Kings and Queens Crowned at DeKalb West Harvest Festival

November 15, 2008
Dwayne Page
Lynsey Ellis and Parker Vantrease
Hailey Glass and Zachary Bass
Kristina Tyree and Tyler Malone

Kings and Queens were crowned Saturday night during the annual DeKalb West School Harvest Festival, sponsored by the PTO.

Julie Cook, secretary of the DeKalb West School PTO, says the Harvest Festival is a major fundraiser for the school. "We hope to raise about $7,000. We're going to give some of the money back to the teachers (for their classrooms) because they've helped us out a lot. We'll use at least half of it to go to the accelerated reader program that helps the kids excel in reading. We hope to fund the whole program with that money."

Dewayne Martin, PTO President, said the Harvest Festival featured a variety of fundraising activities, in addition to the crowning of the kings and queens. "We had a basketball toss and a ring toss, a cake walk, a dance for the sixth through eighth grade, face painting, and a barbeque supper. It turned out to be a real good night."

PTO Treasurer Sean Driver says money was also raised in a silent auction. "For example, if there were two teachers for the second grade, they each joined in and they presented a basket for our silent auction and these were theme baskets. Some were camping baskets, hunting baskets, baby baskets, and things like that and we just had a good turn out with that. There were ten baskets and I think it generated over $1,200 for the school and that's good because it's all about the kids."

DeKalb West Principal Danny Parkerson says events like this help bring the community together. "We had a good turnout. This is our family night and get together. I try to stress that whether we raise any money or not we have a good time and welcome a lot of people who don't usually come into our school like aunts, uncles, and friends of the community. We all have a good time, enjoy a meal, and fellowship together."

The King and Queen of the Pre-Kindergarten to Second Grade Division are Lynsey Nicole Ellis and Parker Vantrease of Tonya Ellis' kindergarten classroom. The class raised $328, the most of any class in the division.

Ellis is the daughter of Donnie and Tonya Ellis and Vantrease is the son of Jeremy Vantrease and Missy Vantrease.

Others representing the division were Becca Lawrence of Amy Young's Pre-K class. She is the daughter of Charlie and Tracy Lawrence.

Hannah Van Dyne and Cayden Kyle represented Deb Poteete's kindergarten class. Van Dyne is the daughter of Danny and Susan Van Dyne and Kyle is the son of Jamie and Kimberly Kyle.

Victoria Dube and Clayton Crook represented Kathy Lawrence's first grade class. Dube is the daughter of Terri Henry and Charles Dube and Crook is the son of Patrick and Jana Crook.

Representing Cynthia Pulley's first grade class were Isabella White and Christian Trail. White is the daughter of Elaina Hight and Trail is the son of Heidi Herman.

Sarah Starnes and Dakota Fathera represented Regina Kent's second grade class. Starnes is the daughter of Richard and Tammy Starnes and Fathera is the son of Rex and Tyra Fathera.

Representing Shelia McMillen's classroom were Addison Oakley and Noah Byrge. Oakley is the daughter of Clark and Lisa Oakley and Byrge is the son of Barton and Karen Byrge.

Meanwhile, the King and Queen of the division for Grades 3 to 5 are Hailey Glass and Zachary Bass of Kim Crook's fourth grade class. This class raised $418, the most of any other class in the division.

Glass is the daughter of Doyle and Debbie Glass and Bass is the son of Terry and Brandy Bass.

Others representing this division were Breanna Gibson and Hunter Faulk of Lori Pryor's third grade class. Gibson is the daughter of Erin and Shelly Gibson and Faulk is the son of Joseph and Rebecca Faulk.

Emily Glass represented Pam Sanders' third grade class. She is the granddaughter of Robert and Jane Wheeler.

Tyra Owens and Hunter Robinson represented Tammy Payne's fourth grade class. Owens is the daughter of Heather Owens and Robinson is the son of Regina Hillis and Lynn Robinson.

Jared Pyles and Dani Meadows represented Jeanna Caplinger's fifth grade class.

Meadows is the daughter of Patrick and Tracie Meadows and Pyles is the son of Howard and Teresa Pyles.

Chasity Garrett and Teddy Tippin represented Jane Watson's fifth grade class. Garrett is the daughter of Jamie Garrett and Tippin is the son of Aaron and Thea Tippin.

The King and Queen of the division for Grades 6 to 8 are Kristina Tyree and Tyler Malone of Cynthia Preston's eighth grade class. This class raised $448, more than any other class in the division.

Tyree is the daughter of Brad and Sabrina Hayes and Josh and Carrie Tyree and Malone is the son of Christy Malone.

Others representing the division were Tayler Brooke Martin and Dusty Griffith of Pat Allen's sixth grade class. Martin is the daughter of Roxie and Barry Martin and Griffith is the son of Tony and Janet Griffith.

Leah Burchfield and Will Puckett represented Janet England's sixth grade class. Burchfield is the daughter of Glenda and Stacey Burchfield and Puckett is the son of Henry and Donna Puckett

Representing Martha Damron's seventh grade class was Bradley Faulk, the son of Joseph and Rebecca Faulk.

Samantha Sircy and Caleb McGhee represented Vickie Wilson's seventh grade class. Sircy is the daughter of Scott Sircy and Jenny Bennett and McGhee is the son of Stephanie McGhee.

Haley Keck and Justin Coats represented Melanie Molander's eighth grade class. Keck is the daughter of Amie Buchanan and William Keck and Coats is the son of Susan and Thomas Coats.

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