City Tightens Restrictions on Free Brush and Tree Limb Removal (View video here)

July 30, 2021
By: Dwayne Page

For years the City of Smithville has provided a limited free pickup service to residents for removal of brush and tree limbs but new restrictions have been put in place to cut down on abuse of the policy.

During a special called meeting Thursday evening, the Mayor and Aldermen updated the policy with passage of a resolution establishing new guidelines.

Under the new policy, city residents will only be entitled to two free pickups of brush and tree limbs from their properties per year provided they do their own cutting and trimming. No commercial tree cutting debris will be collected by the city.

The aldermen voted 5-0 to adopt the resolution but prior to the vote Alderman Jessica Higgins inquired about the reasons for a two pickup limit.

“We have a lot of people who take advantage of it,” said  City Administrator Hunter Hendrixson.

“Some people we pick up nine or ten times a year. They will put small piles out there and sometimes big piles,” added City Public Works Director Kevin Robinson.

Other provisions of the new policy are as follows:

*The pile of brush must be close to the edge of the road and piles must be kept away from mail boxes and other structures to avoid damage to the structures.

*The maximum diameter of limbs must be no more than six inches. Anything thicker than that will not be picked up.

*The butt ends must be facing the road.

*Nothing longer than 10 feet.

*Residents will only get two pick-ups per year.

*No vines or root balls.

*No building materials, trash, plastic, metal, wire, cardboard, paper,  or glass.

*No commercial tree cutting will be collected by the city. If you have hired a commercial tree service, you must have them haul off the debris. The city is not responsible for picking up anything cut by a trimming or cleaning service.

*City will only collect bush or limbs free for residents who do their own trimming, cutting.