ALS Ambulance Crew Now Assigned to New Liberty Fire Hall 12 Hours Each Day

November 23, 2023
By: Dwayne Page

Three weeks after it opened and eleven days after the grand opening, an Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulance crew is now assigned to the new Liberty Fire Hall each day for a 12-hour period from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. The firehall has three bays including one for an ambulance, restroom, and a small office for the EMS crew but no sleeping quarters.

County Mayor Matt Adcock made that announcement during Tuesday night’s committee of the whole meeting of the county commission. The reason for the delay in putting an ambulance crew at the new fire hall has been so that a reliable radio communication system could be installed.

“On November 2, the DeKalb County Health, Education, and Public Welfare Committee met in regard to an EMS unit being stationed at the Liberty Fire Hall. They discussed when and what kind of unit would be there. We talked about a plan for the Liberty station which was to place one of the two Advanced Life Support (ALS) emergency ambulances we have at this station to serve the community during the day. Under this plan, the unit will have to return at night to the main EMS station located on Meadowbrook Drive in Smithville due to no sleeping quarters at the Liberty station,” said County Mayor Adcock.

“The radio got put in today (Tuesday) and we are going down there (Liberty) tomorrow (Wednesday) said EMS Director Hoyte Hale during Tuesday night’s meeting.

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