Speed Limits to Be Posted on Three More County Roads

July 28, 2020
By: Dwayne Page

Speed limits will soon be posted on three more county roads.

During Monday night’s monthly meeting, the county commission voted to establish a posted 35 mile per hour speed limit on the Ragland Bottom Road to the US Army Corps of Engineers line and a 30 mile per hour limit on the Four Seasons Road from the Young Bend Cemetery to the Corps of Engineers line. A 30 mile per hour speed limit will also be posted on Dearman Street from the Smithville City Limits to Bright Hill Road. The portion of Dearman Street in the city is already posted at 30 miles per hour.

Fifth district commissioner Jerry Adcock made the motion saying 38 people had signed a petition in support of the speed limit on the Four Seasons Road. Adcock included Ragland Bottom Road in his motion. Three years ago several residents on Ragland Bottom Road submitted a petition asking for a speed limit there but the county commission at that time rejected the request.

County Mayor Tim Stribling said several people on Dearman Street had also asked if the county could extend the 30 mile per hour speed limit on Dearman Street from the city limits to Bright Hill Road.

All 14 county commissioners voted in favor of Adcock’s motion.