Local Pharmacist Offers Reminders to Community During COVID-19 Crisis

March 26, 2020
By: Dwayne Page

Under an executive order last week by Governor Bill Lee declaring a state of emergency in Tennessee due to COVID-19, pharmacists are allowed to dispense an extra 90-day supply of maintenance prescriptions as needed.

Local pharmacist Susannah Cripps, in an interview with WJLE last week, explains what that means locally.

“The Governor issued an executive order that allows a pharmacist to dispense an additional 90 day supply of maintenance prescription medication if a patient is out of refills instead of them having to go to the doctor and secure that refill. This is only for prescriptions that are maintenance medications for patients meaning that the prescriptions are being used regularly and have been prescribed on an on-going basis by the patient’s health care provider but happens to be out of refills. It gives us that capability for continuity of care and it will help alleviate some of the workload on the prescribers and other health care providers as this situation escalates. Keep in mind this does not apply to controlled substances. This is maintenance medications for chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, Arthritis, and things like that,” she said.

Among other concerns patients may have during the pandemic is the availability of prescriptions.

“We have had a lot of patients ask about pharmacy hours and the procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic and what will happen at local pharmacies. Will they be able to get their medications. Will there be shortages and things like that. The pharmacies I have spoken to are going to continue observing regular hours and would extend those hours should it become necessary,” said Cripps.

“ As far as shortages, we experience them all the time but I know myself, we have been stocking up on maintenance medications and putting in additional orders so that we are prepared should there be a shortage of any of the maintenance type medications that patients are taking.”

When possible, Cripps said it’s a good idea to make use of your pharmacist’s drive through service.

“Its important to remember that for high risk patients they need to minimize their potential exposure so using the drive through if that is available at your pharmacy or taking advantage of free home delivery so ask your pharmacy providers if they have that service and put that to use for yourself if you are in the groups which are of high risk so you don’t have to risk going into the pharmacy and potentially being exposed to the virus,” she said.

Mail order prescriptions are also an option but they may also pose concerns.

“Mail orders are being offered up as a potential solution but I would caution patients that mail orders present their own set of significant risks. Medications don’t always arrive on time making it necessary to secure an additional prescription at a pharmacy with which you currently may have no relationship to obtain your medication and that could lead to an increased expense for patients and also unnecessary exposure during this time and with the uncertainty as this virus spreads that could become a bigger issue for mail order patients. Research has shown that the virus can live on some inanimate objects for up to three days and when you are using mail order you are increasing the number of hands touching your prescription all the way through the whole chain until it arrives to you. Those are things that you should consider concerning that option.”

“ I would suggest that you continue to use the doctors, nurses, and pharmacists that you know and trust and depend on for your healthcare services and count on them to practice the universal precautions,” said Cripps.

Jamie Cripps Announces Candidacy for 5th District Board of Education Position

March 26, 2020
By: Dwayne Page

Jamie Cripps has formally announced her candidacy for DeKalb County School Board
representing the 5th District

“I am excited to announce my candidacy for the DeKalb County School Board to represent
the 5th district. DeKalb County has been my home for the past 30 years. My husband, Troy and I have three children: Jackson, Haden, and Ellisyn. My interest in their activities and their education have kept me involved with school activities that include serving as Treasurer for DeKalb Middle School and DeKalb High School softball boosters. I attend Smithville First Baptist Church. I work at Shiroki North America where I am a Production Control Senior Scheduler in addition to working as a real estate agent with Town and Lake Realty.”

“I am running for School Board because I care about DeKalb County and our schools. I will use the skills I have to incorporate the needs and priorities of the community into decisions that need to be made. Investing in our children and schools is necessary for continued economic growth and development of the county and the well-being of our students.”

“During my campaign, I want to meet as many people as possible, listen to your questions,
thoughts, and concerns about our schools and education In DeKalb County.”

“I would appreciate your vote and support.”

Another Candidate Expected to Join Smithville Alderman Race

March 25, 2020
By: Dwayne Page

At least six candidates may be vying for one of three aldermen seats in the Smithville Municipal Election on Thursday, August 6th.

The latest to pick up a petition is Jimmy R. Taylor, a longtime city employee.

The other candidates who have already qualified for the race are Incumbent Aldermen Shawn Jacobs, Danny Washer, and Donnie Crook along with newcomers, Jessica Higgins and Timothy John Perricone. The qualifying deadline is noon on April 2.

Jacobs was first elected to the council in 2009 and Washer came on board after his first election in 2011. Crook was appointed by the aldermen in 2018 to fill the unexpired term of former alderman Josh Miller who was elected mayor that year.

The City of Smithville has five aldermen and a mayor but they do not all run for election in the same year. Three aldermen will be elected this year. The other two aldermen and the mayor were elected in 2018 and will be up for election again in 2022.

All terms are for four years.

In addition to city races in Smithville, Dennis Stanley, Administrator of Elections, said petitions are available for school board seats in Districts 5 and 6 along with the following other city races: five aldermen seats in Alexandria; and a mayor and two aldermen seats in Dowelltown. Meanwhile, any local voter interested in running for State House 40 and 46 can also get a petition at the local election office.

“All the local offices will be for four-year terms, except two of the five aldermen seats in Alexandria will be for two-years to fill unexpired terms,” Stanley said. “The state house seats are also two-year terms.”
The qualifying deadline for the August election is Noon April 2.

For the school board in the 6th district Jason Miller and Shawn Washer have both qualified as candidates. Incumbent Doug Stephens will not be a candidate for re-election.

In the 5th district Jamie L. Cripps has qualified for the school board race. Incumbent W.J. (Dub) Evins, III has told WJLE he will not be a candidate for re-election.

Pam Redmon has picked up a petition to run for Mayor but she has not yet returned it.

Phillip Byford, James C. Walker, and James H. White have obtained petitions to run for alderman in Dowelltown. Byford has now qualified for the race but Walker and White have not yet returned their petitions.

In Alexandria Charles William Anderson, Jr. and Lynne Dickerson have obtained petitions to run for a 4 year alderman term while Bridgette Rogers has picked up a petition for a 2 year alderman seat. So far Dickerson is the only one of the three who has qualified for the race.

Meanwhile, State Representatives Terri Lynn Weaver of Lancaster in district 40 and Clark Boyd of Lebanon in district 46 have qualified for re-nomination in the August 6th Tennessee Republican Primary while Suanne Bone of Lebanon has qualified for the Tennessee Democratic Primary on August 6th to fill a vacancy as State Executive Committeewoman in District 17.


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