City Awarded USDA Loan and Grant for Street Paving

August 18, 2020
By: Dwayne Page

The City of Smithville has been awarded funding through the USDA Community Facilities Services Loan and Grant Program to do street paving.

In a letter to Mayor Josh Miller on August 13, State USDA Director Jim Tracy wrote “We are pleased to inform you that a Community Facilities Services Loan of $85,000 and a Grant of $250,000 has been approved and obligated to fund the 2020 DCI Street Paving Project”.

The city plans to use the funds to pave a portion of Miller Road, Steeplechase Road, North Mountain Street, Woodlawn Street, and Atwell Drive either this fall or next spring after a bid letting.

USDA provides direct loans and/or grants for essential community facilities in rural areas including street improvements.

The 2020-21 city budget includes $150,000 for street paving, part of which can be used to cover the local grant/loan matching and repayment obligations.