Coach Lynus Martin Named Boys District Coach of Year; Fullilove Selected Defensive Player of Year

February 10, 2013
Dwayne Page
Lynus Martin-District Coach of Year
Sonni Fullilove-District Defensive Player of Year

DeKalb County's Sonni Fullilove has been named the boy's Defensive Player of the Year in District 8 AA while Tiger Coach Lynus Martin is the Boy's District Coach of the Year.

The All-District selections were announced Friday.

Livingston Academy's Mason Ramsey is the District's Most Valuable Player for boys while Cannon County's Abby Sissom took the MVP honor for girls.

For the boys, Colton Blevins of York Institute was named Freshman of the Year and Wade Eldridge of Livingston Academy is the Most Improved Player in the district.

Jordan Hollis of Cannon County is the girl's Defensive Player of the Year in the district. Ola Obie of Central Magnet was named the district's Most Improved Player. Casey Gregory of Smith County is the Freshman of the Year and Micheal Dodgen of Cannon County received the Girl's Coach of the Year honor.

In addition to taking the Defensive Player of the Year award, Sonni Fullilove of DeKalb County was also named to the All-District's 1st Team along with Braxton Atnip. Stephen Howell was named to the 2nd Team. Ethan Roller made the 3rd Team and Lucas Phillips and Will Molander received Honorable Mention.

Loren Cripps of the Lady Tigers made the All-District 3rd Team. Ashli Chew and Morgan Pedigo were selected to the All Freshman Team and Chelsea Lewis received Honorable Mention.

The following are the All-District selections for both boys and girls in District 8AA

MVP- Abby Sissom, Cannon County
Defensive Player of the Year - Jordan Hollis, Cannon County
Most Improved Player - Ola Obie, Central Magnet
Freshman of the Year - Casey Gregory, Smith County
Coach of the Year - Micheal Dodgen, Cannon County

1st Team
Callie Hackett, Smith County
Ola Obie, Central Magnet
Claudia Smith, Central Magnet
Ashley Wright, York Institute
Abby Jakes, Cannon County

2nd Team
Marley Sells, Livingston Academy
Claudia Hull, Upperman
Sydney Staggs, Livingston Academy
Casey Gregory, Smith County
Kailey Winningham, Livingston Academy

3rd Team
Ashley Brewer, Central Magnet
Kat Carter, Upperman
Jordan Hollis, Cannon County
Raven Wright, Smith County
Loren Cripps, DeKalb County

All Defensive Team
Jordan Hollis, Cannon County
Ashley Wright, York Institute
Raven Wright, Smith County
Rachel Reeder, Livingston Academy
Taylor Meadows, Livingston Academy
Callie Hackett, Smith County
Claudia Hull, Upperman

All Freshman Team
Casey Gregory, Smith County
Jacquelin Carpenter, Smith County
Kelly Davis, Cannon County
Kylea Carver, Central Magnet
Ashli Chew, DeKalb County
Morgan Pedigo, DeKalb County
Skylar Looper, Livingston Academy
Kellie Lamb, Livingston Academy
Sarah Eldridge. Upperman

Honorable Mention
Madison Walkup, Cannon County
Rebecca Faulkner, Cannon County
Chelsea Lewis, DeKalb County
Taylor Meadows, Livingston Academy
Rachel Reeder, Livingston Academy
Allison Conder, Smith County
Katelyn Butler, York Institute
Mallory Hull, York Institute
Hannah Burke, York Institute
Haley Attkinson, York Institute

MVP - Mason Ramsey, Livingston Academy
Defensive Player of the Year - Sonni Fullilove, DeKalb County
Most Improved Player -Wade Eldridge, Livingston Academy
Freshman of the Year - Colton Blevins, York Institute
Coach of the Year - Lynus Martin, DeKalb County

1st Team
Braxton Atnip, DeKalb County
Sonni Fullilove, DeKalb County
Brock McCoin, Livingston Academy
Jordan Craighead, Smith County
Joe Jones, Upperman

2nd Team
Cory Henley, Cannon County
Tyler McWilliams, Upperman
Stephen Howell, DeKalb County
Wade Eldridge, Livingston Academy
Jared Case, Upperman

3rd Team
Corbin Patton, York Institute
Kevin Craighead, Smith County
Cody Devillanueva, Upperman
Ethan Roller, DeKalb County
John McBride, York Institute

Honorable Mention
Lucas Phillps, DeKalb County
Will Molander, DeKalb County
Wyatt Slagle, Upperman
Dalton Dronebarger, Upperman
Dylan Hedgecloth, Upperman
Jacob Day, York Institute
Byron Matthews, York Institute
Jamal Carter, Smith County
Sam Holliman, Smith County
Beau Carr, Smith County
Creed Hayes, Livingston Academy
Bennett Fouts, Central Magnet
Coyle Gregory, Central Magnet
Camron Huff, Smith County
Bubba Jolley, Livingston Academy
Tanner Larson, Cannon County
Jarrett Melton, Cannon County

All Defensive Team
Creed Hayes, Livingston Academy
Brock McCoin, Livingston Academy
Jared Cox, Upperman
Kevin Craighead, Smith County
Tanner Larson, Cannon County

All Freshman Team
Colton Blevins, York Institute
Camron Huff, Smith County
Ben Guffey, Upperman
Dylan Linder, Livingston Academy
Peter Hollars, Livingston Academy

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