Roses Assistant Manager Arrested for Theft

June 25, 2010
Dwayne Page

An assistant manager at the Roses store in Smithville was arrested on Thursday, and charged with theft, after he allegedly took money from the store.
In the latest city of Smithville crime report, Chief Randy Caplinger said Officer Matt Farmer arrested 36-year-old Ronald D. Ferrell, Jr. of 7691 Holmes Creek Road for theft over $500. Ferrell, who was employed at the Roses store on South Congress Boulevard, allegedly took money from the store without consent and with intent to deprive. Ferrell was allegedly taking items and falsely returning them to the store, then keeping the money.

Ferrell allegedly admitted to taking the money. Bond for Ferrell was set at $2,500, and he will appear in court, July 29th.

In other city crime news, K-9 Officer Bradley Tatrow arrested 32-year-old Andrew Westley Wilbert of 120 Hillside Road, Dowelltown, for tampering with evidence and criminal littering. While standing out in front of City Hall, K-9 Officer Tatrow and Trooper Dewayne Jennings observed Wilbert speaking to a subject that had pulled up at the parking area of the courthouse. Upon walking back up the courthouse steps, both officers observed Mr. Wilbert holding something in his left hand near his crotch. When he reached the top step, he looked back at the officers, turned his back and appeared to stuff something down the front of his pants. Both officers approached him and received consent to search his person. While searching Wilbert, a rubber glove filled with urine fell from his right pants leg. Both officers were aware that Wilbert was subject to take a drug test before he could leave court. Wilbert reached down, got the glove and threw it on the ground in an attempt to destroy the evidence. Bond for Wilbert was set at $7,000 and he will appear in court on the charges, July 22nd.

On June 24th, Officer David Phillips arrested 20-year-old Heather Ann Yoskovich of 1792 Holiday Haven Road for shoplifting, drug paraphernalia and public intoxication. On that date, Officer Phillips was dispatched to Kwik N Ezy in regard to a report of a shoplifter. Upon Officer Phillips arrival, he found Sergeant Randy King speaking with the suspect, Yoskovich, at the side of the vehicle that she had been traveling in. Yoskovich then spoke with Officer Phillips, who found that her speech to be slurred, and she was unsteady on her feet. Sergeant King asked the owner of the vehicle for consent to search. Inside the vehicle, the officer discovered an item allegedly taken from the store and a needle was found in Yoskovich’s purse, which was located in the vehicle. Bond for Yoskovich was set at $3,000 and she will appear in court, July 15th.

On June 18th, Corporal Travis Bryant arrested 28-year-old Tammy J Simpson of 202 Village Place for third offense of driving on a suspended license. Corporal Bryant responded to Golf Club Drive in response to a motor vehicle accident in which Simpson was driving a Dodge truck. A check of her driver’s license revealed it to be suspended for prior offenses. Simpson’s bond was set at $2,500, and she will appear in court on July 1st.

On June 20th, Sergeant Randy King arrested 25-year-old Joshua Lynn Mullican of 1290 Keltonburg Road for possession of a schedule II drug and drug paraphernalia. Sergeant King and Officer David Phillips were dispatched to Rite-Aid Pharmacy in reference to possible shoplifters and drug activity. Sergeant King spoke with the subjects and asked for identification. The subjects were found to be Joshua Mullican and another subject. Mullican was asked if he had anything in his pockets, and he stated that he didn’t. During a check of Joshua Mullican for weapons, Sergeant King felt a cylindrical object in his right pocket, which turned out to be a straw with residue in it. Mullican dropped a crushed cigarette pack on the floor that contained a small bag of a white powder substance, which tested as methamphetamine. Bond for Mullican was set at $2,500, and he will appear in court on July 15th.

On June 21st, Corporal Travis Bryant arrested 24-year-old Krista D. Mahaney of 2702 Sparta Highway for a violation of probation. She is being held without bond until her court date.

On June 22nd, K-9 Officer Bradley Tatrow arrested 37-year-old Leslie Maurice Callen of Murfreesboro for speeding. Officer Tatrow pulled over a Monte Carlo at approximately 6:30 p.m. for speeding. The driver, Callen, was clocked by radar traveling 55 miles per hour in a 40 mile per hour posted speed zone on Short Mountain Street. After verifying with Central Dispatch that Callen’s driver’s license was valid, Officer Tatrow issued him a citation for speeding. Officer Tatrow explained to Callen that by signing the citation, it was not an admission of quilt, but rather was like signing his own bond to appear in court on the cited charges. Callen refused to sign the citation, however, so Officer Tatrow again explained to Callen that by not signing the citation, he would be arrested and taken to jail for speeding. Callen still refused to sign and was arrested at that time. Callen’s bond was set at $150, and he will appear in court, July 22nd.

On June 24th, Sergeant Randy King arrested 39-year-old Jenna Sue Murphy of 625 Restview Avenue for public intoxication and possession of schedule IV drug. Sergeant King was dispatched to the intersection of Wade Street and Juniper Street in response to a call about someone being passed out on the lawn. Upon his arrival, Sergeant King found Murphy lying unconscious on the ground. Upon awaking and speaking with her, Sergeant King noticed that she was incoherent, had slurred speech and she was unsteady on her feet. Murphy was placed under arrest for public intoxication. A search of her person also revealed a white pill, believed to be a Soma, in her right front pocket. Bond for Murphy was set at $2,500, and she will appear in court, July 15th.

Meanwhile, Chief Caplinger is asking anyone with any information on the following offenses to please contact the Smithville Police Department.

On the morning of June 17th, two houses were allegedly burglarized on White Oak Drive, with some jewelry allegedly taken in both burglaries. The suspect was described as being a white male of medium height in his mid 20’s to early 30’s, with sandy blond to brownish short hair and he was seen carrying a blue backpack.

Meanwhile, on June 22nd, someone burglarized a home on Ed Taft Drive. It is believed the same person has burglarized homes on White Oak Drive.

If you have information on these or any other crimes, please contact the Smithville Police Department at 597-8210 or the Crime Tip Line at 464-6046. All information will be appreciated and kept confidential.

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