Tennessee Hunter Education Giving Option for Online Completion During COVID-19 Pandemic

September 17, 2020
By: Dwayne Page

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is offering an option to complete Tennessee Hunter Education all online during the COVID-19 pandemic. The course can be completed by using the online course, Hunter-Ed.com, with no in-person portion required.

The online course found at https://www.hunter-ed.com/tennessee/ allows Tennessee students (ages 9 and up), who satisfactorily complete this online course to become certified Tennessee Hunter Education graduates. This option would allow students who complete the online course to forego the previously required 4-hour field day. Students would have immediate proof of course completion in the form of their completion certificate.

Hunter-Ed.com is highly acclaimed. The course is very interactive and contains videos, animation, and active quizzes. The course also features a lot of Tennessee specific information. The online course costs $28.95. Students will only pay if they pass the course.

Students ages 9 and over, who already are enrolled in a Hunter Education course, can switch over to Hunter-Ed.com to complete the course.