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Board to Consider Beer Sales in Alexandria

January 13, 2009
Dwayne Page

The Alexandria Beer Board, made up of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen, will hold a meeting on Tuesday, January 27th to consider two applicants requests for a beer permit.

Kenneth Clayborn has applied for a permit to sell beer at his business C & C Market on Highway 53 and Bobby Simpson has filed an application for a beer permit at a business location on Highway 70.

The beer board meeting will be held following the regular city council meeting at 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, January 27th at the Alexandria City Hall.

Mayor Ria Baker says this is the first time the Alexandria Beer Board has ever met to act on an application. "This will be a new experience for us all. I do have some people from the state that are supposed to come and explain to us, prior to the meeting in like a workshop session, what we're supposed to do. I want everybody on the board to know what they can do, what they cannot do, and how this is supposed to work."

"We've got two applicants that want to put beer in their businesses. They've already jumped through all the hoops as far as what those codes say. Now it's just a matter of going before the board for a vote on their permit."

The Alexandria City Council is made up of Aldermen Eddie Tubbs, Maureen Tubbs, Derrick Baker, Charles Griffith, Shelia Clayborn, and Tony Tarpley.

The following are the city regulations concerning the beer board and the sale of beer in Alexandria.

8-201.Beer board established. There is hereby established a beer board to be composed of the board of mayor and aldermen. The mayor shall be the chairman of the beer board.

8-202.Meetings of the beer board. All meetings of the beer board shall be open to the public. The board shall hold regular meetings in the city hall at such times, as it shall prescribe. When there is business to come before the beer board, a special meeting may be called by the chairman provided he gives a reasonable notice thereof to each member. The board may adjourn a meeting at any time to another time and place.

8-203.Record of beer board proceedings to be kept. The recorder shall make a record of the proceedings of all meetings of the beer board. The record shall be a public record and shall contain at least the following: The date of each meeting; the names of the board members present and absent; the names of the members introducing and seconding motions and resolutions, etc., before the board; a copy of each such motion or resolution presented; the vote of each member thereon; and the provisions of each beer permit issued by the board.

8-204.Requirements for beer board quorum and action. The attendance of at least a majority of the members of the beer board shall be required to constitute a quorum for the purpose of transacting business. Matters before the board shall be decided by a majority of the members present if a quorum is constituted. Any member present but not voting shall be deemed to have cast a "nay" vote.

8-205.Powers and duties of the beer board. The beer board shall have the power and it is hereby directed to regulate the selling, storing for sale, distributing for sale, and manufacturing of beer within this municipality in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.

8-206."Beer" defined. The term "beer" as used in this chapter shall mean and include all beers, ales, and other malt liquors having an alcoholic content of not more than five percent (5%) by weight, except wine as defined in Tennessee Code Annotated, § 57-3-101(a)(20); provided however, that no more than forty-nine percent (49%) of the overall alcoholic content of such beverage may be derived from the addition of flavors and other non-beverage ingredients containing alcohol.

8-207.Permit required for engaging in beer business. It shall be unlawful for any person to sell, store for sale, distribute for sale, or manufacture beer without first making application to and obtaining a permit from the beer board. The application shall be made on such form as the board shall prescribe and/or furnish, and pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated, § 57-5-104(a), shall be accompanied by a non-refundable application fee of five hundred dollars ($500.00). Said fee shall be in the form of a cashier's check payable to the Town of Alexandria. Each applicant must be a person of good moral character and he must certify that he has read and is familiar with the provisions of this chapter.

a. Application for certificate of good moral character1. Before
any character certificate, as required by Tennessee Code Annotated, § 57-3-208
or a renewal as required by § 57-3-213 shall be signed by the mayor, or by any
aldermen,2 an application in writing shall be filed with the city recorder on a
form to be provided by the city, giving the following information:

(1) Name, age and address of the applicant.
(2) Number of years residence in the city.
(3) Occupation or business and length of time engaged in such occupation or business.
(4) Whether or not the applicant has been convicted of a violation of
any state or federal law or of the violation of this code or any city ordinance, and
the details of any such conviction.
(5) If employed, the name and address of employer.
(6) If in business, the kind of business and location thereof.
(7) The location of the proposed store for the sale of alcoholic beverages.
(8) The name and address of the owner of the store.
(9) If the applicant is a partnership, the name, age and address of each
partner, and his occupation, business or employer. If the applicant is a
corporation, the name, age and address of the stockholders and their degrees of
ownership of stock in the corporation.

