Alexandria City Council Meeting Postponed due to Lack of Quorum

By: Dwayne Page

The Alexandria Mayor and Aldermen were scheduled to meet in regular monthly session Tuesday night but couldn’t due to the lack of a quorum.

Mayor Bennett Armstrong could not open the meeting because only two aldermen were present, Bridgette Rogers and Linda Dickerson. City attorney Vester Parsley told the mayor that at least three aldermen had to be present to conduct business.

Alderman Lloyd Dyer is on vacation and could not attend. Alderman David Cripps was also absent. Alderman, Shane Blair, who was just elected on August 2, has already resigned. Another alderman position that had been filled by appointment is also vacant again.

Mayor Armstrong announced to a room full of residents and city employees in attendance that the meeting would have to be postponed until a later date but that there are important matters to take up soon including passage of the new city budget for the year.