Tennessee Secretary of State Hargett visits DeKalb County to promote early voting

October 21, 2020
By: Dwayne Page

Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett visited DeKalb County’s Early Voting location at the courthouse today (Wednesday). This was part of Hargett’s effort to travel throughout the state, thank election workers for their service and see how each county implements COVID-19 safety protocols.

Hargett told WJLE he was pleased with what he found here.

“We are in the midst of early voting and local officials like Dennis Stanley and the election commission and the fine poll officials here have done a fantastic job making sure that early voting is safe, clean, and secure. I am traveling the state to make sure we are following the necessary health care protocols and visiting with voters to see what their experience is, and I have been so pleased with what I have seen, not only here but across the state about what is happening,” said Hargett.

Early voting turnout for this election in DeKalb County is up by 21% for the first five days compared to the same time period four years ago in the Presidential election. Hargett said the turnout has been tremendous all across the state.

“ It’s strong everywhere. Every single county is above the pace from 2016’s Presidential election and out of the 95 counties, only six counties are experiencing less than double digit growth over 2016. There is a lot of excitement out there. I think people are ready to go ahead and get their vote in the ballot box and we are glad that the in person voting experience is part of that,” Hargett said.

He also has some advice for those who have not yet voted.

“You need to bring to the polls with you a state or federal issued ID and go ahead and make a plan when you are going to vote. If you have time don’t wait. I encourage people to come during the off-peak times. Don’t feel like you have to be here when the doors first open. That is typically the busiest time of the day. Here in this county there are different times for different days so they are making sure people with different schedules are given options so there are a lot of opportunities to vote early here and I hope you will take advantage of that. You never know what could happen on election day. People get sick. Cars don’t start. You have to work early or late. Go ahead now and get your ballot cast,” said Hargett.