The information in the application shall be verified by the oath of the
applicant. If the applicant is a partnership or a corporation, the application
shall be verified by the oath of each partner, or by the president of the

b. Applicant to agree to comply with laws. The applicant for a
certificate of good moral character shall agree in writing to comply with the
state and federal laws and ordinances of the city and rules and regulations of
the Alcoholic Beverage Commission of the State for sale of alcoholic beverages.

8-3 1State law reference Tennessee Code Annotated, § 57-3-208(c).

c. Applicant to appear before board of mayor and aldermen;
duty to give information. An applicant for a certificate of good moral
character may be required to appear in person before the board of mayor and
aldermen for such reasonable examination as may be desired by the board.

d. Action on application. Every application for a certificate of
good moral character shall be referred to the chief of police for investigation and
to the city attorney for review, each of whom shall submit his findings to the
board of mayor and aldermen within thirty (30) days of the date each application
was filed. The mayor or a majority of the board of mayor and aldermen may issue
a certificate of moral character to any applicant.

e. Residency requirement. The following was amended Dec. 2008 per State Laws changing resident of the City of Alexandria to read as, resident of Tennessee.
The applicant for a certificate of good moral character shall have been a bona fide resident of Tennessee for not less than one (1) year at the time his application is filed. If the applicant is a partnership or a corporation, each of the partners or stockholders must have been a bona fide resident of Tennessee not less than one (1) year at the time the application is filed.

This section shall not apply to any applicant who has been continuously licensed pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated, § 57-3-204, for seven (7) consecutive years.

f. Applicants for certificate who have criminal record. No
certificate of good moral character for the manufacture or sale at wholesale or
retail of alcoholic beverages or for the manufacture or vinting of wine shall be
issued to any person, (or if the applicant is a partnership, any partner, or if the
applicant is a corporation, any stockholder), who, within ten (10) years
preceding the application for such certificate of good moral character, has been
convicted of any felony or of any offense under the laws of the state or of the
United States prohibiting the sale, possession, transportation, storage or
otherwise handling of intoxicating liquors, or who has during such period been
engaged in business, alone or with others, in violation of such laws.

g. Only one establishment to be operated by retailer. No
retailer shall operate, directly or indirectly, more than one place of business for
the sale of alcoholic beverages in the city. The word "indirectly," as used in this
section, shall include and mean any kind of interest in another place of business
by way of stock, ownership, loan, partner's interest or otherwise.

h. Where establishments may be located. It shall be unlawful
for any person to operate or maintain any retail establishment for the sale,
storage or distribution of alcoholic beverages in the city except at locations zoned
for that purpose, but in no event shall any establishment be located within one hundred (100) feet of a hospital, church or school, or any other place of public
gathering, measured in a straight line between the nearest point on the
property line upon which sits the building from which the alcoholic beverages
will be sold, stored or distributed, and the nearest point on the property line of
the hospital, school, church, or other place of public gathering.

8-208.Privilege tax. There is hereby imposed on the business of selling, distributing, storing or manufacturing beer a privilege tax of one hundred dollars ($100.00). Any person, firm, corporation, joint stock company, syndicate or association engaged in the sale, distribution, storage or manufacture of beer shall remit the tax each successive January 1 to the Town of Alexandria, Tennessee. At the time a new permit is issued to any business subject to this tax, the permit holder shall be required to pay the privilege tax on a prorated basis for each month or portion thereof remaining until the next tax payment date.

8-209.Beer permits shall be restrictive. All beer permits shall be restrictive as to the type of beer business authorized under them. Separate permits shall be required for selling at retail, storing, distributing, and manufacturing. Beer permits for retail sale of beer may be further restricted so as to authorize sales only for off premises consumption. A single permit may be issued for on premise and off premise consumption. It shall be unlawful for any beer permit holder to engage in any type or phase of the beer business not expressly authorized by his permit. It shall likewise be unlawful for him not to comply with any and all express restrictions or conditions in his permit.

