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God’s Food Pantry is on a mission to feed the hungry (VIEW VIDEO HERE)

February 28, 2019
By: Dwayne Page

God’s Food Pantry is on a mission! To feed the hungry in this community and beyond.

For more than a decade the pantry has provided food and other essentials to help meet the needs of the medically frail and elderly, children, veterans, the homeless, and the working poor.

Food is distributed on the first Friday after the first Thursday and on the third Friday of every month from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. from the pantry at 430 East Broad in Smithville but a special drive was held Wednesday.

IMG_4519 from dwayne page on Vimeo.

The effort began twelve years ago as the First United Methodist Church Food Pantry located at the Methodist Church. However because of space issues, the pantry was later moved to its first community location at 107B East Bryant Street. Due to an increasing need for more services and additional space, the pantry moved again to its current location three years ago.

“Today we call it God’s Food Pantry because of the multitude of churches now supporting it. There are people in the community, businesses, civic organizations and even food drives who give us donations along with Food Lion, Tenneco Automotive, and Wilson Bank & Trust who are especially supportive,” said Pat Zornow, a volunteer.

IMG_4520 from dwayne page on Vimeo.

“Each year the numbers of people we serve increases. We started out with 999 people that first year. Now we’re serving thousands. They come from many counties. We are the main pantry in this area especially for children services,” Zornow said.

“On days when we have meat to give away we usually have about 350 families that come through but we also have 106 deliveries and pickups that are special because of the medically frail and the elderly. If someone is on a special diet we’ll purchase the foods they need. We provide extra help with gas cards and Food Lion cards and assist with utilities, rent, and medications especially for our elderly who can’t afford to pay for it. We even buy special clothes for people who may need adequate apparel. For those who can work we let them know where the jobs are. Whatever the need is we’re going to help that person,” said Zornow.

The pantry is staffed by volunteers and supported totally by donations. It does not receive any local, state, or federal government funding. The money raised goes toward purchasing food from the Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee for the distribution.

“This effort is 100% volunteer driven and a community affair and we encourage more churches, businesses, organizations to join us,” said Zornow.

DCHS Names Top Rank Students in Class of 2019 Including Valedictorian Madison E. (Madi) Cantrell

February 28, 2019
By: Dwayne Page

DeKalb County High School has released the names of 57 Top Rank students in the Class of 2019 including the Valedictorian Madison E. (Madi) Cantrell and the Salutatorian Megan F. Redmon.

Cantrell is the daughter of Todd and Jenny Cantrell of Smithville. Redmon is the daughter of Tim Redmon.

The DCHS graduation is Friday, May 17.

To be considered for top Rank, students must take at least 10 honors, dual enrollment, and AP courses and students must have a 21 or higher ACT composite score.

The following students have met requirements to be considered for Top Rank:
1. Madison E. Cantrell
2. Megan F. Redmon
3. Andrew J. Fuson
4. Callie E. Mulloy
5. Robin T. Pafford
6. Trey L. Fuston
7. Macy E. Hedge
8. Maddison B. Parsley
9. Justin D. Trapp
10. Shaunta R. Koegler
11. Isaac W. Walker
12. Chloe E. Sykes
13. Faith E. Judkins
14. Corbin E. Gassaway
15. Lydia A. Brown
16. Lance W. Davis
17. Ethan G. Jenkins
18. Dulce C. Ortega Maciel
19. Hannah G. Anderson
20. Alexander P. Gassaway
21. Addison G. Oakley
22. Sarah A. Colwell
23. Sophie R. Cripps
24. Christopher B. Mitchell
25. Colter A. Norris
26. Aaron W. Carpenter
27. Anna R. Blair
28. Audrey A. Garland
29. Chance A. Mabe
30. Brayden C. Howard
31. Grace E. Crips
32. Tanner J. Poss
33. Derek J. Young
34. Corina M. Crook
35. Madison F. Whitehead
36. Braya S. Murphy
37. Noah A. Byrge
38. Emilee R. Finan
39. Madison F. Mick
40. Molly R. Hall
41. Matthew L. Agee
42. Joni L. Robinson
43. Jonathan C. Birmingham
44. Joshua C. Martin
45. Luke A. Oliver
46. Alanna R. Woodham
47. Ashley B. Phillips
48. Ashley N. Reynolds
49. Cedric A. Cruz, Jr.
50. Madison S. Judkins
51. John W. Stephens
52. Kassandra M. Huven
53. Malone C. Fletcher
54. Hunter D. Davis
55. John R. Puckett
56. Nicole E. Fultz
57. Ethan G. Beasley

Watertown Couple Arrested After Confrontation with Deputy

February 28, 2019
By: Dwayne Page

A Watertown couple was arrested earlier this week after a confrontation with an officer during a traffic stop.

28 year old Kyle Robert Johnson is charged with assault; domestic assault; and resisting stop, frisk, halt, search or arrest and 29 year old Tiahra Yesenia Johnson was arrested for public intoxication. Kyle’s bond is $6,500 while bond for Tiahra is $1,500. They will make a court appearance on March 14.

Sheriff Patrick Ray said that on Sunday, February 24 a deputy was traveling east on Nashville Highway when he spotted a black Nissan SUV driving at a high rate of speed. After the driver locked up his brakes the vehicle slid to a stop. The officer then saw Kyle Johnson open the driver side back door and grab a passenger around the neck before slamming him down in the roadway. Others in the vehicle said Kyle also struck Tiahra in the face with the back of his hand injuring her lip and nose. After being placed under arrest by the deputy, Kyle began kicking while seated in the back of the patrol car and when the officer opened the door to keep him from damaging the vehicle, Kyle tried to get out of the back seat.

Meanwhile, Tiahra was charged after the officer noticed that she had a strong odor of alcohol on her person and that she was unsteady on her feet. Tiahra also became very confrontational with the deputy.

41 year old Amy Lynn Hall of Felts Road, Sparta is charged with being a fugitive from justice. Her bond is $15,000 and her court date is March 14.

Sheriff Ray said that on Sunday, February 24 Hall was at the scene of an accident and while checking her driver license through central dispatch, the officer learned that she has a failure to appear warrant against her in Bartow County, Georgia.

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