Fincher Captured- Hickson Remains at Large

August 24, 2008
Dwayne Page
Kirk Douglas Fincher-Captured
Nicklas Hickson- Still at large

39 year old Kirk Douglas Fincher has been captured thanks to some heroic efforts of a private citizen.

Sheriff Patrick Ray says Fincher showed up at the residence of a woman on Woodard Road, off Old Lancaster Road, in the Temperance Hall area Sunday afternoon in DeKalb County. But as he was standing on the front porch, the woman's son and daughter-in-law arrived. Fincher was held at gunpoint by the son until law enforcement officers got there. Authorities received the call at 2:19 p.m.

The other man being sought, Nicklas Hickson, remains at large.

According to a family member of the woman, Fincher showed up on her front door step, just as her son and daughter-in-law were coming up the long driveway to the house for a Sunday afternoon family meal and visit. When the woman saw her son and daughter-in-law driving up in their pickup truck, she went to unlock the front door. The only other person in the house with her at the time was her 16 year old grandson. As she opened the door, she saw the man (Fincher) standing on the front porch.

Fincher asked her if he could get something to eat and drink.

She answered no and then shut the door.

The daughter-in-law told WJLE that when she and her husband pulled up toward the side of the house, she got out of the truck and noticed movement on the front porch, and then saw a man coming down the front steps. She knew someone was there who wasn't supposed to be because there were no other cars around.

Her husband then reached behind the seat of the truck for a rifle that he had brought so his son could do some target practice. As he got out of the truck with the rifle, the man (Fincher) began walking toward the truck. He held the gun where Fincher could see it and told him to stop right where he was and to put his hands in the air. Fincher was unarmed and did not try to get away. He told Fincher to sit down on the ground while his wife called the law. As she was calling on her cell phone, the woman inside the house was also making a call to police.

Members of the family fixed Fincher a plate so he could have something to eat while they were waiting on law enforcement officers to arrive. Patrol cars showed up minutes later, and several officers got out and took Fincher into custody before he could finish his meal. Among the officers who converged on the scene to make the arrest were members of the Tennessee Highway Patrol and the agency's SWAT Team, the White and DeKalb County Sheriff's Department, TWRA, and TBI.

Fincher had a lot of cuts and scratches from the briars he had run into while trying to hide in the woods and thickets.

Sheriff Ray says Fincher refused to say anything to officers after he was back in custody, except that he and Hickson had split up and apparently had gone in different directions after a THP pursuit Saturday morning that ended near the Walker Creek bridge, where they abandoned the stolen car they were in and set out on foot.

The family who helped authorities capture Fincher asked not to be identified.

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