8-210.Limitation on number of permits. The number of licenses for the sale of beer shall be limited to one (1). Provided that all requirements of this chapter are complied with, all existing permits for the sale of beer within the corporate limits of the city at the date of the passage of this ordinance shall continue to be renewed. A new permit may be issued to a qualified purchaser of an existing establishment in which a permit is now held for the sale of beer, and the permit used only within the establishment or building purchased.

8-211.Interference with public health, safety, and morals prohibited. No permit authorizing the sale of beer will be issued when such business would cause congestion of traffic or would interfere with schools, residences, churches, or other places of public gathering, or would otherwise interfere with the public health, safety, and morals. In no event will a permit be issued authorizing the manufacture or storage of beer, or the sale of beer within one hundred (100) feet of any school, residence, church or other place of public gathering. The distances shall be measured in a straight line from the nearest point on the property line upon which sits the building from which the beer will be manufactured, stored or sold to the nearest point on the property line of the school, residence, church or other place of public gathering. No permit shall be suspended, revoked or denied on the basis of proximity of the establishment to a school, residence, church, or other place of public gathering if a valid permit had been issued to any business on that same location unless beer is not sold, distributed or manufactured at that location during any continuous six-month period. Permit shall be issued only in areas zoned for beer sales.

8-212.Prohibited conduct or activities by beer permit holders, employees and persons engaged in the sale of beer. It shall be unlawful for any beer permit holder, employee or person engaged in the sale of beer to:

1.Employ any minor under 18 years of age in the sale, storage, distribution or manufacture of beer.

2.Make or allow the sale of beer between the hours of 12:00 Midnight and 6:00 A.M. on weekdays and between the hours of 12:00 Midnight Saturday and 12:00 noon on Sunday.

3.Allow any person under twenty-one (21) years of age to loiter in or about his place of business.

4.Make or allow any sale of beer to any intoxicated person or to any feeble-minded, insane, or otherwise mentally incapacitated person.

5.Allow drunk persons to loiter about his premises.

6.Serve, sell, or allow the consumption on his premises of any alcoholic beverage with an alcoholic content of more than five percent (5%) by weight.

7.Allow pool or billiard playing in the same room where beer is sold and/or consumed.

8.Fail to provide and maintain separate sanitary toilet facilities for men and women.

8-213.Revocation or suspension of beer permits. The beer board shall have the power to revoke or suspend any beer permit issued under the provisions of this chapter when the holder thereof is guilty of making a false statement or misrepresentation in his application or of violating any of the provisions of this chapter. However, no beer permit shall be revoked or suspended until a public hearing is held by the board after reasonable notice to all the known parties in interest. Revocation or suspension proceedings may be initiated by the police chief or by any member of the beer board.

Pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated, § 57-5-608, the beer board shall not revoke or suspend the permit of a "responsible vendor" qualified under the requirements of Tennessee Code Annotated § 57-5-606 for a clerk's illegal sale of beer to a minor if the clerk is properly certified and has attended annual meetings since the clerk's original certification, unless the vendor's status as a certified responsible vendor has been revoked by the alcoholic beverage commission. If the responsible vendor's certification has been revoked, the vendor shall be punished by the beer board as if the vendor were not certified as a responsible vendor. "Clerk" means any person working in a capacity to sell beer directly to consumers for off-premises consumption. Under Tennessee Code Annotated, § 57-5-608, the alcoholic beverage commission shall revoke a vendor's status as a responsible vendor upon notification by the beer board that the board has made a final determination that the vendor has sold beer to a minor for the second time in a consecutive twelve-month period. The revocation shall be for three (3) years.

8-214.Civil penalty in lieu of revocation or suspension.
(1) Definition. "Responsible vendor" means a person, corporation or other entity that has been issued a permit to sell beer for off-premises consumption and has received certification by the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission under the "Tennessee Responsible Vendor Act of 2006," Tennessee Code Annotated, § 57-5-601, et seq.

(2) Penalty, revocation or suspension. The beer board may, at the time it imposes a revocation or suspension, offer a permit holder that is not a responsible vendor the alternative of paying a civil penalty not to exceed two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500.00) for each offense of making or permitting to be made any sales to minors, or a civil penalty not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) for any other offense.

