DCHS graduate plans to further her education at MTSU and pursue a career in Journalism (View video here)

August 12, 2019
By: Dwayne Page

Robin Pafford will soon be off to college at MTSU but over the summer she has spent time Job shadowing at WJLE.

Pafford, who graduated in May as a member of the DCHS Class of 2019, hopes to have a career in communications, particularly journalism after she earns her degree.

Robin Pafford from dwayne page on Vimeo.

Since May, Robin has visited WJLE several hours two to three days a week to observe how the station operates and to learn the basics in the way the local news and other radio programs are prepared and presented.

“I have always been really interested in media, film, and journalism and I knew this station was involved in that so I wanted to learn more about it,” said Pafford.

As part of her exposure to local radio, Robin has joined WJLE announcer Dale Carroll in delivering the news at noon on several occasions and she has recorded public service announcements which are played often each day. Robin has also observed how local meetings and other events are covered and sometimes broadcast LIVE by the station. She has even made a few pictures and prepared stories herself from some of those events and posted them to the WJLE website.

“It has been really interesting. I have learned a lot. I didn’t really know a lot about the media but after being here several months I have gotten to know a lot of different things,” said Pafford.

“It’s been a real pleasure having Robin join us this summer. We have tried to make it a learning but fun experience for her especially Dale,” said WJLE Station Manager Dwayne Page

“Dale is really funny guy and always tries to make me laugh,”said Robin.

Although she has enjoyed her brief experience with local radio, Robin said she would also like to learn more about the television medium.

“My focus at MTSU will be on journalism and hopefully I will get involved with their news channel,” said Pafford.