County Officials to Get Pay Raise in July

January 12, 2018
Dwayne Page

County officials here and across the state are getting a pay raise this year.

Compensation for most county officials is governed by state law which establishes the minimum for Assessors of Property, County Clerks, Clerks of Court, Trustees, Registers of Deeds, County Mayors, Sheriffs, and Highway Officials. This law provides for an automatic increase in the minimum salary each year based on the percentage increase given to state employees for the previous fiscal year. The state commissioner of finance and administration certified on October 19, 2017, that state employees received an average increase of 4.66 percent for the fiscal year 2018-2019.

The salaries of the county officials are partly based on the population class of the county and the office. Not all office holders earn the same amount of pay.

Under state law:

*The County Mayor’s compensation shall be at least 5% higher than the salary paid to any other county constitutional officer.

*The Sheriff’s salary shall be at least 10% higher than the salary paid to the general officers of the county.

*The Road Supervisor’s compensation shall be at least 10% higher than the salary paid to the general officers of the county.

*The salary of the General Sessions Judge is to be increased annually in the same manner as state court judges, which is the actual percentage change in the consumer price index between the two previous calendar years. The CPI change between 2017 and 2018 has not been calculated at this time. When released, the increase in salary of the general sessions court judges will be updated for the coming fiscal year.

*The Administrator of Elections salary is 90% of the base salary of the Assessor of Property.

The new salary schedule as set by the state for DeKalb County effective July 1 is as follows:

General Sessions/Juvenile Court Judge: Currently $92,158 per year (To be updated later)

County Mayor: $83,238 per year, up from $79,326.

Road Supervisor: $79,276, up from $75,550

Sheriff: $79,276, up from $75,550

Trustee: $72,069, up from $68,682

County Clerk: $72,069, up from $68,682

Circuit Court Clerk: $72,069, up from $68,682

Clerk and Master: $72,069, up from $68,682

Register of Deeds: $72,069, up from $68,682

Assessor of Property: $72,069, up from $68,682

Administrator of Elections: $64,862, up from $61,633

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