Bogle Charged in Vandalism Case

November 22, 2022
By: Dwayne Page

A man who allegedly damaged vending machines at a local laundry mat and was later found with brass knuckles is facing criminal charges.

27-year-old Cody Lane Lawrence Bogle of Students Home Road was arrested on November 5 for burglary, vandalism, and cited for possession of a prohibited weapon. Smithville Police responded to Park N Wash Laundry Mat in reference to a vandalism where a Pepsi vending machine, a laundry detergent vending machine, and a change machine had been substantially damaged around the money collection area. After reviewing the video surveillance footage, police were able to determine that Cody Bogle had damaged the machines with what appeared to be a crowbar and a nursery spade. Upon incident to arrest, brass knuckles were recovered from Bogle’s backpack. Bond for Bogle is $20,000.

45-year-old Misty Michelle Waters of Watertown was cited on November 7 for criminal trespassing. Police discovered that Waters was living out of a storage building at Lockhart Mini Storage. She was ordered a week earlier by the officer and the owner of the business to leave, and she was trespassed. On November 13, Waters was cited again for trespassing after she was found on the same property. Her court date for this offense is December 1.

42-year-old Hani Mohammod Ittayem of Oak Street was cited on November 9 for a driver license violation, financial responsibility, simple possession (2 counts), and possession of drug paraphernalia. Ittayem was spotted operating a vehicle by an officer who knew that Ittayem did not have a license. After stopping and speaking with Ittayem, the officer discovered he had no vehicle insurance, and was in possession of 0.4 grams of methamphetamine, seven (7) Gabapentin pills, and a hypodermic needle. His court date is January 12.

31-year-old Stephanie Michelle Mooneyham of Woodbury was cited on November 16 for criminal trespassing. Mooneyham, who had previously been advised to not be on the property of Larry’s Grocery, was found there at approximately 4:45p.m. on that day (November 16). Her court date is December 1.

40-year-old Tommy Jerome Bates of Foster Road was cited on November 18 for theft of merchandise and criminal trespassing. Police responded to Wal-Mart due to a theft and reviewed video which showed Bates trying to conceal an alcoholic beverage in his coat pocket. Bates had previously been trespassed from Wal-Mart. His court date is December 8.

37-year-old Brittany Ledell Henry of Webb Lane was arrested on November 18 for domestic assault. Police were summoned to the DeKalb County Community Complex parking lot where a woman was reported to be hitting a man. Upon arrival, the officer observed the man standing outside of a car with blood running down the side of his face and a woman, identified as Henry sitting inside the vehicle. A knuckle on Henry’s left hand was red. The investigation revealed that Henry had hit the victim several times causing bleeding on his right ear. Bond for Henry is $3,500 and her court date is December 1.

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