TN Ready testing to begin on April 15th

February 13, 2020

TN Ready testing will begin on April 15th for DeKalb County School District.

Please refer to the district testing calendar below.

Testing Calendar

As always, district leaders encourage students to be present, on time, get adequate sleep, and perform at their very best. DeKalb County School Board Policy 4.700 reads that the DeKalb County School System will include students’ TN Ready scores in students’ final grades. TN Ready scores will account for 15% of students’ end-of-the-year grades.

“Test scores will be back before the next school year. If test scores are not back before the last day of this school year, parents will need to check their students Skyward accounts for final grades,” said Director of Schools Patrick Cripps.

Parents who do not have access to Skyward may call the DeKalb County Board of Education for information. Additionally, DeKalb County School Board Attendance Policy 6.200 reads that high school students who are absent the day of the scheduled TN Ready exams shall present a signed doctor’s excuse or have been given an excused release by the principal prior to testing to receive an excused absence. Students who have excused absences will be allowed to take a make-up exam. Excused students will receive an incomplete in the course until they have taken the TN Ready exam. Students who have an unexcused absence shall receive a failing grade on the TN Ready exam which shall be averaged into their final grade.

“All schools will offer many make-up-testing days for students if students are unable to attend due to extenuating circumstances. However, students should make every effort to be present at school,” Director Cripps continued.

“We appreciate all the hard work that teachers and students have put forth all year for the state assessments. Our students are exposed to many opportunities to shine, and we know that the TN Ready test is one opportunity of many,” Cripps said.

Testing Calendar