Smithville Man Charged with Rape

June 17, 2020
By: Dwayne Page

A 38 year old Smithville man is facing a rape charge.

Carlos Herrera of 920 South Mountain Street is under a $50,000 bond and he will make an appearance in General Sessions Court on July 9.

According to the complaint, the offense occurred on Monday, June 22. The investigation reveals that Herrera raped a woman by using force to kiss and fondle her. He then allegedly forced her to engage in other sexual acts. All the while the victim repeatedly told Herrera “no” and “stop” and kept trying to push him away.

The police report states that ” in the early hours of June 22 Herrera did go to the victim’s house uninvited to visit with some people living there. While there, Herrera did enter the bedroom of the victim and sat down on the bed where the victim tried to push him away. Herrera did assault the victim which lasted a few minutes and once he was finished she was able to get dressed and he left”.

The case was investigated by Detective Brandon Donnell of the Smithville Police Department.