WJLE to Present “Joe Goodwin Memorial Fearless Forecasters Awards” Thursday at 4:30 p.m.

January 12, 2021
By: Dwayne Page

Dewain Hendrixson has claimed another title as the WJLE Fearless Forecaster of the year.

During the 15 week college football season including bowl games, Dewain compiled the overall best record picking winners in 212 games at 141-71. Meanwhile, Darrell Gill of the Gill Group (Darrell, Eli, and Noah) accumulated the most underdog points during the season at 69 points.

Both will be presented the “WJLE Fearless Forecasters Joe Goodwin Memorial Awards” Thursday, January 14 on the season finale of the Fearless Forecasters Show on WJLE at 4:30 p.m..

Goodwin, a long time member of the Fearless Forecasters, passed away in February, 2019 and the awards are named in tribute to him.

The final standings of the forecasters for the season are as follows:
Dewain Hendrixson: 141-71
Darrell Gill (The Gill Group-Darrell, Eli, Noah): 139-73
Ricky Atnip: 138-74
Chad Kirby: 137-75
John Pryor: 137-75
The James Gang (Grant and Jeff): 136-76
Scott Goodwin: 132-80
Scott Brown: 131-81
Will Graham: 127-85
Jared Davis: 126-86

Final underdog standings are as follows:
Darrell Gill (Gill Group-Darrell, Eli, Noah): 69 points
Scott Goodwin: 60.5 points
Ricky Atnip: 59.5 points
Chad Kirby: 56 points
The James Gang (Grant and Jeff): 52.5 points
Scott Brown: 48.5 points
Jared Davis: 38.5 points
Dewain Hendrixson 22.5 points
John Pryor: 20 points
Will Graham: 11 points

Best Bowl Season Records
Darrell Gill (Gill Group-Darrell, Eli, Noah): 18-8
Will Graham: 17-9
Dewain Hendrixson: 17-9
Chad Kirby: 16-10
John Pryor: 16-10
James Gang (Grant and Jeff): 15-11
Scott Goodwin: 15-11
Ricky Atnip: 15-11
Scott Brown: 13-13
Jared Davis: 12-14

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