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DUD Ready to Deal with City on New Water Purchase Agreement

May 21, 2013
Dwayne Page

The DeKalb Utility District is apparently ready to accept the City of Smithville's latest offer on a new water purchase agreement with some conditions.

In April, city officials offered to sell water to the DeKalb Utility District in a new ten year contract at the rate of $2.20 per thousand for the first five years and $2.40 per thousand for the last five years of the agreement. The proposal, subject to approval by the aldermen, would take affect at the end of the city's current contract with the DUD which expires in early 2014. The terms of the deal apparently call for the DUD to purchase a minimum amount of water (approximately 22 million gallons) per month.

While the DUD still plans to build its own water treatment plant, it will apparently have to continue buying water from the city, at least until the plant is completed. With the current agreement between the city and DUD set to expire in seven months, a new contract must be in place by the first of the year.

The DUD is apparently prepared to pay the new rate as proposed by the city under a new contract, but doesn't want to be held to purchasing a minimum quantity. City Attorney Vester Parsley, during Monday night's city council meeting advised that the city stick to its minimum purchase requirement. "We had a requirement in that contract that they (DUD) had to purchase a minimum amount of water from us. They want to obviously not do that. Those rates were strictly contingent upon them purchasing that minimum quantity of water. It's up to the board (Aldermen), but under their (DUD) revision, if you went with that, they (DUD) would not have to purchase a certain amount of water which would not be in the best interest of the City of Smithville," said Parsley.

During Monday night's meeting, Secretary-Treasurer Hunter Hendrixson read a letter from Jon Foutch, manager of the DeKalb Utility dated May 8.

In the letter, Foutch wrote that "The Board of Commissioners of DUD has asked me to respond to your letter of April 2, 2013, and the proposed Water Purchase Agreement provided with your letter. I write to advise that DUD is agreeable with the rates referenced in the proposed agreement which specifically are $2.20 per 1,000 gallons for the first five years of the contract and then $2.40 per 1,000 gallons for the next five years of the contract. However, this agreement on the rates is contingent upon their being no minimum purchase requirements of DUD," wrote Foutch.

"As for the remaining issues of your proposed agreement, DUD believes that paragraph 9 should remain the same as was included in our proposed agreement which provides that DUD will be provided a chemical analysis from Smithville upon reasonable request. Also, DUD would recommend that paragraph 12 as included in our proposed agreement remain which would provide the basis for payment by the city should there ever be a need for the city to purchase water from DUD in an emergency situation. We believe that it would be prudent to include a provision that would specifically set forth the rate to be charged by DUD to Smithville in the event of an emergency," wrote Foutch

"Otherwise, the terms appear reasonable and, in fact, were as earlier proposed by DUD in their original proposed agreement. If you could please advise as to whether the Board of Aldermen have ever agreed to the proposed rates as mentioned, it would be most appreciated," wrote Foutch.

"I will ask Keith Blair (DUD attorney) to forward a copy of this letter to Vester Parsley (city attorney) and will await further communication on whether this is agreeable," concluded Foutch.

"Is this something we're going to need to have a workshop on to discuss?," asked Alderman Gayla Hendrix

"That depends on what the board (aldermen) decides to do at some future date," responded Parsley.

The city still has the option of appealing to the Davidson County Chancery Court the Utility Management Review board's recent dismissal of a DUD ratepayers petition once an order dismissing the petition has been entered. "I talked to the Nashville attorneys last week. The order has never been presented to the (UMRB) board. Until that order is submitted to the (UMRB) board and signed, we (City) have got up to sixty days after that to decide what we want to do," said Parsley.

After a day long hearing last month, the state's Utility Management Review Board dismissed a petition filed by a group of DeKalb Utility District ratepayers who were hoping to halt DUD plans to build the proposed water treatment plant. Board members said the petitioners had failed to meet their burden of proof that DUD rates or services provided were unreasonable. The hearing was held in Smithville at the DeKalb County Complex auditorium.

"Are you saying then that we should wait until we get the order before we make a decision?," asked Alderman Hendrix.

"I think it (order)will be forthcoming in June," said Parsley. "They (UMRB) meet again in June. As I understand it, the attorney for the comptroller's office requested the entire proceedings (from the April hearing) be transcribed before she drafted the order. In checking with them last week, that had not been completed but they anticipate it being done within a week or so. My guess is they will probably try to have that ready for the June meeting and submitted to their board for approval. Then our sixty days (within which to appeal) starts," said Parsley.

