New Facebook Group Starts “Adopt-A-Teacher” Tribute

July 27, 2020
By: Dwayne Page

A new Facebook group, HIP DeKalb County, TN has created an Adopt-A-Teacher Program!

“Lets spread some good throughout the county. We all know teachers and other school staff are our unsung heroes. Let’s make things a bit easier for them and help them understand how much they mean to us in our county,” said spokesperson Shelly Barnes

To nominate: Join the HIP DeKalb County, TN group and simply post a teachers name with their photo in the comments section of the post. Add their school, their subject/grade/role. Nominations can be for teachers, educational assistants, principals, school counselors, bus drivers, cafeteria staff, custodial staff, administrative staff or anyone else that helps students in our school system.
Teachers, feel free to nominate yourself as well and post your wish list!!

To adopt: Join the HIP DeKalb County, TN group and comment “adopt” below their picture. Adopters will need to message the nominator or the nominee and work out a way to arrange delivery of item(s). During this time, we recommend mailing the item(s) or sitting it on their porch. Multiple people can adopt, but let’s try to make this fun and make sure everyone nominated is adopted before school begins!!!

A direct link to the HIP DeKalb County, TN group is