Two Charged with Allowing Teens to Get Drunk at Party

December 27, 2012
Dwayne Page
Treva June Hartman
Bryan Luke Vollrath

A 48 year old woman has been arrested for allowing her underage granddaughter and four teenage friends to get drunk during a party at her home three days before Christmas.

Treva June Hartman is under a $10,000 bond on charges of aggravated child endangerment and domestic assault. She will be in court on January 17. Each of the juveniles including a 13 year old girl, two 15 year old girls, a 15 year old boy, and a 17 year old boy have each been cited for underage consumption.

Meanwhile, 20 year old Bryan Luke Vollrath of McMinnville, who admitted to bringing liquor to the party and sharing it with the teenagers, is charged with aggravated child endangerment. His bond is $7,500 and he will be in court on January 17.

Another man at the party, a 19 year old, is also cited for underage consumption.

Chief Randy Caplinger told WJLE Thursday that on Saturday December 22, Smithville Police officers were called to Hartman's residence on West Bryant Street to investigate a possible domestic complaint. Upon arrival, the officers found Hartman along with five juveniles and two adults under age 21 who were all intoxicated. According to Chief Caplinger, the 13 year old girl and 17 year old boy were so drunk that they had to be transported to the emergency room of the hospital for treatment.

Hartman, who allegedly took several shots of liquor with the teenagers, was charged with aggravated child endangerment for placing the kids in danger of serious bodily injury by knowingly allowing them to consume alcohol. Hartman is also accused of assaulting one of the teens. "After speaking with everyone there, it was determined that Hartman had assaulted one of the juveniles," said Chief Caplinger. "The juvenile had physical marks on her body. The others (at the party) said she became upset, entered the room where the child was and started kicking her. The child had several scratches on her," said Chief Caplinger. As a result of this incident, Hartman was charged with domestic assault.

"Vollrath admitted to detectives that he brought alcohol and multiple bottles of liquor to the party at the residence and shared it with the juveniles, knowing their ages. His actions placed the juveniles in danger of serious bodily injury," said Chief Caplinger. As a result, Vollrath was charged with aggravated child endangerment.

Meanwhile in other cases, 23 year old Brittany Bell was charged Christmas Day with driving under the influence. Her bond is $1,500 and she will be in court on January 17.

Chief Caplinger said that Bell was found passed out behind the wheel of an automobile at Kwik-N-Ezy. She had the car keys in her hand. The arresting officer had difficulty waking her up. She had an odor of alcohol on her person and she was unsteady on her feet. Bell performed poorly on field sobriety tasks and she submitted to a blood test.

64 year old Jack Hayes is charged with driving under the influence and cited for violation of the implied consent law. He will be in court on January 17.

Chief Caplinger said on Thursday, December 27 an officer spotted Hayes' vehicle speeding on West Broad Street and pulled it over on Bell Street. Hayes had an odor of alcohol on his person. He was unsteady on his feet. He performed poorly on field sobriety tasks but refused to submit to a blood test.

In other cases, Chief Caplinger reports that 33 year old Michael Todd Jones is charged with a second offense of driving under the influence and two counts of simple possession of a schedule IV controlled substance (Xanax and Valium). His bond totals $30,000 and he will be in court on January 17.

According to the police report, Sergeant Bradley Tatrow, on Monday, December 17 received a dispatch of a possible drunk driver and spotted a vehicle matching the description on Highway 56. Sergeant Tatrow observed the vehicle fail to maintain his lane of travel by going across the yellow line into the southbound turning lane. He pulled over the vehicle on Church Street and the driver was found to be Michael Jones. Upon speaking to him, Sergeant Tatrow noticed Jones' speech was very slurred. He was very clumsy and slow retrieving information. Jones was asked to exit the vehicle and perform field sobriety tasks. Jones was very unsteady on his feet and he performed poorly on all sobriety tasks. Jones submitted to a blood alcohol test. His prior DUI offense was on March 10, 2005, While performing field sobriety tasks, Jones bent over to tie his shoe and Sergeant Tatrow noticed a small metal vial appear behind his right foot. The vial was not there before and was almost touching his foot. Found inside the vial were eight white pills believed to be Xanax and two blue pills believed to be Valium.

19 year old Zachary L. Bennett is charged with public intoxication. His bond is $1,000 and he will be in court on January 10.

Police report that on Friday, December 14 Patrolman Stephen Barrett responded to West Main Street in the area of the hospital to check out a complaint of a man jumping out in the roadway in front of vehicles yelling, screaming and beating on the vehicles. Upon arrival, Officer Barrett found the man, Bennett, in a field across from the hospital. Bennett had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his person. His eyes were glazed over and he was very unsteady on his feet. Bennett admitted to drinking Budweiser beers. At this time, Bennett was placed under arrest for his being a nuisance to the public and for his safety. Bennett was further issued a citation for underage consumption.

27 year old Jonathon David Thomas is charged with Violation of Community Corrections and
Evading Arrest. His bond is $2,500 and he will be in court on January 10

According to police, Patrolman Stephen Barrett was dispatched to a Snow Street home on Saturday, December 15 in reference to a complaint of strong chemical odors coming from the residence. Upon arrival, Officer Barrett made contact with the owner the home, advised her of the complaint, and asked if he could come in and look for any illegal substances. The home owner allowed Officer Barrett and a county deputy to enter the residence to look around. While inside, the officers made contact with Thomas who had a warrant against him with a hold without bond. Thomas was then taken into custody on that warrant. As the deputy was walking him outside to the patrol car, Thomas pulled away and took off running. At that point, Officer Barrett saw the deputy fall on the ground. Officer Barrett ordered Thomas to stop running and then he deployed his X-26 Taser in order to take Thomas into custody.

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