"At that time then we can decide whether to appeal the order and if we want to renegotiate a contract," added Hendrix.

Secretary-Treasurer Hendrixson said he would send a letter to Foutch letting him know that the city won't be making any decisions on a new water purchase agreement while it awaits the order from the April UMRB proceeding.

2012 Boating Season Reports Lowest Fatality Accidents on Record

May 20, 2013
2012 Boating Season Reports Lowest Fatality Accidents on Record

The 2013 boating season is upon us as we near Memorial Day weekend.

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency officials stress the importance of safety this weekend on local waters. “We want all our boaters to enjoy this holiday weekend and have a great time, but we also want them to boat responsible and stay safe,” stated TWRA Officer Nick Luper. “Each year we have boating accidents and fatalities on this first big weekend of the season and our officers will be out day and night in hopes we can help keep them from happening.” Last season the United States Coast Guard reported boating-related fatalities decreased from 758 to 651 which is the lowest number on record. “I believe the decrease is due to the overall increase in education and enforcement efforts nationwide. State and federal agencies as well as the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators are working like never before to bring these numbers down,” Luper said.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency will be patrolling local waterways checking that vessels have the proper safety equipment needed. Those items include sufficient lifejackets for all passengers, a Type IV throwable device, and a fire extinguisher are the most important. Officers will also be checking for proper registration. TWRA reports that locally there has been an increase in Boating Under the Influence arrests in the last two years and efforts will continue to identify impaired boat operators during the 2013 season. “Some boaters have a false sense of security when they drink and boat. They think that just because they are not operating a vehicle that they will be ok,” stated Luper. “In fact on the water, boat operators who consume alcohol are also affected by stressors such as the sun, noise, vibration, and heat which actually intensifies the effects of their impairment.” TWRA says that the best away to avoid a BUI is to have a sober operator.

If you see anyone on the water that you believe is creating an unsafe environment for themselves or other boaters, TWRA asks that you report it to the Region III Office at (931) 484-9571.

Moore Gets Eight Years and Six Months for Aggravated Sexual Battery of Child

May 18, 2013
Dwayne Page
Kenneth Moore

A Smithville man, convicted in April of the aggravated sexual battery of a child, appeared for sentencing Friday in DeKalb County Criminal Court.

Judge Leon Burns, Jr. sentenced 44 year old Kenneth Lee Moore to eight years and six months in the state penitentiary.

A motion for a new trial will be heard on July 22nd in DeKalb County Criminal Court.

The range of punishment for the crime is eight to twelve years.

Moore stood trial last month on a charge of rape of a child but after deliberating for more than four hours, the jury of eight women and four men hearing the case returned a verdict of the lesser included offense of aggravated sexual battery.

"This will require an eight year and six month service in the penitentiary at 85% before release eligibility. It is really considered a 100% sentence but he can qualify for up to a 15% sentence reduction," said Deputy District Attorney General Greg Strong in an interview with WJLE. Moore will be on community supervision for life as a sex offender.

According to Sheriff Patrick Ray, Moore allegedly raped his twelve year old niece on November 15th, 2010. The child, who was living with Moore at the time, awoke from sleep to find Moore allegedly making sexual contact with her.

"The basic facts of the case were that Moore accomplished oral sex with his twelve year old niece who was living with him at the time due to a hardship that her mother had, "said Strong. "She (victim's mother) had lost her job and she had to move in with the defendant (Moore). He took advantage of this young girl," said Strong.

Moore's attorney, Jason Hicks of Cookeville, in an interview with WJLE after the verdict said this was a case of "he said", "she said" without any corroborating evidence.

Instruments Stolen from DCHS Band Room

May 18, 2013
Dwayne Page

DeKalb County High School Band Director Jonathan Wright is asking for your help in solving a burglary and theft at the band room around midnight or after early Saturday morning.

According to Wright, person or persons broke into the high school band room and took a white Fender Jazz bass guitar with a black pick guard in a soft black nylon case. Also taken was a dark brown Pearl philharmonic snare drum in natural wood color.

Entry to the band room was made by prying open a window. An office door inside the band room was also pried open. Some petty cash was stolen.

If you have information that could help solve the crime or lead to the return of these instruments, please call Band Director Wright at 615-597-7213 or call the Smithville Police Department.

DCHS Building Trades Home For Sale

May 18, 2013
DCHS Building Trades Home For Sale

Students in the DeKalb County High School Construction Technology (building trades) program have completed construction on the latest home and its now for sale.

The board of education Tuesday night voted to accept sealed bids on the purchase of the house. The minimum bid is $17,100. Bids will be opened at the school board meeting in July.

