Threatening Note Found at DCHS

August 13, 2019
By: Dwayne Page

Security will be beefed up at the high school Wednesday after a threatening note was found in a restroom at DCHS Tuesday afternoon.

Director of Schools Patrick Cripps said the note, found by a student in the boys bathroom near the end of the school day Tuesday, was a threat toward the school. The student turned the note over to Assistant Principal David Gash who in turn alerted the School Resource Officer.

Although schools will be open in DeKalb County Wednesday, Director Cripps said local law enforcement officers will have more of a presence at the high school and there may be extra patrols at the other schools as well.

The school district has sent out an all-call to students, parents, faculty, and staff making them aware of the threat.

The announcement is as follows:

“Late in the day on August 13, the administration of DeKalb County High School received information of a concerning nature. After assessing the information, the school system contacted local law enforcement. A note was found in a restroom making a threat to do harm at school on Wednesday. This is an unsubstantiated threat but we are taking it very seriously and are continuing to work with law enforcement to make sure the school is safe for all students. If those responsible for this threat are located they will be prosecuted for their actions”.