Past Due Parking Ticket Could Delay Your Vehicle Registration Under Proposed New Law

April 14, 2011
Dwayne Page
Mike Clayborn

Be careful not to get a parking ticket, and be sure to pay the fine on time if you do. Otherwise, you may be prohibited from getting your vehicle registration renewed under proposed legislation in the Tennessee General Assembly.

DeKalb County Clerk Mike Clayborn told WJLE Thursday that if the "parking ticket" bill is passed in the state legislature, county clerks would be prohibited from registering or renewing registration if the owner of a vehicle has parking tickets within such county that are more than 60 days past due." Most people realize that if you get stopped without proof of insurance, that goes directly to the state and the state puts a block on your tag and you can't do anything with it. You can't renew it. You can't transfer it. You can't do anything with that tag until your insurance company proves to the state that you have insurance on your particular vehicle. This legislation would impose (regulations) on parking tickets. If you have a parking ticket, we would have to verify that you don't have an outstanding parking ticket. If you do, we would not be able to renew your tag. We wouldn't be able to do anything for you. If that happens, its going to be a nightmare not only for us but for city policemen, our sheriff, and anybody who has the authority to write a ticket. We're hoping this (legislation) doesn't pass," said Clayborn.

Present law provides that the office of county clerk is not required to review the driving record of any owner before issuing a certificate of registration or a tab, sticker or other device as a prerequisite to payment of wheel or road taxes.

This bill adds a requirement for the county clerk to inquire to county law enforcement and to appropriate officials in any city within such county as to whether the owner has any outstanding parking tickets that are more than 60 days past due. If the owner does have such outstanding parking tickets, then the clerk will not issue a certificate of registration, registration plate or sticker to the owner, until the owner shows proof that the parking tickets have been paid. The clerk must send written notice to the owner that the tickets must be paid prior to registration or renewal.

The legislation is sponsored by Democrat Karen D. Camper of Memphis in the State House and by Republican Brian Kelsey of Memphis in the State Senate.

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