The home, built on campus at DCHS, is described as a 26' x 56' or 1456 square foot (dried-in) house with three bedrooms, two full bathrooms with shower units, living room, kitchen, utility room, three walk-in closets, and a 25 year three tab shingled roof. The house has no plumbing or electric. The purchaser must move the home off the school property within thirty days or be subject to a $100 a day penalty.

The house expenditures totaled $14,829.

Meanwhile, in his monthly report on personnel, Director of Schools Mark Willoughby announced the following retirees or resignations:

Elizabeth White, cafeteria worker, resigned
Brittany Lockard, educational assistant at Smithville Elementary School, resigned
Sue Driver, teacher at Smithville Elementary School retiring at the end of the 2012-13 year
Pam Miller, teacher at Northside Elementary School retiring at the end of the 2012-13 year
Clay Farler, Attendance Supervisor retiring at the end of the 2012-13 year
Mary Pugh, teacher at Smithville Elementary School retiring at the end of the 2012-13 year

In other business, the board approved the following teachers for a professional license, as recommended by Director Willoughby: Jennifer Barnes, Jason Farley, Tanya Howard, Angela Johnson, Adrienne McCormick, Shea Wiegele, Jenny Cantrell, Melissa Hale, Cathleen Humphrey, Jennifer Judkins, John Pryor, Andrew Dixon, Lisa Hull, Ana Jarvis, Kristen Malone, and Allison Rigsby.

Meanwhile, DCHS Principal Patrick Cripps announced a new Interactive Multimedia Presentations Course for the 2013-14 school year at DCHS. "We are doing away with keyboarding at the high school level. Kids are getting it in the second and fifth grade now. They are already coming to us able to type. We are really wanting to boost up our FBLA program. We are kind of behind the times in our program right now. We're basically doing keyboarding, document designs, doing excel spreadsheets and things like that. Kids already know that. With this class (Multimedia Presentations Course), they will be able to make movies, cartoons. We're hoping to broadcast in this class as well. When I took this job (DCHS Principal) I told Mr. Willoughby that one of the things I wanted us to improve in is our FBLA program to get more student interest and be able to better compete at the state level," said Cripps

The school board approved the implementation of this course.

Cripps also mentioned events scheduled during the last week of school. "On May 22 we will have our underclassmen awards at 8:30 a.m. We will be giving our finals during the second and fourth block on May 20 and during the first and third block on May 21. Our graduation day will be May 24 at 7:00 p.m.

DeKalb Voters Must Put Away Their Cell Phones While in the Polling Place

May 18, 2013
Dennis Stanley

To further protect the integrity of the ballot, all local voters will be asked to turn off or put away their cell phones when entering the polling place in all future elections.

The DeKalb County Election Commission, meeting in regular session Monday, adopted policies relating to activities that are prohibited inside the polling place during early voting and on election day.

“Security and privacy of the voter and the security and privacy of their votes are the overriding concerns of the Election Commission,” said Chairman Walteen Parker. “We felt it was time to update our policies, particularly in light of today’s technology.”

One policy adopted by the commission states that “upon entering the polling place, all voters are to turn off their mobile phones and/or place them securely in a belt clip, pocket or purse. Voters are strictly prohibited from talking or texting on their mobile phone while inside the voting location.”

“Not only is it a distraction, but talking or texting on a phone inside the voting location could be considered voter assistance,” said Dennis Stanley, Administrator of Elections. “There are laws relating to voter assistance and forms to be completed and signed by all parties involved. Someone on the other end of a telephone conversation obviously would not be here to sign the form.”

In addition, Stanley said using a cell phone could be in violation of the state’s “Campaign Free Zone” law.

“Voters using cell phones inside the polling place only raises unnecessary questions,” Stanley continued. “Who is the voter talking to? Are they talking to their spouse about what to pick up at the store on the way home or to a candidate about who to vote for? The later would be a violation of the Campaign Free Zone. ”

Another policy adopted by the Commission relates to actions inside the actual voting booth. The policy states it is “strictly prohibited to photograph, video or by any other method, record a voter’s actual ballot whether on a voting machine or a paper ballot.”

“These two measures go hand-in-hand and are designed to eliminate the possibility of a voter voting, taking a picture of their marked ballot, casting the ballot, then publishing the picture of their marked ballot to the public,” Stanley said.

“The Election Commission has a compelling interest in protecting voters from confusion and undue influence,” Parker added. “We feel like these measures address those issues and we think the public will agree.”