The beer board may impose on a responsible vendor a civil penalty not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) for each offense of making or permitting to be made any sales to minors or for any other offense.

If a civil penalty is offered as an alternative to revocation or suspension, the holder shall have seven (7) days within which to pay the civil penalty before the revocation or suspension shall be imposed. If the civil penalty is paid within that time, the revocation or suspension shall be deemed withdrawn.

Payment of the civil penalty in lieu of revocation or suspension by a permit holder shall be an admission by the holder of the violation so charged and shall be paid to the exclusion of any other penalty that the city may impose.

8-215.Loss of clerk's certification for sale to minor. If the beer board determines that a clerk of an off-premises beer permit holder certified under Tennessee Code Annotated, 57-5-606, sold beer to a minor, the beer board shall report the name of the clerk to the alcoholic beverage commission within fifteen (15) days of determination of the sale. The certification of the clerk shall be invalid and the clerk may not reapply for a new certificate for a period of one (1) year from the date of the beer board's determination.

8-216.Violations. Except as provided in § 8-215, any violation of this chapter shall constitute a civil offense and shall, upon conviction, be punishable by a penalty under the general penalty provision of this code. Each day a violation shall be allowed to continue shall constitute a separate offense.

State Representative Terri Lynn Weaver to be Sworn into Office Tuesday

January 12, 2009
Dwayne Page
State Representative Terri Lynn Weaver-

The 106th General Assembly convenes Tuesday and Terri Lynn Weaver will officially become DeKalb County's new State Representative as she takes the oath of office at noon

Representative Weaver told WJLE Monday she is excited and anxious to serve. "At high noon, the freshman class will be standing up and we will be taking our oath as the new representatives in the state. We're the new kids on the block but we're learning and it's exciting and an honor for me to be in Nashville representing the folks of the 40th district."

"It's a week of organization. We're electing our officials. I'll soon learn where I'll be planted. As of now, I'm in a temporary office. In fact, my desk is between a refrigerator, two microwave ovens, and a television but I'll soon have an office. At the moment, I'm looking through resumes to hire an assistant. Right now I have a temporary assistant. After this week, we will recess for two weeks to get our offices in line and get our committees set up and come back around the first week in February and start governing."

"I've put in for three committees I'd like to be on but I won't know for certain which committees I'll be on until probably Thursday. I'm mostly interested in being on the agriculture committee as well as the transportation and education committees."

"I have a temporary number and people can call me at 741-2192. You can also email me at"

State lawmakers will convene with a Republican majority in both the House and Senate. The session will start with election of the Speaker of the House.

On Monday, Republicans nominated former Deputy Governor Justin Wilson for comptroller, former state House Republican leader Tre Hargett for secretary of state and Shelby County Commissioner David Lillard for treasurer.

A joint session of the House and Senate is scheduled to elect the constitutional officers on Wednesday.

Top 4-H Public Speakers Awarded at County Competition

January 12, 2009
Dwayne Page
(Left to Right) Luke Willoughby, Elizabeth Sanders, Erin Cantrell Pryor-
(Left to Right) Wyatt Martin, Ashli Chew, Lydia Trail, Cassie Cain
Kyra Trapp, Brooke Reffue, Katlyn Cox, Jeremy Wagner

Students from the elementary to high school level competed in the annual DeKalb County 4-H Public Speaking Contest Monday night at Northside Elementary School.

First place winners in the competition are as follows:

Wyatt Martin, a fourth grade student from DeKalb West School
Ashli Chew, a fifth grader from Northside Elementary School
Lydia Trail, a sixth grade student from DeKalb West School
Cassie Cain, a seventh grader from DeKalb West School
Erin Cantrell Pryor, an eighth grade student at DeKalb West School
Elizabeth Sanders, a ninth grader at DCHS
Luke Willoughby, a twelfth grade student at DeKalb County High School

Runners-up in the contest included:

Kyra Trapp, a fifth grader who received second place
Brooke Reffue, a sixth grade student who was awarded second place
Katlyn Cox, a fourth grader who received third place
Jeremy Wagner, a fourth grade student who was awarded second place.

