Groundbreaking held for Police Department Construction Project

September 4, 2020
By: Dwayne Page

Let the construction begin!

Following Friday evening’s meeting, the Smithville Mayor and Aldermen along with members of the Police Department and others held a groundbreaking for construction of a new police department building located on Don Cantrell Street across from city hall.

“This all started about two years ago when Matt Holmes (former police Lieutenant Detective) brought me a design. I liked it and took it before the City Council. They liked it and here we are,” said Mayor Josh Miller.

“This has been a long process but I want to say thanks for all the support of the mayor, council, and the community. This is long overdue for the City of Smithville. It’s a great compliment to our city. We have some fine officers. They want to work here. They are proud to live and work here and I am proud of them. They will also be proud of this building,” said Police Chief Mark Collins.

Before the groundbreaking, Police Chaplain Dwayne Cornelius offered a prayer.

“The construction now begins. It will start on or before September 15. Completion is 300 calendar days so that puts it at July 12, 2021. Hopefully they can get in it before the Fiddlers Jamboree starts next year,” said Wayne Oakley, owner of Studio Oakley Architects, LLC of Lebanon, the architect for the project.

“We’re excited to work with the City of Smithville and are hoping for a successful project,” said Mike Boyce, co-owner of Boyce Ballard Construction of Murfreesboro, the contractor. “We’re going to start doing some layout next week and get some erosion control measures in then we’ll be breaking ground and getting ready to start putting some foundations in,” said Ballard.

The facility will have a total roofed area of 12,800 square feet which includes a 1,400 square foot sally port. It is to encompass a front lobby, records clerk office, hallways, three holding cells, armory, conference and training rooms, offices for the chief, captain, detectives, and other officers, rooms for records, evidence, investigations, filing reports, locker room, electrical room, closets, restrooms, and break room.

Bonds have been issued for the project not to exceed $2.5 million.

The aldermen have authorized the mayor and city administrator to approve any change orders needed up to $10,000. Any change orders over that amount must receive approval by the Board of Aldermen.