Police Chief Releases Update on Recent City Criminal Activity

May 17, 2013
Dwayne Page
Chief Randy Caplinger

In his latest report on city crime, Smithville Police Chief Randy Caplinger reports that 34 year old Daniel Derrick Hill was arrested Thursday, May 2 for domestic assault and cited for assault. According to the warrant, Hill assaulted the mother of his child by hitting her across the face in an altercation between him and another man during a custody exchange at Wal-Mart. Hill's bond is $2,500 and he will be in court on June 6.

37 year old Juan A Valdivia, 51 year old Angel C Alexander, and 29 year old Steven D Bly were recently arrested for violation of probation and 33 year old Tawanna N Petty was arrested for failure to appear

49 year old Carl Brian Fairchild was arrested on Saturday, May 4 for DUI and cited for violation of the open container law. The warrant states that Fairchild, operating a motor vehicle, was stopped because he had hit the building at McDonalds. He had an odor of an alcoholic beverage on his person, slurred speech and an open container of beer in the console. Fairchild's bond is $1,500 and he will be in court on May 16.

40 year old Roger Dale Washer Jr. was arrested on Sunday, May 5 for DUI and cited for violation of the implied consent law. Washer, operating a motor vehicle, was involved in a crash. He had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his person and he was unsteady on his feet. Upon performance of field sobriety tasks, Washer was arrested. He refused to submit to a blood test. His bond is $1,500 and his court date is June 13.

30 year old Anthony J Terrigino was arrested last week for public intoxication and assault. On Sunday, May 5, Terrigino entered a residence, pushed the victim, and hit her in the face several times with his fist. By the time police arrived, Terrigino had already left the residence. He was found walking down the middle of Hayes Street. He was unsteady on his feet and he had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his person. His bond is $4,000 and he will be in court on June 13.

44 year old Tina Renee Grissham was cited for shoplifting at Wal-Mart on Tuesday, May 7. Grissham was in the fitting room for approximately one and a half hours. A sales clerk heard her opening boxes and could see her stuffing items into her purse. She will be in court on June 6.

33 year old Connie Nicole Randolph, stopped for a traffic violation on Wednesday, May 8, was cited for simple possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. Randolph gave the officer permission to search her vehicle and belongings. The officer recovered nine pills believed to be roxicodone and three pills believed to be aprozolam in her purse. Three cut straws were found in different places of her vehicle. She will be in court on June 13.

33 year old Anthony Doel Atnip was arrested Saturday, May 11 for domestic assault and public intoxication. The warrants state that Atnip did assault his girlfriend by jerking her around the Food Lion parking lot by the hair of the head. The officer noticed a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his person and Atnip was unsteady on his feet. Bond for Atnip is $4,000 and he will be in court on June 6.

Margie Drennan was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia on Saturday, May 11. Drennan was a passenger of a vehicle that had been stopped. Drennan gave the officer consent to search her purse and two used hypodermic needles believed to be for illegal drug use were recovered. She will be in court on July 25.

36 year old Crystal Gail Pettit was cited for criminal trespassing at Wal-Mart on Tuesday, May 14. Pettit was observed by a Wal-Mart employee and the officer on the property. Pettit had signed a form in 2012 stating she would not be on the store's property. Pettit will be in court on June 20.

25 year old James Edward Gilles was arrested Thursday, May 16 for leaving the scene of an accident, driving on a suspended license and two counts of vandalism. Gilles, operating a motor vehicle, ran off the road and hit two mailboxes. The vehicle ran through rose bushes and a wooden fence causing monetary damage. Gilles then left the scene of the accident. Upon locating Gilles and running a computer check, police learned Gilles' license were suspended for failure to satisfy a citation. His bond is $4,500 and he will be in court on June 13.

Anyone with information on any criminal activity is asked to please contact the Smithville Police Department at 597-8210 or the Tip Line at 464-6046.

Any information received that would help Smithville Police solve any criminal offense would be greatly appreciated. All information is confidential.

DCHS Golfer Mallory Sullivan Signs with Cumberland University

May 17, 2013
Dwayne Page
DCHS Golfer Mallory Sullivan Signs with Cumberland University

Outstanding DCHS Junior Golfer Mallory Sullivan, who has competed at the state tournament level for the last three years, signed with Cumberland University Thursday and will join the school once she graduates.

"We're happy to have someone of Mallory's character," said Richard Williams, Assistant Golf Coach at Cumberland University. "Obviously playing ability is important but we're also looking for good kids. We have a great group and a good chemistry on the team and we think she (Mallory) will fit in very well," he said.