County Extension Agent Ron Rogers says the winners in this contest will advance to the next levels of competition. "In grades four through eight, they will go to the sub-regional contest and compete against students from eight other counties at Livingston. The competition ends there. Our winners in grades nine through twelve will represent us in the state public speaking contest at Murfreesboro during 4-H Congress in late March."

Rogers says public speaking is not required for students in 4-H but it is strongly encouraged. "Many of the teachers promote it heavily because public speaking is a life skill. It's something students will make use of all their lives no matter where they work or what they do. We think it's a great thing to learn. It gets them over their fear of crowds and being in front of people. We really work at it hard and the teachers work with us. We really think it's a very important project."

Man Wanted in Burglary and Theft Case

January 12, 2009
Dwayne Page
Jeremy D. Loader

The DeKalb County Sheriff's Department is asking for your help in locating 24 year old Jeremy D. Loader of Bethel Road Smithville, who is wanted in a recent burglary and theft case.

Sheriff Patrick Ray says"On Monday night January 5th, a deputy responded to a call on Bethel Road, Smithville to investigate a break-in at a residence where several weapons were taken. While the officer was at the home, Loader telephoned and advised the victim that in fact he (Loader) was the one who took the weapons and that he wanted to come back and talk with the victim. After hearing Loader admit to the theft, the deputy left the residence and went down the road hoping to intercept Loader. After making contact with Loader, the deputy approached the driver's side of the vehicle, but Loader put the automobile in reverse in an attempt to flee. Loader's vehicle came in such close contact with the deputy that it almost struck him. The deputy, thinking Loader was trying to hit him, fired two rounds, striking the rear tire of Loader's vehicle. Loader alluded the officer and was last seen on Bethel Road. A BOLO "Be On The Lookout" was issued to DeKalb and surrounding counties. A short time later, Loader's vehicle was found abandoned on Wood's Cemetery Road in Warren County.

Sheriff Ray says Loader is a white male, 6 feet 1 inch tall, 190 pounds, with brown hair and hazel colored eyes. If you know the whereabouts of Loader, please call the DeKalb County Sheriff's Department at 597-4935 or the DeKalb County Sheriff's Department tip line at 464-6400.

Meanwhile, in a separate case, deputies arrested 30 year old Terry Bly of North Cumberland Apartments, Lebanon Saturday for driving on a revoked driver's license. Officers observed Bly drive around the DeKalb County public square and park in front of the jail. The arresting officer had prior knowledge that Bly's license was revoked. Sheriff Ray says Bly's license was revoked for a driving under the influence conviction in Wilson County on November 4th, 2008. Bly's bond was set at $1,500 and he will appear in court on January 28th.

40 year old David Dixon of Hurricane Ridge Road, Smithville was charged Saturday with public intoxication after deputies responded to a domestic violence call on Hurricane Ridge Road. Officers found Dixon walking on Hurricane Ridge Road in an intoxicated state. Dixon had a strong smell of alcohol on his person and he was staggering and very belligerent. Dixon's bond was set at $1,500 and he will appear in court on January 22nd.

Odom, Maynard win big awards at DCHS football banquet

January 11, 2009
Avarie Maynard and Chris Odom

Senior linebacker, Chris Odom, was named the 2008 DCHS Football Most Valuable Player at Saturday night's awards banquet, sponsored by the DCHS Quarterback Club. Odom led the Tiger defense in tackles, this past season, was an All-Region selection, the Upper Cumberland's Best Linebacker, and was considered for Dream Team and All Mid-State honors, this season, as well. Odom was a four-year member of the Tiger football team. The Tigers set many program records en route to final record of 9-3 in 2008.

Meanwhile, DCHS senior, Avarie Maynard, was named Most Valuable Cheerleader for the 2008 football season. Maynard was a senior captain, a four-year member of the cheerleading squad, and one of only three seniors on the 2008 DCHS football cheerleading squad.

