Angry spouses ram their mates’ vehicles during domestic disputes

May 25, 2021
By: Dwayne Page

Angry spouses were arrested last week in separate cases after ramming vehicles into their mates’ automobiles during domestic disputes.

34 year old Phillip Andrew Martin of Kings Court Trailer Park, Smithville is under a $25,000 bond for aggravated assault and his court date is June 3.

Sheriff Patrick Ray said that on Thursday, May 20 a deputy was summoned to the jail to speak with a woman who came to report an assault by her husband, Martin. The woman claims that on Wednesday, May 19 she and Martin got into an argument that resulted in Martin ramming a vehicle with her inside it. Even after she got out of her automobile, Martin allegedly continued to ram it placing the woman in fear of her life.

A similar offense occurred involving a different couple days before.

29 year old Vanessa Renee Poss of Old West Point Road, Smithville was charged on May 17 with domestic assault. Her bond is $10,000 and she will make a court appearance June 3.

Sheriff Ray said that Poss allegedly threw a metal flower pot at her husband hitting him in the right hand causing a cut. According to her husband, Poss then kicked windows out of their residence and rammed her vehicle into his automobile which was parked in their lawn. Poss allegedly admitted to the crime.

32 year old Trenton Thomas Pedigo of Nashville Highway, Dowelltown is charged with being a fugitive from justice. His bond is $50,000 and he will make a court appearance May 27th.

Sheriff Ray said that on May 18 a deputy arrested Pedigo after a background check through central dispatch and NCIC confirmed that Pedigo had warrants against him in Sarpy County, Nebraska for Child Abuse, assault on an officer, disturbing the peace, assault, and resisting arrest.

33 year old Molly Sue Lawrence of Page Drive, Smithville is charged with possession of a schedule I drug (Heroin) with intent to sell or deliver and possession of Methamphetamine with intent to manufacture, sell, or deliver. Lawrence is under a $50,000 bond and her court date is June 24.

According to Sheriff Ray, Lawrence was found with the drugs and paraphernalia during a search of her residence. Sheriff Ray along with a detective, and other officers executed a search warrant there where Lawrence was found in the main bedroom of the home. During the investigation, Lawrence pulled from her bra a white container with three baggies and a large quantity of cash. Two of those baggies held a gray colored powder and white powder was in the other. All the powder was believed to be heroin and weighed a total of 3.0 grams. Other baggies of a white powdered substance were found on a night stand also thought to be heroin which weighed 0.1 gram. Another baggie of a crystal like substance which weighed 1.0 gram was recovered from a trash can by the bed believed to be methamphetamine. The search of Lawrence’s bedroom also turned up syringes, pipes, a large quantity of empty baggies, scales, and other paraphernalia.

51 year old Billy Eugene Cook of Floyd Drive, Smithville is charged with burglary. He is under a $10,000 bond and his court date is June 24.

Sheriff Ray said that on May 21 a deputy was summoned to Mountain View Drive due to a burglary in progress. Upon arrival the officer spoke to a man and woman who said they spotted Cook allegedly trying to steal their Dodge pickup truck. The woman claims she heard a car door and when she looked off her porch she saw Cook in the truck looking around.

58 year old Pamela Palmateer of Pumpkin Hollow Road, Liberty is charged with domestic assault. Her bond is $7,500 and she is due in court June 17.

Sheriff Ray said that on May 21 a deputy was called to a residence on Pumpkin Hollow Road due to a domestic violence offense. Upon arrival the officer spoke with a man who said that his girlfriend struck him on the top of the head and began pulling his hair during an argument. He even produced video evidence of the assault. The woman, who had injuries to her right hand, admitted to hitting her boyfriend.

79 year old Sarah Opal Atnip of Shady Drive Smithville is charged with having contraband in a penal institution. Her bond is $5,000 and she will make a court appearance June 10.

Sheriff Ray said on May 22 Atnip was brought to the jail on an active warrant for failure to appear. During a pat down search, a female correctional officer found on Atnip a baggie containing a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana. Atnip admitted that the substance was weed.

46 year old Frank Stanley Smith of Sherwood Circle, Smithville is charged with violation of an order of protection. His bond is $5,000 and he will be in court June 17.