While the program is relative new, women's golf at Cumberland has been quite successful according to Assistant Coach Williams. "It's not been around for very long but we've had instant success. We finished 20th in the country this year in the NAIA. We have an individual who is leaving this Saturday to go play in the NAIA National Championship as an individual so we're very pleased with the direction that the program is going," said Assistant Coach Williams.

DCHS Golf Coach Joe Pat Cope said he is happy for Mallory. "Cumberland is a great university and has a great golf program and I know she will be very successful there," he said.

Sullivan is an all around special athlete, according to Coach Cope whose talents are not confined to just golf. "She came out for me and played tennis this year and was the number one tennis player. She went to the district semi-finals. She is just an all around athlete," he said.

"As for Mallory's golf game, as far as she hits the golf ball, that's what puts her at a different level. She is thirty or forty yards longer than most girls she plays. In her sophomore year, Mallory finished second in the state. We knew then how special a golfer and an athlete she was," said Coach Cope.

Mallory, who will return for her senior season next year at DCHS, said she is looking forward to another good year of golf before she heads off to Cumberland. "I'm very excited. I'm ready to start my future. I'm back from a shoulder separation injury and I'm playing good. It should be a good year," said Sullivan.

Asked why she chose Cumberland, Mallory said "Cumberland is a great fit for me. I love the golf team and the coach and the small classroom sizes of the school," she said.


Almost One Million Dollars in Scholarships Awarded to DCHS Seniors

May 16, 2013
Dwayne Page
Erin Cantrell-Pryor with Lori Myrick of DCHS
Eric Redman with Sergeant Matthew C. Bordenkircher of U.S. Army
DCHS Class of 2013 Scholarship Award Recipients
DCHS Principal Patrick Cripps Presents Cain Evans award for perfect attendance

Almost a million dollars in scholarships were awarded to members of the Class of 2013 at DeKalb County High School during Thursday's annual Senior Awards Day program.

Representatives of colleges, universities, branches of the armed services, businesses, civic groups, and other organizations made the presentations.

Erin Cantrell-Pryor, received more than $212,500 in scholarships, the largest total award presented to any student during the program. She was presented a scholarship of $186,000 from Cornell University; $24,000 from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville; $1,000 from UT Knoxville Agricultural; the U.S Marines Scholar Award; $500 from the DeKalb Soil Conservation District; and $1,000 from Jolly Angels.

The next single largest award went to Eric Redmon, who received $117,832 for his enlistment in the United States Army.

Gage Brown received an $85,000 award for his enlistment in the U.S. Navy

For his enlistment in the U.S. Marines, Tyler Vanhoose received an $80,000 award.

Meanwhile, Cain Evans was presented an award for perfect attendance during his entire years at DCHS. He also had perfect attendance during his entire time as a student at DeKalb Middle School

Other scholarship recipients are as follows:

Martelia Tallent:
Carson-Newman: $63,564

Elyse Litteer:
Maryville College: $52,000

Sonni Fullilove:
Walters State Community College: $24,000

Jessica Harbaugh
Tennessee Tech: $2,000
Jolly Angels:$1,000

Krestin Evans
Tennessee Tech: $10,000
Jolly Angels: $1,000
Dailey & Vincent Scholarship: $2,000
Scottish Rite: $1,000

Lauren Craig
Tennessee Tech: $4,000

P.J. Carroll
Tennessee Tech: $20,000
Liberty State Bank: $1,000

Savannah Dexter
Tennessee Tech: $4,000
Jeff Garrett Memorial: $500

Taylor Leach
Tennessee Tech: $10,000
Eddie Crips Memorial Scholarship: $1,000
Jolly Angels: $1,000

Zach Martin:
Tennessee Tech: $10,000

Alex Hayes:
Tennessee Tech: $10,000
DeKalb Funeral Chapel: $500

Caleb Cantrell:
Tennessee Tech: $4,000

Callie Gash:
Tennessee Tech: $4,000
DeKalb Funeral Chapel:$500

Jacob Parsley:
Tennessee Tech: $21,000
Clay Edwards Memorial Tiger Pride Scholarship: $500
Brandon Elder Scholarship: $4,000
Smithville Rotary Math Award: $100

Dalton Vaughn:
Tennessee Tech Nichols Freshman Art Scholarship: $1,200
Yates Company Scholarship: $4,000
Lucille Stewart Memorial: $2,000

