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Speed Limits to Be Posted on Three More County Roads

July 28, 2020
By: Dwayne Page

Speed limits will soon be posted on three more county roads.

During Monday night’s monthly meeting, the county commission voted to establish a posted 35 mile per hour speed limit on the Ragland Bottom Road to the US Army Corps of Engineers line and a 30 mile per hour limit on the Four Seasons Road from the Young Bend Cemetery to the Corps of Engineers line. A 30 mile per hour speed limit will also be posted on Dearman Street from the Smithville City Limits to Bright Hill Road. The portion of Dearman Street in the city is already posted at 30 miles per hour.

Fifth district commissioner Jerry Adcock made the motion saying 38 people had signed a petition in support of the speed limit on the Four Seasons Road. Adcock included Ragland Bottom Road in his motion. Three years ago several residents on Ragland Bottom Road submitted a petition asking for a speed limit there but the county commission at that time rejected the request.

County Mayor Tim Stribling said several people on Dearman Street had also asked if the county could extend the 30 mile per hour speed limit on Dearman Street from the city limits to Bright Hill Road.

All 14 county commissioners voted in favor of Adcock’s motion.

DeKalb Middle School Receives Major Facelift Over Summer Break (View Video Here)

July 27, 2020

The Smithville-DeKalb County Chamber was honored to be asked to have a Ribbon Cutting Monday for the DeKalb Middle School renovations.

What started as a vision for DeKalb Middle School through a conversation between a few of the DMS staff, administration and the district maintenance supervisor developed into an entirely new entrance with vestibule, office space, and a new partition dividing the cafeteria and commons area.

DeKalb Middle School was built in 1971 with an open floor plan. At the time, many new schools were being constructed utilizing this concept. Unfortunately, these plans fell short in providing for future growth in schools. Over the years, DeKalb Middle School has had several walls and doors added throughout the building, creating a more natural school environment. Although Dekalb Middle still has 8 classrooms and a library without walls, those classes utilize lockers and dividers as partitions to divide the class from the hallways.

Unfortunately, the entrance of DMS had not had any renovations. The commons area of the building was unusually large and not utilized to its fullest potential. DeKalb Middle now boasts an entirely new entrance with the school colors vividly grabbing your attention as you enter the sidewalk. The original entrance doors and windows are now wrapped in the letters, DMS Saints along with the Saint Bernard mascot, inviting you into the building. Once you have entered the building, you are now greeted by the receptionist in a new office, as well as the SRO office.

DeKalb Middle School Principal Lacey Foutch, Assistant Principal Anita Puckett, and Director of Schools Patrick Cripps from dwayne page on Vimeo.

The new vestibule has created a safer environment for the entire building. With additional doors and the inspirational quote “In a world where you can be anything, BE Kind,” the flow of the building reflects what DMS wants their students to personify.

The new construction has also given the cafeteria more space to be used more productively. With new double doors, new ceilings, lighting, and fresh school colors throughout, the upgrades are sure to impress the returning students.

In addition, the new gym floors have been resurfaced this summer as well as a newly painted entrance floor to the new gym.

DMS would like to thank everyone in making these visions complete:

Director of Schools Patrick Cripps, School Board members: Danny Parkerson, Alan Hayes, Jim Beshearse, Kate Miller, W. J. “Dub” Evins, Doug Stephens and Shaun Tubbs. Also, the team at Upland Design Group, Lee Adcock Construction, Taylor Construction, Outlaw Graphics, Aaron Young, Tonya Sullivan, Lacey Foutch, and Anita Puckett.

New Facebook Group Starts “Adopt-A-Teacher” Tribute

July 27, 2020
By: Dwayne Page

A new Facebook group, HIP DeKalb County, TN has created an Adopt-A-Teacher Program!

“Lets spread some good throughout the county. We all know teachers and other school staff are our unsung heroes. Let’s make things a bit easier for them and help them understand how much they mean to us in our county,” said spokesperson Shelly Barnes

To nominate: Join the HIP DeKalb County, TN group and simply post a teachers name with their photo in the comments section of the post. Add their school, their subject/grade/role. Nominations can be for teachers, educational assistants, principals, school counselors, bus drivers, cafeteria staff, custodial staff, administrative staff or anyone else that helps students in our school system.
Teachers, feel free to nominate yourself as well and post your wish list!!

To adopt: Join the HIP DeKalb County, TN group and comment “adopt” below their picture. Adopters will need to message the nominator or the nominee and work out a way to arrange delivery of item(s). During this time, we recommend mailing the item(s) or sitting it on their porch. Multiple people can adopt, but let’s try to make this fun and make sure everyone nominated is adopted before school begins!!!

A direct link to the HIP DeKalb County, TN group is

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