiscal year strong in collection of local option sales taxes

July 21, 2023
By: Dwayne Page

DeKalb County closed out the 2022-23 fiscal year on a high note at least as far as collections of local option sales taxes is concerned.

According to the Tennessee Department of Revenue net collections for the month of June (DeKalb County and all four cities combined) were $633,472. It was the fourth best month of the year (2022-23) followed by August at $658,908, January at $656,624, and July at $634,274. June 2023 fell short of topping collections for June 2022 which were $641,626.

The following are the local option sales tax collections by month for DeKalb County and the Cities in DeKalb County for the 2022-23 fiscal year and which months were best for each:

DeKalb County: August-$203,812; July-$196,757, June-$183,684, January-$182,660, April $171,314, September $167,806, December $160,948, October $156,092, May $154,750, November $148,681, March $141,411, and February $138,886,

Smithville: January- $418,757; August-$412,765, June- $399,975, July- $395,674, April- $392,905, May- $379,935, October- $365,386, March-$361,475, December- $361,018, November- $348,774, February-$328,904, and September- $306,096.

Alexandria: January-$36,751, December-$33,570, April-$31,408, March-$30,847, June-$30,625, September-$28,805, February-$28,383, May-$26,218, October-$25,383, July-$25,218, August-$24,550, and November-$22,904.

Liberty: October-$16,705, May-$14,385, August-$14,108, November-$13,991, July-$13,878, January-$13,799, September-$13,630, June-$13,421, December-$13,191, February-$12,749, March-$10,905, and April $10,655.

Dowelltown: June-$5,764, January-$4,655, August-$3,671, December-$3,585, April-$3,306, November-$3,246, March-$3,136, September-$3,070, February-$2,890, October-$2,884, May-$2,868, and July-$2,745.

DeKalb County’s net local option sales tax collections with the cities included for the year by month were as follows:

August-$658,908, January-$656,624, July-$634,274, June-$633,472, April-$609,590, May-$578,157, December-$572,314, October-$566,452, March-$547,776, November-$537,597, September-$519,409, and February-$511,814.

June sales tax collections reflect previous month activity.

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