Other football awards were as follows:

Best Offensive Player: Hunter Poteete

Best Defensive Player: Logan Roller

Best Offensive Lineman: Josh Emberton

Best Defensive Lineman: Nick Lester

Best Offensive Back: Matt Lawrence

Best Defensive Back: J.J. Herriott

Best Receiver: Abram Edwards

Best Linebacker: John Curtis

Best Special Teams Player: Zach Taylor

Most Improved: Tom West

Clay Edwards Memorial Tiger Pride Award: Matt Lawrence

Other cheerleading awards were as follows:

Best Stunts: Kidman Puckett

Most Spirited: Quincie Winchester

Best Jumps: Krysta Ferrell

Best Dance: Macy Felts

Most Improved: Erin Colwell

D.E.A.R. Award: April Hale

Macy Felts, Krysta Ferrell, Lela Ambrose, Kidman Puckett, and Johnna Roller were also given Perfect Attendance awards for not missing any practices throughout the course of the season.

The annual DCHS Football banquet was held Saturday night at Elizabeth Chapel Baptist Church.

Deer Hunting Seasons to Conclude with Young Sportsman Hunt

January 10, 2009

Tennessee's 2008-09 deer hunting seasons will conclude with the Young Sportsman Deer Hunt to be held the weekend of Jan. 17-18. Only youth (ages 6-16) may participate in the Young Sportsman Hunt, regardless of whether they possess a junior or adult license.

Bag limits allow for either-sex hunting in all units. In Unit A, (DeKalb County) the antlerless limit is two for the hunt.

Antlered deer that are taken during the Young Sportsman Hunt count toward the statewide antlered deer bag limit. If a youth in Unit A has already taken three antlered deer this year, he or she would only be allowed antlerless deer on this hunt. A

Each youth must be accompanied by a non-hunting adult, 21 or older, who does not need a license, but also must wear 500-square inches of fluorescent orange.

Youth hunters ages 10-16 need a TWRA Hunter Education card along with the appropriate license where applicable. Hunters, ages 6-9, are not required to possess a hunter education card or license (these youth must have their Social Security number to check out a deer).

For those youth hunters, age 10 and older, who have not taken the TWRA Hunter Education course, the apprentice license is available.

The apprentice license exempts a hunter, 10 or older who falls within the hunter education requirement, from having to complete the mandatory TWRA Hunter Education course for the current license year.

The apprentice license (Type 12) may be purchased for $11 at any hunting and fishing license agent. The license is valid from the date of purchase through the last day of February. This license may only be purchased once in the lifetime of the hunter.

While hunting, the apprentice hunter must be accompanied by a licensed adult at least 21, who is hunter education certified or otherwise exempt from the law. In addition to the apprentice license, the hunter must have other applicable licenses and permits.

For more information about the Young Sportsman hunt, refer to the Hunting and Trapping Guide available at all license agents or on the TWRA Web site. (The icon is located on the lower portion of the home page.)

Habitat Restore Exceeds First Year Goals

January 10, 2009

The Restore of DeKalb County’s Affiliate Chapter of Habitat for Humanity just completed its first full year of operation, easily exceeding its goals for the year.

“When we started, I hoped we could generate sales of $10,000,” reports Restore manager and Habitat board member Mike Antoniak. “For the year, gross sales totaled more than $16,000....not bad considering we were only open six hours a week.”

The Restore serves as a fundraising arm of the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity. Sales at the store support Habitat’s projects, and will help the group build its third home in DeKalb County.

Restores specialize in the sale of items donated to Habitat which cannot be used in Habitat homes. The local store has evolved into a combination thrift/building supplies center, selling new and re-usable household items, appliances, furniture, tools and all types of construction materials at bargain prices to generate funds for Habitat.

“Our success is entirely community-driven, and I’d like to thank our store volunteers, donors and everyone who shops the Restore for their support,” says Antoniak. “Special appreciation goes to Robin Driver of Center Hill Realty who has given the Restore a home, at no cost, so all sales directly benefit our Habitat chapter.”

The Restore is located at 415 Miller Road in Smithville and open Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 9 until 12. Donations may be dropped off during regular business hours. For more information, or to arrange a pick-up of donated items, please call 215.8181 and leave a message on the ReStore voicemail box.

Sheriff Releases Yearly Report on Incident Responses

January 10, 2009
Dwayne Page

The DeKalb County Sheriff's Department responded to more than six thousand dispatched calls from January 1st to December 31st, 2008.

