Burglaries and Thefts on the Rise in DeKalb County

June 23, 2008
Dwayne Page

Burglaries and thefts are on the rise in DeKalb County.

Sheriff Patrick Ray says from April 1st through June 23, 2008, the Sheriff's Department has taken over 100 reports, up from 80 reports during the same time period last year.. Sheriff Ray says most of the stolen items fit into two types of thefts.

(1) Thieves are targeting construction sites around the lake, including the newly developing sub-divisions off of the Coconut Ridge Road. Sheriff Ray says "We have also had reports from the Floating Mill, Four Seasons, River Watch, and the Austin Bottom Area of stolen hand tools, power tools, and copper wire. Sheriff Ray says "Thieves will wait until after dark or on the week-end and enter the contractors fully enclosed trailers by cutting off the pad locks on the doors or they will find an unfinished house and gain entrance by forcible entry to see if contractors have left any tools there."

(2) Thieves are also riding the roads in the county looking for scrap metal including everything from old scrap metal to junk cars. There has also been a rise in thefts of drive-able and newer model vehicles and lawn mowers.

Sheriff Ray says "One case we are investigating is where someone stole a newer model truck that had a trailer and lawnmower attached to it, took the truck less than a 5 mile radius from the residence, unhooked the trailer, burned the truck, and took the trailer and lawn mower with them."

"One day alone I assigned 14 theft cases to my two detectives. Because of the increase in thefts, I have also assigned patrol deputies to work on some of the reports."

Detectives ask you to be on alert to possible thieves in your area. Without putting yourself in danger, if you see a suspicious vehicle in your area, get the make, model, color, and if at all possible, a tag number, then call 215-3000 and a deputy will check on the vehicle.

If you are approached by anyone wanting to sell tools or any other items for a price well below that of what the item is worth, you are urged to contact the Sheriff's Department.

Detectives also ask you to write down your serial numbers on any appliances such as TV's stereos, etc. You also need to write down the serial numbers of any of your hand tools or power tools. This will help to identify your tools if they get stolen. Detectives say at least 90% of all reports they are assigned to do not have any serial numbers or any distinguishing marks on the reported items. Serial numbers or self applied numbers on any items stolen can aid in their recovery if stolen. The numbers can be entered into a data base and tracked down if the items are pawned.

To report a theft or any crime, call the Sheriff's Department 597-4935 or the Crime Tip Line at 464-6400. All calls are kept confidential

Sheriff Ray also reports several arrests within the last week.

32 year old Stephanie Jill Kennedy of Cookeville Highway, Smithville was charged Sunday, June 15th with public intoxication and resisting arrest after deputies responded to a complaint on Cookeville Highway. When officers arrived on the scene, they noticed Kennedy lying in the roadway. When deputies went to her, she tried to get away by running from them. When the officers caught her, she begin fighting. Kennedy's bond was set at $2,000 and she will appear in court on June 26th.

40 year old Christine Pearl Petty of Phillips Road, Lebanon was charged Monday, June 16th with a second offense of driving under the influence and driving on a revoked license. Deputies responded to a call on Highway 96 in Liberty about a drunk driver that had hit a guardrail. Officers spotted the vehicle on Highway 70 West and stopped it. They also detected a strong odor of alcohol on her person and saw that she was unsteady on her feet. She submitted to field sobriety tasks which she failed. Petty was also arrested for driving on a revoked driver's license. Petty's license was revoked for a DUI in Wilson County but she was granted a restricted driver's license from home to work and back. She lives in Lebanon and works in Gordonsville. She was placed under a $4,500 bond and her court date is June 26th.

30 year old Phillip Edward Miranda of Dale Ridge Road, Liberty was arrested Tuesday after officers responded to a call about an unwanted guest on Parkway Drive. Upon arrival, deputies found Miranda in an intoxicated state. He was given field sobriety tasks which he failed. He admitted to driving to the residence.

On Wednesday, 36 year old Tammy Denise Currie of Circle Drive, Dowelltown was arrested at a residence on East Main Street in Dowelltown. Currie was wanted on a warrant for non payment of child support. When deputies arrested Currie, they noticed a small amount of marijuana, rolling papers, and scales lying on a coffee table. Officers also found in the home hemostats, a crusher, gravity scales, digital scales, and a bag containing over ½ oz. of marijuana. Also found were 54 pills in an unnamed pill bottle believed to be methocarbamol. Currie was placed under arrest for failure to pay child support, possession of a schedule VI drug (marijuana) for sale and delivery, possession of a schedule VI drug, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of a legend drug (methocarbamol). Currie's bond is $7,500 and her court date is July 24th.

Currie was arrested again on Saturday on Circle Drive in Dowelltown. Deputies responded to a fight call on Circle Drive and found Currie in an intoxicated state. Deputies witnessed Currie move her vehicle while trying to investigate the fight. Currie submitted to field sobriety tasks which she failed. She admitted to taking Loritab and Adavan. Currie was arrested for a third offense of driving under the influence and driving on a revoked driver's license. Her bond was set at $4,000 and will appear in court July 3rd.

Also on Saturday, 46 year old James Hargrave of Old Bildad Road, Smithville was charged with leaving the scene of an accident and driving on a suspended driver's license. Hargrave was traveling on Old Bildad Road in Keltonburg when he ran off the road and stuck a mailbox and then fled the scene. The owner of the mailbox ran to his vehicle and followed Hargrave back to his residence. Hargrove was also found to have a suspended driver's license. His license was suspended for an accident with property damage and failure to satisfy a citation. Hargrave's bond was set at $3,500 and his court date is July 2nd.

28 year old Amanda Gale Hasty of Hutchinson Road, Murfreesboro was arrested Saturday after she was stopped for a traffic violation for a third offense of driving on a suspended driver's license. Hasty's driver's license was suspended in Rutherford County for failure to pay citations. Her bond was set at $3000 and her court date is July 2nd.

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