Kaylee Cantrell:
Cumberland University
Smithville Rotary Club: $750

Taylor Poston:
Cumberland University: $24,000
Lucille Stewart Memorial: $2,000

Cody Puckett:
Columbia State: $5,200

Hunter Graham:
Columbia State: $5,200

Haley Parchman:
Tusculum $7,000
Smithville Business and Professional Women: $500

Grace Webb:
UT-Chattanooga: $12,000
DeKalb Community Hospital: $500

Ben Driver:
UT-Knoxville: $24,000

Chelsea Lewis:
UT-Knoxville: $21,500
U.S. Army Athlete Award
DTC McAllen Foutch Memorial: $8,000
Kyle & Kenny Robinson Memorial: $1,000
Nell Haas Driver Scholarship: $1,000

Lucas Phillips:
U.S. Army Athlete Award
Amvets: $250
Amvets Auxiliary: $250
Kenny & Kyle Robinson Memorial: $1,000
Stetson University Hatter Scholarship: $16,000

Abbey Caldwell:
U.S. Marines Athlete Award

Matt Boss:
U.S. Marines Athlete Award
DeKalb Firefighters:$500
DCHS Literature Club: $500
Jake McClain Driver Scholarship: $1,000
Smithville Rotary Club: $750

Sarah Cantrell:
U.S. Marines Music Award

Kayley Green:
UT-Knoxville: $24,000
TN Association of FSA County Employees: $500
Comcast: $1,000
DeKalb Firefighters: $500

Ben Pafford:
Austin Peay University: $12,000

Spencer Maynard:
Berea College: $22,000

Cohen Brown:
Tennessee Gas Association: $3,000

Annieka Norton:
Agee Oil Company: $1,500
DeKalb Funeral Chapel:$500

Katie Haggard:
Allen Hooper Memorial: $500
DeKalb Retired Teachers: $750
David Wayne Alexander Memorial: $1,000
CIC Foundation
Smithville Business and Professional Women: $500

Cassi Lester:
Mentors Association Scholarship: $5,000

Emily Davidson:
Mentors Association Scholarship: $5,000

Kelsey Hale:
Anthony Duane Trapp Memorial: $1,000
Nell Haas Driver Scholarship: $1,000

Gabriel Knowles:
Class of 1966: $500

Zach Vincent:
Dailey & Vincent Scholarship: $2,000

Cecilia Maciel:
DCHS Beta Scholarship: $500
DCHS Student Council: $500

Halea Brown:
DeKalb County Children Service Council Clata Redman Memorial: $500

Hunter Collins:
Mentors Association Scholarship: $5,000

Alex Hall:
DeKalb Community Hospital: $500

Ashlee Gunter:
DeKalb Firefighters: $500

Shawna Puckett:
DeKalb Firefighters: $500
Ditcharo & Johnson Orthodontics:$1,000

Christina Ferguson:
DeKalb Funeral Chapel: $500

Jessica Acuna:
DeKalb PTO: $300

Alyssa England
Elzie & Nell McBride Memorial:$500

MyKaela Duke:
First Bank: $500
Smithville Rotary Club: $750

Samantha Leiser:
Jolly Angels: $1,000

Marissa Garmer:
Leadership DeKalb: $750

Martha Martin:
Liberty State Bank: $1,000

Evan Curtis:
Love-Cantrell Funeral Home: $500

Matt Colwell:
Love-Cantrell Funeral Home: $500

Emily Webb:
Smithville Rotary Club: $750

Brent Vickers:
Smithville Rotary Vocational Award:$100

Zoe Whaley:
Smithville Women's Club: $300

Second Graders Learn Names of All U.S. Presidents and States

May 16, 2013
Dwayne Page

Students in Janet Woodward's second grade class at Smithville Elementary School have learned the names of all the U.S. Presidents in the order in which they served.

The children recited the President's names for WJLE Tuesday morning in their classroom.

The children also learned a song naming all the states in the country.

Members of the class pictured in this video are:

SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Jackson Arnold, Jose Carrillo, Brayden Ferrell, Katherine Gassaway, Malcom Gora, Ruby Hernandez, Aleea Kalmar, and Cameron Miller

STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Halayna Newby, Lindsey Nokes, Clayton Proctor, Darrah Ramsey, Johnny Skinner, Ryan Thompson, Carlee West, Robert Wheeler, Jaylan Wright, Juan Mirafuentes, and Jase Bain

In addition to the video presentation here, you can listen to the children weekday mornings May 16-21 following the 6:30 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. morning local news on WJLE AM 1480 and FM 101.7.


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