Older Voters More Likely to Show up at the Polls

April 12, 2014
Dwayne Page

Older voters in DeKalb County are much more likely to show up at the polls on election day than younger voters.

According to information obtained from the local election commission office, DeKalb County has a total of 8,662 registered voters ages 41 and over versus 4,299 between the ages of 18 and 40. Among active voters, only 3,097 persons age 18-40 regularly vote compared with 6,876 ages 41 and older.

Females outnumber males among registered voters 6,859 to 6,101 and 5,263 to 4,709 in the group of active voters.

Here's how the number of registered voters and active voters break down by age group:
Ages 18-20:
667 registered/ 667 active voters

Ages 21-30:
1,769 registered/ 1,160 active voters

Ages 31-40:
1,863 registered/1,270 active voters

Ages 41-50:
2,192 registered/1,617 active voters

Ages 51-65:
3,635 registered/ 2,909 active voters

Over age 65:
2,835 registered/ 2,350 active voters

Here's how the number of registered voters and active voters break down by district:

1st District:
1,919 registered/1,518 active

2nd District:
1,889 registered/1,455 active

3rd District:
1,842 registered/1,446 active

4th District:
2,107 registered/1,646 active

5th District:
1,883 registered/1,460 active

6th District:
1,732 registered/1,256 active

7th District:
1,589 registered/1,192 active

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