Sheriff Patrick Ray says the following are Incident Responses or dispatched calls; not self-initiated calls (incidents that officers respond to on routine patrols). Self-initiated calls are not included in these counts:

Calls Reported:
Wrecks- 637
4 wheeler calls- 99
911 calls- 205
Abandoned Vehicles- 45
Animal calls- 227
Assaults- 36
Boat Fires- 3
Break-ins- 208
Burglar Alarms- 428
Child Custody Exchanges- 18
Children in roadway- 13
Debris in roadway- 44
Disturbing the peace- 109
Domestic violence- 357
Drug trafficking- 43
Escorts- 120
Extra Patrols- 31
Fights- 84
Fire Alarms- 37
Funeral Escorts- 187
Gas drive-offs- 19
Harassments- 40
Indecent exposure- 7
Investigations- 303
Vehicle lockouts- 752
Medical Assists- 194
Missing Persons- 65
Phone harassment- 9
Possible D.U.I.- 125
Prowlers- 77
Public Intoxication- 25
Rape- 2
Reckless Drivers- 229
Recover Property- 29
Robbery- 3
Seizures- 10
Shots fired- 67
Shop lifter- 4
Stolen property- 209
Stolen vehicle- 68
Stranded motorists- 65
Structure Fires- 66
Someone threatened- 105
Suicides- 14
Suspicious persons/vehicles- 389
Traffic Hazards- 84
Trespassing- 13
Unruly juveniles- 36
Unwanted guests- 159
Vandalism- 141
Vehicle fires- 22
Wanted Persons- 27
Welfare checks- 132
Miscellaneous- 65

Total 6,536 incident calls

Board of Education to Conduct Evaluations

January 8, 2009
Dwayne Page

The DeKalb County Board of Education will conduct an annual performance evaluation of the Director of Schools and a School Board self evaluation on Thursday night, January 22nd at the Board of Education Building.

Board Chairman Charles Robinson, during Thursday night's monthly school board meeting, said the same basic instruments for making the evaluations will be used as in the past and the same procedure will be followed. " Our precedent in doing this is that, in the past, when Mr. (Johnny) Lattimore was chairman in 2007 we had an evaluation workshop for the director starting at 6:00 p.m. and at 7:00 p.m. we had a special called meeting to address the board issues (self evaluation). This is probably something our policy committee needs to look at on the interpretation of the policy concerning the board self evaluation as to whether we can do it in a workshop setting or if it needs to be done during a special called meeting. But for now I want to continue the precedent that has been set in the past. So on January 22nd, we'll have a workshop to evaluate Mr. (Mark) Willoughby and then at 7:00 p.m. we'll go into a special called session to evaluate ourselves."

Robinson also called for a board workshop on Saturday, February 21st at 8:30 a.m. to set future goals. "In taking into consideration how we evaluate ourselves and our director and what we want to achieve for the next school year in trying to remain a board of distinction, we will have workshop to address our five year plan, our strengths and weaknesses and how we can improve. We want to be a pro-active board and I believe this (workshop) will help us to be pro-active and not reactionary."

At the workshop on January 22nd, the school board members will evaluate Director Mark Willoughby on his relationship with the board, community relationships, staff and personnel relationships, educational leadership, business and finance, and strategic planning skills. Board members are to make a check mark on the four page evaluation form in each of 52 areas, if they believe expectations have been met. Spaces are also provided on the form for board members to write comments.

Willoughby's contract states that the evaluation of the Director shall occur no later than January 31 each calendar year during the term of the contract. The board will review the Director's performance, progress toward established goals, and the working relationship between the two parties.

In the self evaluation, each board member must rate the board's performance on a scale from one to six in team building, decision making, governance, school improvement, community, planning, communications, motivation, influence, and policy. A score of "one" is the lowest and a score of "6" is the highest. They must rate themselves on how much is being done now in each of 46 areas and how important those issues are to them.

Also during the school board meeting Thursday night, Director Willoughby updated the board on personnel moves since the last meeting.

Darril G. Taylor has been employed as a substitute bus assistant and Tiffany Frazier, Martha Kirksey, Gayla Hendrix, and Kymerleigh Lamson have been named substitute teachers. Roenia Turner has resigned as an educational assistant at DeKalb West School. April Odom was granted a leave of absence as requested and Peggy Semmes, a teacher at DeKalb County High School, was also granted leave as requested.

