DeKalb County Volunteer Fire Department to Conduct Community Household Surveys

January 11, 2019
By: Donny Green

The DeKalb County Volunteer Fire Department is applying for a 2019 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) to purchase fire equipment for the county wide volunteer fire department. Part of the application process includes conducting community household surveys with randomly selected addresses in the areas served by DeKalb County Volunteer Fire Department (all areas of DeKalb County outside the city limits of Smithville and Alexandria).

The survey process takes less than 3 minutes and all information will be secure and not used for any other purposes.

“We want to make sure our residents understand that these surveys are legitimate and necessary for us to submit this grant application. We would greatly appreciate cooperation from those who are selected for a survey. The surveys will be conducted by telephone or personal visits. All surveys will be completed by DeKalb County Volunteer Fire Department personnel who will be able to provide identification proving they are members of the DeKalb County Volunteer Fire Department. Anyone can also feel free to contact me at 615-464-7176 if they have any questions or concerns,” says Chief Donny Green.