Two Local Bridge Projects Soon to be Completed

August 15, 2011
Dwayne Page
Bridge on Pea Ridge Road over Dry Creek
Bridge on Tramel Branch Road over Helton Creek

Work on bridge projects at Dry Creek and Tramel Branch Road will soon be completed.

Road Supervisor Kenny Edge told WJLE Monday that "the Dry Creek Bridge is basically built. All the sub-structure. All of the deck has been built and the rebar is all in place. It's ready for the concrete and that should be poured one day this week," said Edge.

"The Tramel Branch Bridge is already complete, except for the guardrails on the ends and some minor work. Some of them (motorists) have been moving the (Road Closed) sign and crossing it (the bridge). But really, it hasn't been completed and opened to the public yet," said Edge

"None of the roads (at either location) are blocked. Really everybody can get through there," concluded Edge

In February, the Tennessee Department of Transportation awarded a bid to Mountain States Contractors, LLC of Mount Juliet in the amount of $505,991 to build a new concrete box beam bridge on Tramel Branch Road over Helton Creek near Alexandria. The project includes grading, drainage, and paving.

TDOT also awarded a bid to Roads, LLC of Brentwood in the amount of $623, 963 to build a concrete I-Beam bridge on Pea Ridge Road over Dry Creek. The project includes grading, drainage, and paving. Once the new bridge is completed at Dry Creek, the old one next to it will be removed.

Both projects are being funded with 80% federal funds and 20% local matching money, including 14% from the DeKalb County Highway Department budget (state aid) and 6% from the county general fund.

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