County Reports Increase in Sales Tax Revenue

September 24, 2021
By: Dwayne Page

DeKalb County’s share of local option sales tax collections for August 2021 outperformed the same month in 2020 by almost $52,000 according to the Tennessee Department of Revenue. For the county and the four cities therein combined collections were up by more than $83,000.

According to the report, DeKalb County brought in $197,196 in August 2021 compared to $145,266 for August 2020.

Three of the four cities within DeKalb County also hauled in more local option sales tax revenue.

The comparisons between the two months for each municipality are as follows:

Smithville: $343,060 ( August, 2021), $312,786 (August 2020)

Alexandria: $27,092 (August, 2021), $26,879 (August 2020)

Dowelltown: $2,795 (August 2021), $3,388 (August 2020)

Liberty: $10,867 (August, 2021), $9,454 (August 2020)

NET COLLECTIONS (LOCAL OPTION SALES TAX): $581,011 (August 2021), $497,775 (August 2020)

August sales tax collections reflect previous month activity.

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