DeKalb County Commission represented at TCSA County Government Day

March 2, 2022
By: Dwayne Page

For the first time in nearly two years, Tennessee County Services Association (TCSA) members convened in person for the annual County Government Day February 28 – March 1. The event was held at the Downtown DoubleTree Hotel in Metro-Nashville Davidson County.

Four members of the DeKalb County Commission attended including Susannah Cripps Daughtry, Janice Fish Stewart, Julie Young, and Jenny Trapp.

County Government Day presents an opportunity for county government officials—including highway officials, county mayors and commissioners–to network with their state legislators at the Capitol where they conduct their business. Two years ago, this event was disrupted by the tornado that came through downtown Nashville and left a path of damage across Wilson, Putnam, and other counties. At this time last year, the Cordell Hull building – home to legislative offices—was closed to the public during the pandemic and large group gatherings were prohibited.

“County Government Day was educational and a great way to network with people who hold the same office in other counties. It provided an opportunity to share information and ideas. We heard Penny Schwinn, Tennessee Commissioner of Education, speak about the Tennessee Investment in Student Achievement, which would transition Tennessee’s K-12 public schools to a student-based funding approach. The TISA will change the way the state funds public education. A change hasn’t been made in about 3 decades, so it was exciting to have the person in charge of the program educate us directly and field questions about the new funding approach,” said Commissioner Daughtry.