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TVA Ask Consumers for Voluntary Reduction in Power Use

January 16, 2018
By: Dwayne Page

An extreme cold front has moved through Tennessee that will cause temperatures to drop into the single digits overnight. The cold temperatures are expected to continue over the next few days.

The extreme cold weather has caused a critical power supply situation, and TVA is asking all electric power consumers to reduce their use of electricity as much as possible until further notice.

Voluntary reduction is needed to help ensure a continued supply of power to essential services throughout the Tennessee Valley and to avoid interruptions in service.

TVA is using all available resources, including the purchase of available power form neighboring utilities. TVA and local power companies are working around the clock to make power available to consumers.

TVA and local power companies also have cut back on power usage in their facilities by adjusting thermostats, reducing lighting and taking measures to reduce electricity consumption.

Officials of the 155 local power companies in the Tennessee Valley are asking all electric power consumers- residential, commercial and industrial- to cooperate in reducing power usage during this critical situation.

Consumers should:

Postpone using electric appliances such as dishwashers, dryers, and cooking equipment.

Reduce the use of heating by adjusting thermostats down below 65 degrees.
Turn off nonessential lights, appliances, and other electrical equipment.

TVA will continue to monitor this situation and notify the local power companies of any further notices or cancellation of curtailment warnings.

Temperatures should return to a more normal state over the next few days and this consumer alert will be terminated.

TVA and your local power companies appreciate your help during this critical situation.

Johnson Charged with Solicitation of a Minor

January 15, 2018
By: Dwayne Page

A man who allegedly tried to solicit sex with a minor has been arrested.
MUG SHOTS OF PERSONS RECENTLY BOOKED AT THE DEKALB COUNTY JAIL- Intakes & Releases From: 1/8/2018 Thru: 1/15/2018

39 year old Jason Dwayne Johnson of Game Ridge Road, Smithville is charged with solicitation of a person under 18 years old. His bond is $30,000 and his court date is January 18.

Sheriff Patrick Ray said that from April, 2017 to November 27, 2017 “Johnson did by electronic communication intentionally request, persuade, invite, or attempt to induce a person (female) whom he knows or should know is less than 18 years of age to engage in conduct that if completed would constitute a violation by the soliciting adult of the offense of statutory rape”.

32 year old Michael Bryan Miller of Nashville is charged with a second offense of driving under the influence. He was further cited for violation of the implied consent law (failure to submit to blood test) and failure to maintain his lane of travel. His bond is $3,000 and his court date is January 18.

Sheriff Ray said that on Friday, January 5 a deputy was called to Highway 70 west due to a reckless driver in a gold Ford Ranger. He spotted the truck traveling in the slow lane and then cross all lanes of traffic into the eastbound fast lane. The deputy stopped the vehicle and spoke with the driver, Miller whose eyes were bloodshot and watery and his pupils were constricted. Miller submitted to but performed poorly on field sobriety tasks and was placed under arrest. A search warrant was obtained for a blood sample from Miller.

50 year old William Boyce Butler of Lee Braswell Road, Smithville is charged with aggravated assault and resisting stop, frisk, halt, or arrest. He was further cited for simple possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. His bond is $8,500 and his court date is January 25.

Sheriff Ray said that on Friday, January 5 a deputy was dispatched to Lee Braswell Road due to a domestic complaint. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with a woman who said that her husband, Butler had slapped her face and then held her down and tried to choke her. She had red marks on her neck and cheek. Butler is currently on probation for an aggravated assault which occurred on May 19, 2016 against the same victim (his wife). Butler was forced to the ground after he refused commands by officers to stand and be handcuffed. Though he continued to resist while on the ground, Butler was subsequently placed in custody. The officers found on Butler 0.25 ounces of marijuana, a pipe grinder, and rolling papers. One of the officers suffered a knee injury while placing Butler under arrest. The deputy went to the hospital by a private vehicle for treatment and he is now on medical leave from work.

32 year old Robert Justin Luna of Barnes Mill Road, Smithville is charged with aggravated assault. His bond is $5,000 and his court date is January 18.

Sheriff Ray said that on Thursday, January 4 a deputy was called to the Sheriff’s Department to speak with a woman who had been involved in a domestic dispute. The woman said that she and Luna had gotten into an argument over the phone and that after she arrived at a residence on Sparta Highway where Luna was present, he pushed her down, pulled her hair, and tried to choke her until she passed out. She had physical marks around her neck. Luna was placed under arrest.

20 year old Issac Corbin Beck of Parkway Drive, Smithville is charged with domestic assault and possession of a schedule VI drug with intent to manufacture, sell or deliver. His bond is $8,000 and his court date is January 18.

Sheriff Ray said that on Saturday, January 6 a deputy was called to a residence on Sparta Highway due to a physical fight in progress. Upon arrival the officer spoke with a woman who said that she and Beck had gotten into an altercation outside when Beck pushed her to the ground and struck her in the face and elsewhere causing redness. She had physical marks on her face and arms and a golf ball sized knot on her head. Beck had left the scene before the officer’s arrival but he was later located at his residence. During his arrest, an officer asked Beck if he had anything illegal on his person. Beck produced from his shorts 18.5 grams of a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana.

DeKalb School Buses Pass Annual State Inspection,

January 14, 2018
By: Dwayne Page

All DeKalb County School buses have passed state inspection.
State Troopers Darryl Winningham, Ned Martin, and Craig Wilkerson of the Tennessee Highway Patrol, inspectors for this district, completed their evaluation last week of all 36 buses in the fleet including the 4 substitute buses.

Trooper Wilkerson said inspectors found no major defects or deficiencies.

“This year everything went really well. The main issue we ran across though it is very minor is the cleanliness of the buses. The mechanical side of it (inspection) went really well. I think the worst thing we had to do was change a tire on a bus. If there is a defect found its usually fixed within five to ten minutes. There’s not been a bus parked for longer than 20 to 30 minutes at the most during inspection,” said Trooper Wilkerson.

“We do a complete level one inspection on the buses. We go from the bottom to the top and inside, outside but the biggest thing we’re looking at is the tires to make sure they have proper air inflation and for tread depth wear. We look at the steering boxes. We make sure there’s nothing wrong with the tie rods and ball joints. We check the exhaust system for leaks. We also check the lighting system and anything that has to deal with the stop signs for when the children are unloading and loading to see that they are working properly,” Trooper Wilkerson continued.

The inspectors conduct an annual inspection for three days in January but unannounced spot checks are done during the year.

Jimmy Sprague, Transportation Supervisor for the DeKalb County School System said he is pleased overall with the results of the inspection and gave credit to the bus drivers and mechanics Michael Agee and Justin Coats.

“DeKalb County is blessed. We have good bus drivers who are very safety conscious. They look out for these kids and make sure they get to school and home safely everyday. I can’t give them enough praise for the job they do and in helping to maintain their buses. DeKalb County should be proud of them,” said Sprague.

Whether it’s a scheduled or unannounced state inspection, Sprague said the buses “are ready at any point and any time and that says a lot about the operation we run here. The drivers keep a check on the buses and if something is wrong we know about it and get it fixed. We couldn’t have the transportation department we have if we didn’t have the drivers we’ve got and the staff we have at the bus garage. It speaks volumes,” Sprague concluded.

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