Sheriff Ray said that on May 23 a deputy was east in the area of Sparta Highway when he spotted a woman who was bleeding and sitting on the ground near the road. Smith was standing over her. When the officer stopped to investigate, Smith took off in a white Nissan Titan. The officer radioed another deputy who conducted a traffic stop of the vehicle. An NCIC check revealed that Smith was under an active order of protection from Warren County to keep away from the woman found with him. Smith admitted that he violated the order by bringing the woman to a bar.

Meanwhile the woman, 41 year old Kimberly Diane Smith of McMinnville is charged with public intoxication. Her bond is $1,500 and she will be in court June 17. She was arrested after refusing to arrange or take advantage of safe transportation from the scene. Smith, who was intoxicated, insisted on walking.

24 year old Braxton Kain Bennett of Smith Road is charged with possession of methamphetamine with intent to manufacture, sell, or deliver. His bond is $2,000 and he will be in court June 17.

Sheriff Ray said that on May 23 a deputy went to a residence on Cleveland Way trying to find someone wanted in Smith County. Upon arrival the officer spotted Bennett in front of the home. Knowing that Bennett had active warrants against him in DeKalb County the deputy arrested Bennett and during a search found inside Bennett’s wallet a white crystal like substance believed to be methamphetamine which weighed 0.12 grams.

Smithville Municipal Swimming Pool Opens Friday with “Report Card Day”

May 24, 2021
By: Dwayne Page

The Smithville Municipal Swimming Pool opens for the season Friday, May 28 and it’s “Report Card Day”.

“What that means is if you are a student in DeKalb County whether it’s a private school, home school, remote , or the public school you can get in free at the pool by bringing your report card. For parents who want to join them the cost of admission is $2.00 per person. We will be open at 11 a.m. and close at 5 p.m.,” said manager Jeania Cawthorn.

The Pool will be open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. and Sunday from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m. Admission is $2.00 per person across the board. The pool will be open Memorial Day.

“This year we will have special times set aside for adult lap swims from 9 to 9:30 a.m. and for special needs swimmers from 9 to 10 a.m. Mondays through Fridays. We will also have two different classes of exercises including a gentle joints class and a shallow water exercise. Those classes will be on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10 until 11 a.m. ” said Cawthorn.

Meanwhile the Smithville Municipal Golf Course is open from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. Mondays through Sundays. “We will have a Junior Golf Scramble on Fridays for any teenager who wants to learn more about golf. We will put them on different teams. Its $10 to play. The Senior Scramble will be on Mondays and Wednesdays starting at 9 a.m.,” said Cawthorn.

Smithville Elementary School Honors Retirees

May 24, 2021

With the help of Maria Perez from Fiesta Jalisco, Smithville Elementary celebrated its teachers and retirees on Wednesday, May 19. Fiesta Jalisco provided an outstanding luncheon enjoyed by all and everyone joined in to wish the veteran staff members a fond farewell and congratulations as they embark on their new journey. Smithville Elementary would like to recognize and honor the following staff who are retiring: Mrs. Betty Griffith, Mrs. Amelia Phillips, Mrs. Leanne Frasier, and Mrs. Rhonda Pelham.

During her time at SES, Mrs. Betty (paraprofessional) supported and assisted teachers and students in various grade levels with any task that was requested. Mrs. Amelia (cafeteria service worker) is known for her amazing meatloaf recipe (which she will not share) and for her dedication to ensure that all students were fed each and every day at SES. Mrs. Leanne (library assistant) has assisted in the libraries at SES and NES, where she provided support to the librarian and students. Lastly, Mrs. Rhonda Pelham (school secretary) has dedicated the last 30 years of her life to the students and staff at SES and is known by all as the face and voice of SES.

Through many years of changes in administration, staff, and students, these ladies have been the constant and each one has made positive contributions to the lives of many generations of children at Smithville Elementary. Their impact will be felt for years to come and they will ALL be greatly missed. Mrs. Betty, Mrs. Leanne, Mrs. Amelia, and Mrs. Rhonda…Smithville Elementary loves you and always remember, “Once a Wildcat, ALWAYS a Wildcat!”

*Attached photo, left to right: Betty Griffith, Amelia Phillips, Leanne Frasier, and Rhonda Pelham

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