The school board approved a grant proposal totaling $26,000 to create a model dropout prevention program, specifically for students with significant disabilities at DCHS.

The board also adopted a budget amendment to appropriate $10,435 in additional state revenue received for lottery and pilot early childhood programs not previously appropriated in this year's budget. The county commission will also be asked to approve the budget amendment.

DCHS Principal Kathy Hendrix updated the school board on high school news. "We took our Gateway and End of Course tests in December and I'm really proud of the scores that we received.. In Algebra I, we had 93.7% pass and we had 44.4% advanced. In Biology, we had 98.4% pass and 78.9% advanced. In English 10, we had 99.2% pass and 84.6% advanced.. And in the End of Course in English 9, we had 98.9% pass and in U.S. History 90.7% passed.

Also in our Adult High School we had eleven students who took the Algebra I test and all of them passed. One student at the adult high school took the English 10 test and also passed. So 100% of our students at the adult high school passed the Gateway.

"I would like to congratulate the basketball cheerleaders. They won the TSSAA state championship in the non-building for the third year in a row. Ms. (Walteen) Parker also received the Coaches Achievement Award."

" I would also like to congratulate our football team. Hunter Poteete was a Region 3A Mr. Football finalist. He was also Region 4-3A MVP, Upper Cumberland Playmaker of the Year. He won two All-State awards, one of them was the Tennessee Sports Writers Association and the other was the Tennessee Athletic Coaches Association award."

" Abram Edwards was the Region 4-3A receiver of the year. He also received the Upper Cumberland receiver of the year award and he also made the All-State Tennessee Sportswriters Association."

" Chris Odom was All Region 4-3A and he received the Upper Cumberland linebacker of the year award. J.J. Herriott was All Region 4-3A and he received the Upper Cumberland defensive back of the year award. Logan Roller was named to All Region 4-3A and he received the Upper Cumberland defensive lineman of the year award. Matthew Lawrence was named to All Region 4-3A."

"Coach (Steve) Trapp received the Region 4-3A Coach of the Year award and he also got Upper Cumberland Coach of the Year. Congratulations to all of them."

Gina Arnold, Supervisor of Special Education, also gave a report. "The Tennessee Department of Education has created an annual profile of all the special education programs across the state and this is the first year that the monitoring process is in this format. It's a new format for us. We received our results over the Christmas holiday. Based on the data for the 2007-08 school year, the DeKalb County School profile for Special Education met all of the requirements. I would like to thank our students and our parents who are involved in the special education program and a special thanks goes to the teachers and paraprofessionals and other staff who work everyday to make this a success and to our principals who are very cooperative and so supportive of special education here in DeKalb County."

County Fire Department Releases Yearly Report on Incident Responses

January 7, 2009

The DeKalb County Fire Department has compiled its 2008 Incident Response Summary.

County Fire Chief Donny Green says overall, 2008 fire incident responses in the county were up by 20 calls from 2007. In 2007, the department responded to a total of 390 fire incidents. The department responded to 410 fire incident responses in 2008. This count does not include the 371 rural medical first responder calls to which county fire department personnel also responded.

Green says with the rural population growing at rates higher than the cities' population growth in DeKalb County, the department continues to experience annual increases in the its rural call volume. Even though 2008 was an extremely dry year, the department responded to 47 fewer wildland and grass fires than in 2007.

The following is a breakdown of each type of fire incident response that the department responded to in 2008:

Incident Type:
Structure- 69 (Year 2007), 76 (Year 2008)

Wildland/Grass/Debris-100 (Year 2007),73 (Year 2008)

Auto Wrecks-129 (Year 2007),126 (Year 2008)

Auto Fires-23 (Year 2007), 25 (Year 2008)

Landing Zones-11 (Year 2007), 18 (Year 2008)

Extrication/Entrapment-19 (Year 2007), 31 (Year 2008)

Hazmat-None for both years.

Alarms- 33 (Year 2007), 54 (Year 2008)

Miscellaneous- 6 (Year 2007), 7 (Year 2008)

TOTAL-390 (Year 2007), 410 (Year 2008)


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