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Hendrixson Remains Forecasters’ Fearless Leader (SHOW AIRS TODAY)

November 15, 2018
By: Dwayne Page

WJLE Fearless Forecaster Dewain Hendrixson still has the lead going into the 12th week of the college football season.

Hendrixson has an overall record of 108-56.

Darrell Gill is in second place at 105-59, three games back followed by Scott Brown at 100-64, eight games out. Grant James of the James Gang is nine games out of first place at 99-65. Will Graham is ten games back at 98-66. Chad Kirby is eleven games out of first place at 97-67 followed by Ricky Atnip 96-68, twelve games back. John Pryor is thirteen games back at 95-69 and the Guests are sixteen games back at 92-72.

Meanwhile Scott Brown, John Pryor, and Dewain Hendrixson each had the best record for the week at 11-4 followed by Grant James of the James Gang, Darrell Gill, and Chad Kirby each at 10-5. Ricky Atnip and the guest DCHS Lady Tiger Coach Danny Fish each went 9-6, and Will Graham was 8-7.

Two forecasters hit their underdog picks last week. Scott Brown picked Tennessee to upset Kentucky and got 6 points. John Pryor picked Northwestern to beat Iowa and got 10 points.

Overall Will Graham and Scott Brown each have the most underdog points at 41 followed by Grant James of the James Gang with 38 points, Ricky Atnip has 24.5, John Pryor 21.5, the guests 20, Darrell Gill 14, Dewain Hendrixson 11, and Chad Kirby 5.

Today (Thursday) the Forecasters will be picking winners in the following games:

Iowa State at Texas, Michigan State at Nebraska, West Virginia at Oklahoma State, USC at UCLA, Wisconsin at Purdue, Miami at Virginia Tech, Arizona State at Oregon, Stanford at California, Virginia at Georgia Tech, Cincinnati at UCF, Louisiana Tech at Southern Miss, Syracuse at Notre Dame, Ole Miss at Vanderbilt, Missouri at Tennessee, and in the NFL the Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis.

Today’s special guest is DCHS Tiger Football Coach Steve Trapp.

Catch the Fearless Forecasters on WJLE today (Thursday) at 4:30 p.m. on AM 1480/FM 101.7 and LIVE streaming at

The program is sponsored by the Charles D. Atnip Realty and Auction Company, Middle Tennessee Natural Gas, Liberty State Bank, DeKalb County Insurance, Gill Automotive, Love-Cantrell Funeral Home, and DeKalb County Ace Hardware.

Petitions circulating to relocate cell tower proposed for Dowelltown

November 15, 2018

     Concerned residents of DeKalb County are circulating and signing petitions to relocate a proposed 200 foot cell tower beyond Dowelltown, away from the Snows Hill Battlefield, the county’s most historic site, and out of the valley from Snows Hill, a local scenic landmark.
    The fact  they can even exercise that right is a fluke. When an alert citizen was surprised to see sections of the Dowelltown tower on site, he inquired when and where the required public notice and invitation for comments had appeared. He learned the engineering firm had run that notice in the Carthage newspaper, rather than the Smithville Review, DeKalb County’s paper of record.
    He immediately contacted the FCC, asserting citizens here were  being denied their right to know and weigh in on a project which would impact their lives, as required in the application process. The agency agreed, put the project temporarily on hold and opened up the comment period. The public notice appeared in the the classified section of this week’s Smithville Review, page 5C and the delivery deadline for comments is November 28, 2018.
   Anyone interested in signing or obtaining a paper petition can text Amy Potter for Dowelltown(615 418-6220), or Lucas Antoniak(754 227-3064) for the battlefield/scenic landmark petition. You can also sign a digital petition here (or visit It has already been signed by more than 200, including visitors to our area from around the nation and the world.
   Unfortunately for those in the Alexandria area, the tower on Old Liberty Road was already up and operating before it was discovered the required public notice ran in Carthage, rather than the Smithville Review, thereby denying local citizens their right to know and comment .
   And, public notice for a third tower from the same company, NTCH-West, appeared in this week’s paper. It is planned for Choctaw Ridge Road near the intersection of Highways 70 and 53 and Liberty’s Historic District, listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
    Anyone concerned about these projects is encouraged to check the public notices and comment within the deadline period.
For additional photos of the valley, please visit

County Clerk Putting Minutes of County Commission Meetings Online

November 15, 2018
By: Dwayne Page

For the first time ever, the DeKalb County Clerk’s office has the ability to preserve records of current and future county commission meetings at no extra cost to the county. As these minutes are scanned, saved and stored in a web-based format they immediately become available for public viewing and printing.

County Clerk James L. (Jimmy) Poss recently began the process of converting the original paper documents to digital with the help of a software provider.

More than 100 years of county commission minutes are stored in the archives of the clerk’s office and up until now they have remained in their original paper forms, bound in books.

Although the books will not be replaced, Poss said putting the minutes contained in those books into a web-based format will better preserve and make them more readily available to the public through home computers or mobile devices. Poss said plans are to also install a public access computer in the clerk’s office where people can use to look up minutes from county commission meetings..

“Scanning and storing these minutes by computer makes the searchability quicker, more accessible and certainly much more secure. We are protecting these records from fire, water and or smoke damage, physical and or aging. Simultaneously, we are backing each document up in our computers as well as an off-site center (Business Information Systems or BIS),” said Poss.

Although the process of scanning the paper documents is lengthy and time consuming, Poss said the     software provider is making it easier and at no extra charge to the county.

“Business Information system (BIS), our software provider has furnished and installed a program enabling our office to scan, save and store these records by computer. Our office currently has multiple books dating back to 1884. Our staff has the ability to scan several of the books which are binder style with removable pages and paper size making it easy for our equipment to scan,” he said.

Other books not as easy to scan can be done by the software provider for a fee

“The remaining books are much larger with pages that are bound together. Those books require additional steps and equipment our office doesn’t have. However; Business Information System (BIS) can and will process these books for a fee per book. We will also continue producing and storing minute books as we scan all future minutes,” Poss continued.

Once scanned, anyone wanting do a web-based research of the minutes for a particular issue can do a keyword search on their computer and every meeting in which that issue was discussed will appear on the screen.

“If someone comes into our office asking about a road say “Sunset Drive” for example, they can enter that road name into the search window on the computer and the software will search all of the documents that have been scanned, listing each of the documents the keyword search appears in. All of the results will then be displayed, allowing you to access every document that matches your search criteria,” said Poss.

You can also do research from your home computer simply by visiting and selecting DeKalb County. Many of the records are already scanned in and online for public viewing.

“The searchable program was added to on October 29, 2018. We have a number of these records currently searchable. Once you’re on the website, near the bottom of the page you will see Minutes Search. You are able to key in a single word, road name, specific month, etc. to view these records which are available,” said Poss.

With the technology so readily available, Poss said it only makes sense to preserve these records in an electronic format and to scan new ones into the system going forward.

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